Amanda Todd – closer to reality

Just to keep the blog ticking over…

At some point I will find the time to go into more detail, but for now let’s just take a look at what we know.

We now know for certain (rather than just rumour) that Amanda was deeply involved in online displays that have been described as pornographic. There were at least ten videos of her.

What we don’t know for certain is when it all started, though the second half of 2010 is the best estimate. What we do know is that it continued after the cops arrived in December 2010. It is likely she was caught out in May 2011 and the RCMP knew of her production of ‘new material’ in October/November 2011. We don’t know when it ceased, but around then would be most likely.

We know the true extent of the parental complicity. She was allowed to do all this by Norm and Carol Todd, and given free rein to do whatever she wanted – drink, drugs, the whole lot.

We don’t know quite how mentally ill Amanda was. There are indications of digital self harm and so on, but her behaviour indicates something more serious. Unless, of course, one goes down the track that I favour – that she was spoiled, manipulative and knew exactly what she was doing until it finally dawned on her that her reputation would destroy her real life relationships.

We also now know for certain that Carol Todd is a liar on a massive scale. She knew what was going on (though in her defence she may not have known the full extent of it) but she knew it wasn’t a one-off flash. Bear in mind that Carol Todd at a time when most mothers would be paralysed by grief described herself as feeling like a ‘rockstar mom’ and that her greatest thrill was that Amanda was trending and you get some idea of just how demented she is. Like mother, like daughter perhaps?

Anyways. When I get more time I will return to this.

P.S. I have contacted every British Columbia MLA recommending a proper enquiry and stating that the RCMP completely mishandled the situation. As usual, no replies. The Berenson case has been totally ignored in Canada and to be honest it hasn’t registered much elsewhere. To put it concisely, it looks like nobody gives a shit.

An interesting article here:



For the first time in a long time, the video is relevant.

I am getting censored left right and centre which is a pain. Pictures that were already heavily censored have had to be deleted as have pictures that really don’t qualify for censorship. This makes it more difficult to tell the story. I am not sure why it is happening (but I can have a good guess) as the pictures have been there for years.

To be on the safe side, I have made some posts private as I need to ensure that there is no excuse to close the blog down. The second new blog is now entirely private. The posts will return once I can find the time to go through the blog more thoroughly.

Thanks for your patience.

Amendment: I have gone through and checked every post in both blogs. After trudging through this one, the new one is a far better option and is no longer private. The address is mentioned a few posts below.





I’ve been reading through the report about Michael Berenson. Back in the day, I would have made the effort to read all the intricate details but those times have gone, probably because after years of data gathering I ended up strongly of the opinion that Amanda Todd had only produced three rather tame videos, I wrote a long second blog along those lines, only to find out that there were at least ten videos, some of which made the boob flash look minor in comparison.

The other reason why I am sort of tired with it all now is that it enrages me.

As I have stated before, the stupidity of law enforcement is bewildering. The cops actually went round to Berenson and warned him he was under suspicion. Luckily Berenson must have been truly an idiot because he didn’t take his laptop and completely destroy all the evidence. In the report (which I will go into later) it is clear that nobody really knows what goes on online. It looks like they can’t even be bothered to find out what Dialogoo is.

And, of course, there are Amanda’s wretched parents. To be honest, it would be difficult to find a worse example of parental idiocy. And to find out that Carol Todd gets a reward in the shape of victim compensation is just a disgrace.

Here is Page 14 of the report. I will cover the rest of it later.

Page 14 of 47

ten child exploitive and child pornography videos of Amanda on Berenson’s devices. Many of these videos were in a folder titled “Forever Amanda.” During portions of several of the videos, Amanda is not wearing pants or underwear
and is displaying or touching her vagina.

One video is entitled, “so much win.” The others are entitled with her
name followed by a number. One video, entitled Amanda Todd 3.avi, depicts Amanda in her bedroom looking at what appears to be a computer screen. Amanda dances around, touches her vagina, and eventually disappears for a
moment. When she reappears, she is not wearing pants or underwear and is in the back corner of the screen. The video is eight minutes long.
A screenshot from the video as it was recovered from Berenson’s devices
is depicted below:

Among the child exploitive videos and images Berenson had was the file of her showing her chest, or what he called her “flashing,” that

Case 5:17-cr-20521-JEL-APP ECF No. 35 filed 04/17/19 PageID.283 Page 14 of 47


Well pissed off

Well, we’re approaching the anniversary and to be honest I’m not in the best of moods.

