Amanda Todd flashing – the video! Now please go and complain

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To save a lot of bother, this is the video on Motherless. WARNING! DON’T GO THERE IF YOU ARE LIKELY TO BE OFFENDED

New addition: the HAUNTED BOOK. LOL.


I have deleted certain references to certain people from this post. The search for the truth is difficult – Carol Todd won’t be honest about happened, but the people who DO know the full story are the people directly involved. However, the onus of responsibility shouldn’t lie with them, it should lie with Carol Todd, the Press and the police who, between them, have allowed this story to run out of control. There is no point in hunting down people who now probably deeply regret what they did, and it’s time to let them get on with their lives. The real villain in this sorry saga is Carol Todd for what she allowed to happen.

Slowly but surely, Carol Todd is making mistakes, and I believe the truth will come out eventually. I will continue the fight. Thank you for your attention.

Carol Todd’s story is beginning to unravel:

Note: the Amanda Todd videos can be found by Googling ‘Amanda Todd Torrent’. I strongly advise you NOT to download the available material.

Another note: almost as fast as people put various edited stuff on YouTube, it gets taken down. So apologies for any missing videos.

A copy of the original Amanda Todd BlogTV flash appeared here:

It has new been deleted, but a cut-down version of it now exists on YouTube, with the flashing edited out:

Note: for those of you familiar with the story, a video of Peyton Ramsey exists on the above-mentioned site.

A cut-down version of one of her worst videos has now been placed on YouTube as ‘Amanda Todd twerking’. The whole uncut version can be found on Motherless, and it is unclear about what she really is doing.

There are shots taken from her flash with Bianca Nitoi, her Facebook profile picture and from her more notorious videos here:

or here:

As time goes on, more ‘joke’ videos appear, as can be seen here:

A screen shot showing the instant she first got banned from BlogTV is here:

Proof that there was never a stalker is here:

and a vague description of her Motherless (Google ‘Amanda Todd Motherless) video is here:

Interesting links:

Bianca Nitoi. Bianca Nitoi was the girl who first flashed with Amanda and who can be seen standing next to her in the pictures. Bianca and Amanda were at the same school. They both boasted about what they did, so eventually their friends found the videos on BlogTV. Bianca’s mother, Lore Nitoi, was a good friend of Carol Todd, and they both encouraged their daughters to do as much as they could online.

Bianca is mentioned in Amanda’s limited Formspring:!/user/amandatodd3/timeline/responses

I suggest you message Bianca or her mother to ask why they have never contributed to the story:

A tweet from Bianca: ‘im so glad i have a mother who does not give a shit about me thank u for not ever being here for me when i needed you the most fuck yourself’

Shylah Watson. Shylah Watson was the ‘other’ girl in the Mandaa&Shyy videos, who used to flash alongside Amanda and on her own. She can easily be traced, but she won’t own up to being in the Mandaa&Shyy team. She recently appeared in the ‘Sextortion of Amanda Todd’ documentary (the worst documentary for showing facts EVER!).

(Google ‘Mandaa&Shyy Ustream’ to see Shylah and Amanda planning a flash).

Brandon Reid. Brandon was Amanda’s boyfriend. It has been rumoured that his friends, Jessica Nguyen and Quinn Story, were active in the bullying of Amanda. He has now written that he will no longer answer any Amanda questions. Although Carol Todd pointed the finger at him, he is not to blame for what happened.

More details about the bullies can be found here (with interesting comments):


This post seems to have attracted a huge amount of interest. At first, I thought that it was because of the subject matter, and that people were just coming here to gawp at filth, but now I know that it has stirred up genuine concern. I have left the first version of the text intact, but I will tell you a bit more about the history and what has happened.

The Amanda Todd story encouraged us to believe that it was a one-off photo, and has completely ignored the problem that it wasn’t. By now, most people know that Amanda was, sadly, addicted to the Internet and certain patterns of behaviour.