I’m annoyed that I overlooked the U.S. court papers about Michael Berenson, and even more annoyed that it was r0 who reminded me.

The report can be found here

After registering for free, go to April 17th 2019 and download the first file (the one with a pdf symbol is free).

Then, when reading the report, it caused my anger levels to rise by about 2000%.

Loads of people knew what Berenson was up to. There were details of his name and address and his Quagmire identity on pastebin in 2014, 2015 and 2016 and Peytie Rams gives out warnings in 2014. What do the cops do when they find out? They go round to his house, tell his parents who say they will tell him not to do it again, and go. They don’t take action until 2017. So thanks to the feeble cops, Berenson got two or three extra years of activity.

Then we finally find out more about Amanda. At least ten videos of her doing her stuff – at least ten, godammit. Fuck me. After years of all the ‘one photo’ bullshit and trying to get to grips with why all the little bastards were calling her camwhore, why the RCMP were tearing their hair out because Amanda was producing ‘new material’ and why she seemed so panicked by the Austin Collins links, it all comes out.

Remember the ‘Glowsticks’ mystery? I spent ages trying to work out what the Hell that was all about but now I know it must have been some video I never saw. And those little fuckers Shylah Watson, Tessa Anderson and Bianca Nitoi and the rest of them must have known what was going on, then Shylah and Tessa go on the Fifth Estate documentary acting all innocent.

Then, to cap it all, I finally decide to write the True Story blog because I think it is all finished, wondering how poor old Amanda got so persecuted for a couple of innocuous videos, only to find it makes me look like a really naive twat.

And I even held back on my hatred of those idiots Norm and Carol, the parents who let Amanda have a webcam set up in her bedroom even after all the warnings; the parents who let her indulge in drink, drugs and Christ knows what else because, well, you know, teen girls are like that and who wants to fight those battles, eh? What a couple of fools.

Anyways. Time to cool off.


The New Blog Has Arrived

The new blog has arrived.

It supersedes this one. I think it is more accurate.

It took some time, as things were checked and re-checked, and I’m still not sure I have covered everything.

There may be faults in it, as I had to cut and paste and edit loads. Also, of course, I had to enter the posts in reverse to make it sequential.

The most annoying part is that trying to make any sense or to get to any consistent understanding of what really happened is still damn near impossible.

As r0 has commented, I thought I would include a video of him and Pey in his dreams.


Weekend nightmares


The notable achievements of Klanackle:

1. Promoted tinychat when no one knew what it was in May 2009

2. Started the first tinychat roon for capping which began the rise of tinychat and the start of new groups

3. Introduced Coke to tinychat

4. Began the first tinychat room for blogtv in July 2009 and introduced the concept everyone uses today

5. Came up with a strategy to get mayathepervkiller banned from blogtv

6. Created the White Room Legion and gave everyone the ideas they use today such as perso and nitefeed and bruce lee

7. Revolutionized heroing and forced others to work to get win.

The interweaving tragedies of Coquitlam girls


There is a bizarre trail of misery surrounding any girls in the Amanda Todd story. Truly bizarre.

Earlier in in the blog (just a few posts ago) we learned that her friend Darian Finley passed away in jail.

Now we have two more connections – Gwyn Staddon and Chelsea diTomaso.

My guess is that these two may well be alumni of Cabe Secondary School, that hothouse of delinquency.*

They are linked via Dillin Willes, a known Todd associate.

Note from this ask profile that Gwyn Staddon is called way too young, which would fit in with her being present around 2012, even if she was only 11 or 12.

“But in the spring of 2012, her behaviour changed and school staff alerted the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD). Then 12, Kenny-Staddon had begun experimenting with drugs and, by December 2015, she was a regular user of heroin and fentanyl.”

Gwyn Staddon died from a heroin/fentanyl overdose, aged 16.

Chelsea diTomaso is still alive, but manages (like others) to get a mention here:

And she gets another mention.

As readers know, I have mentioned how Amanda was mired in disastrous misery, allowed to drink and take drugs from an early age. Some (including her mother) said this was unimportant.. Or is it just normal for Coquitlam?

*From Gwyn’s ask account

i am actually surprised you haven’t ended up at CABE yet ….

lol im a goodgirl:
She actually went to Gleneagle.
A sad prophesy from an anonymous person:

You may be having fun now, but I’m pretty sure you’re gonna be on the street or dead or in jail within the next 5 years :/

dont give a fuck

Who is Tyler Boo?

The WordPress info tells me what queries bring people here. Today, one was “Who was Tyler Boo?” so here is my educated answer: Michael Berenson.

Clues: during his case, evidence was shown to Carol Todd that she had never seen before. It established a very close connection between Berenson and Amanda Todd – so close that he was ordered to pay compensation to Carol Todd.

Secondly, Tyler Boo, when questioned by Amanda about where he was from wrote “USA, USA, USA” and, as seen in this transcript, a flight time of three hours, which would place him in the right area.

So it is Michael Berenson. Not Aydin Coban. End of.

TYLER BOO: sup camwhore, been a while 😛

i didnt send the video the last time because i liked how you whined,but as you know i have your new school, new schoolmates new flash your parents havent seen etc etc blahblah you know the drill.

so 3 shows of 15 minutes and then i wont send :3

AMANDA: Oh yeah what are some names;)

TYLER BOO: lol, u already forgot who i am? the guy who last year made you change school. got your door kicked in with cops in the morning 😛

and also on youtube like 6 months ago whatever, scared you a bit 😛

you promised the authorities not to do be sexual on cam again because you are underage and it is considered producing of child porn….well, you have. so i can send them that and make them come to you again, send your new school and friends and family again.

you will go through the exact same thing all over.

or you can give me 3 shows and i will disappear forever. you know i wont stop until you give me those 3 shows. if u go to a new school, new bf, new friends, new whatever, i will be there again 😛

i am crazy yes xD

so your answer :3

AMANDA: do u wanna meet me ? come meet me right now.

TYLER BOO: are u drunk? xD

AMANDA: NOPE. im sober, or are u to scared f–king pedo

TYLER: year scared of u and flying 3 hours.

AMANDA: ur scared of airplanes eh ?

TYLER BOO: so about them 3 shows :3

AMANDA: not gonna happen prick. so far how many people have inboxed u about this eh ?of my friends

TYLER BOO: 4 and i hope more do so i can send them the link to the video directly, faster instead of going to their pages xD


TYLER BOO: it should be a surprise for u. can you tell more them to inbox me. a lot of them i cant message without adding as friend so would no be able to send them 😛

AMANDA: ah nope 😛 u trying to scare and piss me off cus ur just wasteing ur f–king time and the cops are tracking ur computer where ur sending from, boy your stupid why do u think im messageing u, there is a big crowd of people watching me type behind me

TYLER BOO: u still think ur dealing with an amateur after the last time? xD

im still here 😛

AMANDA: LOL IDC go for it :d


Don’t fall down the rabbit hole

Everything is weird. Was everyone connected to Amanda Todd doomed?

Darian Finley was listed way back in Amanda Todd’s MySpace connections.

Darian Finley got a mention here in 2013.

She turned on Twitter here and with her own two accounts (@dorselphin now gone).

She turned up later here in 2014.

Then in July 2018 she’s in prison on drugs charges.

Then days later she’s dead.

Was she a Berenson victim?


Not much

I must admit that the recent Berenson case piqued my interest in all these shenanigans again, but it was short-lived.

The only thing that is now obvious is that the practices of cappers had been around for quite some time and that the modus operandi was pretty much widespread.

These guys are usually described as having ‘sophisticated’ techniques but I don’t entirely agree with that. Half the time, the victims give away most of their own information.

Anyways. Though tempted to revisit some of the stuff in the blog, it still seems a bit pointless now.

However, there is a slightly interesting article here. It lists the guy’s online names.

May Day!



After quite a long time of utter boredom, there has been a tiny bit of excitement regarding the recent sentencing of Michael Berenson. As most of my old readers know, I used to waffle on for ages. So here we go again, in the usual unstructured way.

The Berenson thing, along with the Christian Maire hooha, got me thinking about how maybe I got it wrong about all these online wankers. In my mind I had the stereotypical basement dweller living with mum and aged anywhere from 16 to early 20s. That was close with Berenson, who must have been about 20 when he started, but it was way off with the married family men like Maire. Just goes to show that you just can’t easily identify these buggers.

The cops seem to be doing a good job of catching some of them, but I can’t help but think this, in reality, is a bit feeble. Berenson and others were around for some time before they got caught and in most cases it was a bit late.

The Berenson case totally overturns the Aydin Coban kerfuffle, as he has been supposedly now blamed for her exploitation. We could go down the path of him and Aydin being in cahoots, but I wouldn’t run with that. Tyler Boo’s response of “USA, USA” convinced me that he was American. I would much more easily believe that it was Berenson. However, I still think that the Amanda Todd story is far more complex than a bit of online tawdriness.