I knew that her video was on this site, as I had received information. It may be elsewhere. But I steered clear of it – it really pains me to see what goes on. Eventually, I decided to actually check. Her video was in the ‘Top Ten Most Viewed’, and had over 3,000 views.

It was still there when I first published this post. I called upon people to complain, and they did. After a few days, the video was blacked out. Then a couple of days later, it had gone. Why it had to be me that did this, I don’t know. But really, I’m grateful to all those who did choose to act and complain. Not many people thought it could be done.

I believe that the real reason it was taken down was because Amanda could be identified, and she was certainly under-age. Unfortunately, it looks like the other girls can’t be verified, so the site’s statement that they are all over 18 can’t be challenged.

I have left this post here for two reasons: to show the reality of the situation, and what is going on right under our noses, and also to get people to keep complaining.

Within limits, I have no objection to pornography on the Internet. Adults can do what they like, to a certain extent. But this willful exploitation of minors, all without any form of consent and without their knowledge, is a total disgrace. My belief is that sites like BlogTV (now called ‘YouNow’) and others should be heavily monitored by the authorities – one instance of nudity, and the channel is closed. Simple as that. I also believe that parents should be subject to the Law – if they are found to be negligent in allowing their kids unfettered access to these things, they should be fined.

So please – keep complaining. Spread the word. Only when parents are aware of these things will any actions be taken to prevent it. Thank you for complaining. We have achieved one small step, but there are many more to be taken.
Back to my original post:

OK – now all the deniers will say it never existed. But hey – let the fuckers say that. I don’t care. Thanks again to all who complained. A round of applause for you! For me, probably more harassment. But get this – I don’t care!!!!!!!


I have mentioned the cameracaptures site before. Amanda’s captures are still there, even though they are illegal and should be reported. The police are meant to be involved with all this, but not even they can be bothered.

To report:

What worries me is that NO-ONE has bothered to complain. Nearly all the BlogTV captures are underage, but no-one has even mentioned the site in all the media. For flipping fuck’s sake, why do all you feeble people do nothing?

People – stop blathering on and simply get off your sorry fat asses and do something. The video of Amanda is available to anyone who registers. It’s had 3270 views and a 95% rating. God only knows how many other daughters are on this site. For months I have tried to steer all of the fuckwits towards the truth in all this situation. I have tried to explain that all this flashing stuff is like an industry, depending on the stupidity of young girls and the even more overwhelming stupidity of parents and authorities, but no – it’s all down to super-secretive pedophiles and stalkers who don’t exist. This site operates in clear daylight. For fuck’s sake, I’ve pointed people to it for nearly two months and not a whisper of complaint has gone towards it. The press haven’t mentioned it; the TV companies never mention it. If it was down to me, I would have it banned and the people who run it strung up from the nearest lamp-post. But all the sanctimonious cunts out there think that everything will be solved by clicking the like on an R.I.P. page and starting an anti-bullying campaign.

This site represents everything that is truly wrong with this story. The people who run it must be laughing their heads off. Amanda, as you can see, is one of their star turns. Yet they say that everyone is over-18. Ha fucking ha. Whilst idiotic halfwits run round Facebook saying ‘Don’t say anything nasty about Amanda, she was an inspiration’, they refuse to come to terms with what is happening in reality. And more girls are piled into the site each day.

Let’s stop bullying – but do nothing about these websites!


Carol Todd – why in God’s name haven’t you complained about this site? Why do you keep spouting on about everything, and simply not do anything to prevent all this? For Pete’s sake, I have pointed you in the right direction for so long now, but the video is still there. But you’re more interested in getting your fizzog into the papers and making money for your Legacy Fund, which is rapidly turning into your pension fund. All you assholes in the ‘Amanda Todd Reporting Team’ and ‘Amanda Todd’s Safe Haven’ spend a lot of time running round like headless chickens, yet none of you have bothered to track down sites like cameracaptures and do something about it. Well here’s your chance – now act!

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45 thoughts on “Amanda Todd flashing – the video! Now please go and complain

  1. Oh dear! A bit emotional today. The c word, indeed. I did think about taking it out, but sometimes I have to say what I feel. If they ever invent a way in which a fist can come through a screen and punch certain people on the nose, then some of the readers of this blog would get a black eye! Probably time for a cup of tea and a lie down. In fact, it’s always time for a cup of tea and a lie down.

    • You really should just take the link down….the viewing figures have already gone up & it isn’t fair on Amanda. Alright you have provided links to report but you already said most people just want to see the video. It’s not right & does your blog no credit. The people you speak off who basically have their hands in the sand……they just ain’t gona change their minds & opinions now no matter what you say, or show them.

      • As far as I know, the IWF and CEOP only concentrate on the UK – probably due to laws. But you can actually report the video on the actual site. If people are too lazy to find out how to do it, then tough. But I might supply more information later.

      • Thanks Colin, but I have to think about it. If I take the link down, people will still refuse to believe that Amanda was online flashing for the fun of it. You know as well as I do that people thrive on the myth of ‘one mistake’. But it is also important for people to see what is going on in reality. If we keep hiding away from reality, nothing will ever get done. The video has been there for over two years, yet no-one has reported it. It is illegal – as are, probably, many of the other pictures. So why haven’t the police responded? If I know it is there, surely they must do too?
        If there is to be some sort of search for the truth, then unpleasant things have to be shown. It is unfortunate that the video attracts the wrong type of person, but maybe someone will see it and realise that something needs to be done. Can I assume that you reported it?
        As you know, there are people who simply deny that all this goes on. Perhaps this will prove to them that things aren’t just imaginary.
        You are also aware that I get perplexed about what to do. Is it morally justifiable to publish this link? I think it is, simply because I believe that the truth is paramount. All the online vendettas against people, all the lies, all the harassment – all, basically, caused by a girl who made up a story, and a family who refused to accept the truth. Hundreds of hours of police time wasted, dreadful reporting blaming everyone and anyone who seemed to fit the bill for persecution.
        If the video does suddenly become more popular, it might prompt some reaction. As I asked in the blog – how come Mrs Todd hasn’t had the video taken down? How come she never mentions it? Why does she seek so much to NOT tell the full story?
        I kept well away from actually showing the video, though I hinted heavily. And you know that there are worse pictures out there, but I haven’t shown them.
        If I don’t keep pushing, those people out there who want to make money out of the story will remain unfettered. There is no doubt that this story is being exploited by various people for income, but it suits them to tell lies about an innocent young girl led astray by imaginary older men.
        It looks as if I might lose you as a commenter, which is a shame. But this fight for the truth will continue. Don’t get sentimental. Amanda has gone. She can’t be hurt. Her true legacy would be one that would warn kids off repeating the same mistakes – not one that espouses vigilante lynch mobs and mentally deranged retards like Greg Sticker. And somehow I don’t think she would have approved of the likes of Nicky Johnson and the rest. Why aren’t people so concerned about all the other girls on the site?
        There might be more traffic to the blog – maybe this will be helpful. But for now, this link remains.

      • Ok. Hopefully you will take it down soon. I can’t stomach the pervs getting what they want from it though.

        I haven’t reported it, I tried through the links but to no avail. I’m a bit reluctant to go back on site but I will give it a go. Your right about the other girls though, how can I report all that? Why has this site remained? You’re right to question that but then again I havent gone anywhere near it previously despite reading about it here? To be honest it scares the hell out of me!

        I’m not being sentimental, just ‘conflicted.’ That’s the best word to describe how I’ve felt since I realised that the original story wasn’t truthful. I feel bad for what the girl went through even though she was the architect of her own downfall, but I’m also deeply concerned about the fact young impressionable girls are seeing her as an inspiration. (There is one girl in particular that seems to idolise Amanda & writes continually of suicide thoughts in an open to letter to Amanda on one of her sites…..I’m very very concerned about this girl but feel my ‘credibility’ is so low that no-one will listen to me. I just hope others have noticed…..the girl needs more than a few nice comments….in my opinion) This is where the ‘supporters’ get angry & attack me. You’re right, its ridiculous that they spent time doing that to me, & others but haven’t dealt with this side of the story.