Anyways. I have been accused of being harsh about some of the girls which I accept as being slightly true. The Peyton types rile me. I guess we are meant to go all coo coo, la la, there there, she has had her innocence taken by nasty men. I say bollocks, she takes advantage of that and is really just as bad as the rest.

With others, I have a certain degree of sympathy, but then end up thinking that the majority of them were dimwitted twats who really should have known better. Then, when they get caught up to no good, they pretend that it was all a big mistake. I wouldn’t really make a good social worker.

Talking of dimwitted twats, rO has been in for a visit recently. What do I make of him? He is well past his sell-by date. At one point I thought he might have been a treasure trove of  information, but he is now just a pitiful old fool. Nobody is interested in him any more,  nobody cares.  He was a minor player in the sordid Capper days and that is about it. His belief that I am perso simply shows that his level of stupidity knows no bounds.

So it looks like it is back to boredom now. I can’t see how the RCMP can run with the Aydin Coban thing now, and the fact that nobody in Canada  gave a toss about Berenson even when Carol Todd was at the sentencing kind of shows it has had its day.

Oh, just a couple of things. At the sentencing, things were revealed that Carol Todd was unaware of. My guess is that they showed her the vids and she feigned surprise. Berenson was linked with the Katelyn Davis malarkey, but I suspect that he just had the vids or commented on the livestream. And Berenson was a bitcoin millionaire. Berenson had 100s of victims but my guess is that he just had a ton of Stickam vids.







Michael Berenson

“Though investigators have been unable to identify hundreds of the victims, Berenson was also ordered to pay $95,000 in restitution, split among his 19 known victims, including the mother of one of them, Amanda Todd. Amanda, 15, took her own life in October 2012, a month after posting a powerful YouTube video about the bullying she suffered as a result of being sexually exploited by Berenson and his co-defendants.”.


This is odd.

At what point did Berenson appear on the scene? After 2010? Earlier? What was found to directly link him to Amanda Todd? Is he Tyler Boo? Where does this leave Aydin Coban? How come the RCMP haven’t asked for Berenson to stand trial in Canada?

Who were the co-defendants? Any of the Daily Capper stars? Rumour has it that there will be further arrests, but who knows?

Like I said in previous comments, this has received almost zero interest outside Seattle.

Whatever happened to the guy who did the Daily Capper show? Vice spoke to him a while back (that is Vice the online thing, not the cops).

Anyways. I had anticipated some sort of rush to report this but it seems to be a bit of a damp squib.


Quagmire bites the dust (a post for Roy)

Just a quickie. Some info has just been supplied. I will get back to look at it in more detail later. Meanwhile, if anyone wants to have a discussion about this, the comments are open. Not quite sure what this has to do with Amanda Todd if Berenson was only on the scene in 2012. Laters.

A man from Shoreline, Washington was sentenced yesterday to 55 years’ imprisonment for his role in an international child pornography ring, announced United States Attorney Matthew Schneider.

Schneider was joined in the announcement by Special Agent in Charge Timothy Slater of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Detroit Division.

“The way that these offenders worked together to manipulate innocent girls for their own sexual gratification is truly horrific.  And, the way that this defendant in particular extorted these children is especially heinous,” said United States Attorney Schneider.  “Parents, please speak with your children about sextortion and cyberbullying so we can keep all of our children safe.”

Sentenced was Michael Berenson, age 30.  In addition to his prison sentence and term of supervised release, Berenson was ordered to pay 5,000 in restitution to each of the identified victims, reaching a total of over 80,000 dollars.  United States District Judge Judith Levy of the Eastern District of Michigan imposed the sentence.

According to court records, from at least January 2012 to November 2014, Berenson was part of a group of individuals that worked together, using the Internet, to entice minor females to produce child pornography via web camera on an unmonitored chatroom-based website.  The men recruited the victims from common social media platforms by pretending to be teenage boys interested in chatting with the girls in real time.  Once the victims arrived in the chatrooms, the group—all pretending to be teenagers—worked together to build trust and convince the children to engage in sexually explicit conduct on web cameras.  Group members then recorded that activity.  The girls were unaware that the men were making recordings.  Berenson is the 25th defendant to be sentenced here in the Eastern District of Michigan for conspiring to exploit children on this unmonitored website.

Berenson participated in this group from its inception in 2012 until this particular group ceased activity.  Berenson however, remained active, targeting minors, directing them to engage in sexual acts, recording such acts and blackmailing the minors until the execution of a search warrant at his residence on May 10, 2017.  Berenson also encouraged girls to self-harm and recorded them doing so.