        I wasn’t threatening to leave this blog. That would never work on you anyway, but hopefully you will take it down soon.

      • I have tried speaking privately to girl I mentioned a wee while back & believe I made a little difference but I’m terrified I might say wrong thing. I’m out my depth.

  2. Colin – I appreciate your problems, I really do. The big thing is not to let it get you down. Contrary to what people might think, I hate all this. It drives me crazy. Personally, I think suicide notes on YouTube and Facebook should be banned. Many of them are just kids looking for attention, and hardly any of them are genuine. We live in strange times when kids can go online with a suicide note for ‘likes’. But the Amanda Todd thing made it all look so easy.
    Do you remember Nicole Barker and all her friends? Getting bored, then going online threatening suicide? Giovanna Plowman has an R.I.P. page where people go to convey their sadness; she tweets on a daily basis.
    But remember – the Internet just heightens all this nonsense. People would have you think that things are much worse, but when you look at it, it’s not really that bad. Instances like Amanda’s are, in reality, few and far between. What doesn’t make the headlines are the sadder, quieter suicides on a daily basis – those are far more common, and far more worrying – and perhaps even worse off are the kids who live with their problems on a daily basis.
    A lot of people HAVE realised that the Amanda Todd story was a pack of lies. That’s why it really has died out. It still ticks over, but it has mainly faded into insignificance.
    As far as other kids online, I would ignore it. You risk becoming part of the problem – kids will become dependent on the feedback they get online. If they think it is easing off, they will up the stakes. It’s not healthy. Once they realise that online support is meaningless, they will get worse. Your best advice to them is to talk to real friends and family. Then point then in the direction of helplines. Getting involved as a non-professional is dangerous. In a way, I’m glad you feel out of your depth. That is a good sign that you are being reasonable. More of a worry are the people who feel qualified to be only psychotherapists. Most of them are mental!
    And btw Colin – I would be sad if you left the blog!

    • Yeah I’m not gona continue with ‘The sympathetic ear’ approach because it just masks the real problem. Whether its attention seeking (it certainly is to a point) or real deep underlying issues it ain’t for me to fix. It easy to think a kind word will make all the difference though. That probably says more about me! Haha!

      Nicole Barker? How am I ever going to forget the night/morning of her fake suicide threat? I actually BLAME her for my insomnia! Joking! Talk about pivotal points…….I wouldn’t be on this blog commenting right now if it weren’t for that girl! God you appeared from nowhere & suddenly you were everywhere! Next thing I’m on your page arguing for Amanda & slowly but surely thinking “wait a minute….this crazy dude with fake name & weird profile photo is actually talking some sense” :)

      Anyway I’m still chickening out of going back on that site. In fact I’m gona be a huge hypocrite & leave it to others!!! I’m just gona read Enid Blyton (got tons of her books from childhood) then settle down to reruns of Little House on the Prairie. Night sorted :)

  3. In reply to your plea about reporting sites with illegal content, I’ve tried before to no avail, even when I could provide WHOIS information after getting a proxy registrant to drop them for TOS violation. I’m of the very strong impression that law enforcement doesn’t even bother with this anymore due to the thousands upon thousands of pictures and videos online unless a victim or their family complains directly or can be identified. Several of the subjects in the cameracaptures site are identifiable but I have a gut feeling it would be pointless to report. Another site would simply take its place. Right now I’m on the heels of one particular individual and already have certain major sites lined up to be next, but I have no real hope they’ll go down. I guess it’s just for the sense of satisfaction that I’ll get knowing I did what I could.

    • I’ve found this too. However, like you say, I think that CEOP and IWF are too inundated with all the problems, and need to concentrate on the worst stuff – this is just the tip of the iceberg.

  4. how is it that site is still allowed to exist, people obviously know about it, its sick and should be taken down

    • It exists because the world lets it exist; because idiotic girls go unsupervised online; because parents can’t care enough to watch their kids any more; because porn merchants can do what they like – basically, because no-one cares.

  5. They are all daughters. Mine is safe in her bed right now, thank you god. I just reported this site several times whether it does any good or not. It makes me sick and sad. I will report again tomorrow. You are emotional but I like it. Keep on swimming.

    • Michelle – thanks for you comment, and thank you for complaining. This was indeed one of my more emotional posts – sorry about the words, but they kind of express my feelings more succinctly! A few of the girls have been identified – Peyton Ramsey is here, as well. There’s a lot of bad stuff online, but this exploitation of underage girls (without any kind of permission, without their knowledge) is truly dreadful. Good to hear your daughter is safe. Care for her, look after her, treasure her – like we should for all children. Take care, and thanks again.

  6. I don’t like blame passing, BUT i’m sorry, where are all of the PARENTS of these girls???? Why do they have no clue what their children are doing online??? Computers are like guns, If you don’t know how the eff they work than you should not own one for the safety of your family and others. Like Duh! Geez it makes me so mad. Your language in your post is 100% understandable for this complete outrage on so many levels.

    • Parenting is a BIG problem. Many of these girls will be doing this in their bedrooms – totally unsupervised, and allowed to do what they want. And many of them will not know that they are being exploited. The Internet has become a ‘friend’ to many of these kids, and it’s a crying shame. Many parents are completely unaware – dangerously ignorant. These days, kids should be given early warnings about what goes on in the webcam world – like you teach your kids not to talk to strangers, and not to run across a road without looking – it should be second nature.
      As you probably know from this blog, it looks like Carol Todd simply allowed her daughter to do whatever she wanted. She never said ‘no’, wanting to be seen as the cool mom. But the perils of all this were brushed under the carpet – it’s like people don’t really want to know.
      Thanks for your supportive comments. If I can bring this to the attention of just one or two parents, then I feel like I’ve done something.

    • Michelle, it seems what we’re seeing is something I personally call generational entropy or societal entropy. Rightwingers will probably call it creeping liberalism or some other convenient political catchphrase. Basically, each generation in a society is a little more permissive then their own. They experienced childhood, grew up, had kids of their own, and now don’t want to be as harsh on their own kids as they perceive their own parents were. So they let their own kids do a little more than they used to. Then this next generation of kids grows up, and the cycle repeats. Technological advances have accelerated the pace of the cycles, IMO.

      Today, we’re at the point where many parents think their kids are going to disobey them anyway, so why bother setting limits or making rules? They treat their kids as mini-adults, telling them such-and-such can be bad for them and why, but then in the next breath telling them they EXPECT their kids to disobey and do stupid stuff because, after all, kids will be kids. What’s a child to think? And then there are those parents who think that letting kids go wild in a semi-controlled environment will reduce the dangers while giving their kids an outlet, so they throw keggers for their teens, or in one notorious case, try to have a birthday party in a strip club (mom was arrested). Two boys in my daughter’s high school were killed after the truck they were riding in plowed head-on into a tree – they were returning from a parent-hosted beer party.

      There was this one girl I befriended on Youtube back when I was doing the whiteknight bit there. She was quite creative and made some pretty cool music videos. When I announced my leaving the heroing scene, she was quite upset and wanted me to maintain contact with her, even knowing I was an adult. I relented and added her on Facebook. During the occasional conversations we had over the next few months, I learned about what it was like growing up in her life, and I learned a little about her friends.

      I found out that among her peer group of 12 to 13 year-olds, “making out” with many different guys per year was the norm. She worried if I thought that five was too many – some of her friends snogged ten or more guys in a school year, and one was just beginning to experiment sexually. She thought herself “responsible” in being more restrained than her friends, and reassured me more then once she would never do anything inappropriate online since she knew the true nature of some people out there.

      Then she dropped a bombshell on me. She had been begun using alcohol and marijuana on a few occasions since she was 12. The clincher? Her mother KNEW about it. She went on to tell me that her mother “disapproved” but the only “restriction” placed on her was that she was required to “be honest” with her mother when questioned about substance use. She disapproved, but she wasn’t going to try to stop her! She even stated that she might try Ecstacy in the future just to see what it was like!

      There was nothing further to be done. I had hoped to be a resource to her, somebody to turn to if she needed advice or information on things, but if her own mother was going to let her do illegal stuff without lifting a finger … what good would I serve? I’m just a “random guy” on the Internet, I’m not a parent. I’m not an authority figure. I’m just a disembodied set of words. I unfriended her, consigning her to the “care” of her “mother”, a mother who spoiled her rotten with just about every electronic toy you can imagine, expensive stuff, and stuff which she promptly broke. Hey, I’D like a digital camera! I’D like a smartphone! I’D like a digital camcorder or a decent laptop! I’m not going to get them, though, as I don’t have a mommy who spoils me and lets me do whatever I want. At least I don’t go around trying to pick up every female I meet, though. I don’t do illegal substances, I have an important and useful job, and I have my self-respect.

  7. These girls are lacking, Love, Attention, values and skills. Their parents are too busy to give a shit what they are doing. I am 29 yrs old, not that old, I have a 2 yr old daughter. She will know she is my priority and even though I am an extremely loving mother I will lay down the law. I will give her boundaries and rules and I know she will hate me at times but I am prepared to do my job as a parent for the rest of her life. It comes down to just common sense I think too. There is no reason for a kid to have a computer in their room period. These girls should be INVOLVED in activities and passions. Their parents should be nurturing their childhoods to help find those. Kids these days just lack LIFE SKILLS period. All I can do is set the example and while not perfect I will never allow this nonsense to happen. I shared to my facebook and asked everyone to complain. I have a lot of friendz lol.

  8. Hi, I was very moved by the video posted by late Amanda Todd and I really liked your article. I made a effort to launch a complain about removing the explicit video from the site but could not do it. Please tell me how to complete the process because I really want to save other girls who might meet the same fate that Amanda had. Let’s just make a effort to save all.that we can….

  9. I came across this on my search for updated information about Amanda Tood’s death and her bullies.I did click the link but fortunately I didn’t see anything related to Amanda Todd on that page but what I did see was alot of sexually explicit videos that seems to be of very young girls,most likely underage.That site should be shut down,it is very sickening and disgusting.As the mother of an almost 12 year old daughter,this disturbs me on many levels.

  10. I have reported that website as well.I clicked the link you provided and clicked the back button quicker than I ever have.All those video thumbnails of those young girls.Heartbreaking!Where are these girls mothers at?

  11. I have reported the link although I couldn’t access it since the ISP here blocks such content (thank GOD because seeing anything would have pissed me off even more!).
    I’ve also bookmarked this post and will be reading more into it. It’s great to know that other people do care. God bless. :)




  13. Amanda u r or were a good girl. U should have never let them put u down idk u but I still miss u and everyone misses u. Everyone makes mistakes and if u were one of them they should have respected that. I bet that they have made a bad mistake like yours and if they didn’t the still need to respect. They drove you to it ….. what they drove u to is death. U did not deserve this and may lord forgive u . They deserve to get punished. All my hearts scattered for this they outa see how it feels.I know this is kinda late but still. Miss u:(

  14. I was wondering if that person bianca nitoi, did she was bothered by the photos of her flashing ? did she cared. did you have some comeback. was she insulted. is this story continue to follow her ?
    Was she angry about her pics shown on the website

    • Not sure. Did Bianca know that she would ever be identified? I don’t know. And you would be surprised – she might even like the ‘fame’ of being known. But I guess they will keep very quiet. And Shylah might also be surprised. But if they spoke up, it would prove that Amanda was never stalked and it was all done for fun. So Carol Todd will be begging them to keep their mouths shut.

  15. PEOPLE are being KILLED & DIE because of RELIGION (mobbing).
    If SEX weren’t banned, nobody would be interested.
    Imagine: dieing for the way you look (male vs female).
    Why is the most natural thing in the world: FOR ADULTS ONLY.
    If it’s a crime, why are they allowed to do it?!
    This society is SICK! (in the head).
    ADULTRY=adult_try=childish (trying to be an adult, but not able to).
    Adults are also children (=childish).
    That’s why they kill each other.

    Everybody (=many people) killed Amanda, (because)
    religious fanatics
    have spread their thinking attitude
    into our culture (society).

    They say they believe in God,
    but they only believe
    in their greedy selves.

    Male or female,
    that’s the way God made us.
    Are you evil because you are not the same 1?

    (Scratch (=dig) deeper:)
    .. or what we do differently?

    People make rules & regulations
    only to break them, themselves (as the boss, but);
    “trying” to control nature (=natural biology).

    Who on earth is the boss there?
    Nature obviously. Each person is gone in about 100 years,
    no matter what they told you to do.

    Often the most demanding law_makers
    are the greatest law_breakers,
    because they can’t (follow &) do
    what others have told them to do.
    (It takes 1, to know 1.)
    (But it’s all “legal”, once those laws are made,
    so it’s not called a CRIME (anymore).)

    Everybody likes to be boss
    & tell the others what to do.

    & guess what,
    that childishness
    is nature too.
    I’m sick of it.

    Men & women,
    boys & girls, (all)
    look pretty much the same
    to me,
    with (only) a few small differences.
    They all have 2 feet & arms,
    a head, think logically & feel emotionally,
    not much different from a cat or dog (in)
    the way they behave (especially in bad times).
    Those (few) differences become boring
    once you get to know them;
    but what people do with them (=those differences)
    is terrible. They eat them (=kill animals because they’re different from human);
    & kill (because of sexual difference.)

    ..& guess what?
    That’s the way God made us.
    (Pure anarchy.)

    I’m very sorry for Amanda,
    & I don’t know how to change things.
    Nor do I know whether it is right
    to want other than God’s will, (especially)
    when he didn’t make it so.
    Amanda was born to die (before she was ever born).
    (She never had a chance.)
    If God had wanted her to live now,
    she would be alive (Destiny).

    I think it’s important, that we evolve
    as a race (=society)
    to avoid tragedies (happening) like Amanda’s (=good people that we love).

    Some people call that “spirit” of society,
    that makes & programs us, “Go[o]d”.
    I don’t find it good enough.

  16. I would first like to say, if you can’t spell ‘you’ or other simple words please don’t comment. It sounds like the comments are coming from 12 year old kids.

    Now onto my point. My instincts have always told me that there was something off about the amanda todd story. I couldn’t quite figure it out. After an argument earlier with a young friend of mine I decided to research more about the story as I felt the details given on Wikipedia and other such sites were…I don’t know…they didn’t feel right. I was hesitant to hunt for any videos as I was rather concerned about what I would find. I praise the writer of this article for doing my work for me and, although the videos no longer exist, I get the general gist of what was going on.

    Tomorrow I shall follow the links you have posted and report the videos that still remain. It concerns me that these videos are still active yet nothing is done about them. It concerns me even more that people are misled in such a way as the Amanda Todd story. I will recommend this article and I hope it gets high amounts of recognition so that the truth can finally be heard.

  17. Does it really matter what Amanda, her mother or anyone else? There is a poor girl who regardless if she was mean or wahtever was made so miserable by people that she died. I’m sure they or hopefully they didn’t mean or think aobut it going so far but these people need to be left alone to grieve and hopefully get stricter things in line for cyberbullying. I work with the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention and this broke my heart. An actual persons life was lost who cares what mistakes she did we are all human and i’m sure I don’t know the whoel story but it doesn’t change that she took her life becasue of it all. BE NICE.

    • Thanks for dropping by to comment. What people need to be left alone to grieve? Certainly not Carol Todd, who has taken every opportunity to get her fizzog in the papers. And if you work for suicide prevention, why support this mish-mash of a story that avoids marijuana use, drink, underage sex, and God knows what else. Look at the header of my blog. And she didn’t take her life because of it all – grow up, for Pete’s sake!

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