Berenson admitted to victimizing over 1,000 minor girls over the course of the last 10 years.  Some of the girls were as young as nine years old.

To date, a forensic examination of his devices recovered over 9,600 videos and images of child pornography and 105,347 child exploitive videos and images.  Berenson recorded over 1,128 hours of videos of child pornography and over 3,000 hours of child exploitive conduct.  Sixteen parents and victims were present for the sentencing hearing and made statements to the Court.  Among those present was Carol Todd, the mother of Amanda Todd who died by suicide in October of 2012. A website dedicated to Amanda Todd can be found at   The FBI has so-far identified approximately 20 victims in the United States.

Assistant United States Attorneys April Russo and Kevin Mulcahy of the Eastern District of Michigan prosecuted the case.  The FBI’s Detroit Field Office and Southeast Michigan Trafficking and Exploitation Crimes task force investigated the case.

The case was brought as part of Project Safe Childhood, a nationwide initiative to combat the growing epidemic of child sexual exploitation and abuse, launched in May 2006 by the Department of Justice.  Led by U.S. Attorneys’ Offices and CEOS, Project Safe Childhood marshals federal, state and local resources to better locate, apprehend and prosecute individuals who exploit children via the internet, as well as to identify and rescue victims.  For more information about Project Safe Childhood, please visit

Amanda Todd’s Rapist?

This is a copy of an earlier post. It was a bit boring, but now Dad has got involved and he comes in for a bit of criticism. I have a feeling this young man is now a father, which brings the End Times closer.


Young Mr Tarras has been mentioned here before.

‘Nik, this kid, from Maple Ridge, has lived in Chilliwack. this is the type of guy that will do ANYTHIGN he can to f’ you. He has raped girls, slept with 13 yer olds and also had to go to court with Amanda Todd because she claimed rape. ‘

This source is hardly reliable. I guess that a young girl has posted this as revenge. Is it true? His name has been linked to the Todd story via a leak from Carol Todd that was quickly censored. It now makes me wonder if that wasn’t a deliberate effort by Mrs Todd to draw attention to him.

If true, it adds another tragic incident to the Amanda Todd history. Nothing like this has appeared so far, but it would certainly go towards trying to discover just what contributed to Amanda’s mental health problems.

My initial feeling is that this isn’t true, based on the lack of any reference to this in Amanda’s video, but it raises further alarms about the lawlessness of sites like this. If we assume Renan Tarras is innocent, then this is all terrible libel and defamation. Any employer could find this information or any vigilante nutcase could use it as an excuse for violence. But who will police it all? Will anyone object to it and have it taken down? I suspect that the writer will have found great delight in letting Renan know about it. If the court case did happen, then it is likely that all the names would have been kept secret, yet one malicious person has now spilled the beans.

Renan and/or friends of his have commented on this blog. Maybe they can provide more information.

Who needs facts? (Update)


Charlie Binbags.  More than 30,000 people followed Charlie Binbags on twitter. They loved him. He was an inspiration. He was fake. His story was great. Homeless, hopeless, someone gave him a mobile phone, he immediately set up a twitter account and a gofundme page, got given a bucket load of cash, found a job. All in a fortnight. All a scam. When it was easily exposed that he was fake, there was barely a response.

These days, it would appear that people are prepared to believe whatever is put in front of them. We live in dangerous times.

And more proof that people are utter morons:

“By the end, she was sending semi-naked pictures of herself to older men to prevent them from losing interest, and fending off demands to meet them in person. Other girls she knew ended up going to the homes of men in their 20s they’d met online and having sex with them, as they were under the impression these men were their boyfriends.”

Aydin Coban’s first victim is doing well

Julia Batterman, one of Aydin Coban’s early victims, seems to be doing very well. That is an oddity for most people caught up in all this.

It will be interesting if she is called up as a witness should Aydin ever get to trial in Canada.

Amanda Todd wasn’t on her own


As the Coban trial continues, it gets more shocking. Apparently he had 204,000 porn pics on his hard drive, he was in trouble with the Grijze Wolven. As most of it is in Dutch it’s a pain to work out the details. Add in the thing about 7 gay Australians and it starts getting too weird.

Meanwhile I’ve reissued these pics from the catalogue. The clip is actually far worse than this can show and makes the BlogTV episode look mild. It’s really this clip that puzzles me most as it’s so far away from the ‘it was a brief flash’ storyline and involves another kid who was very much part of Amanda’s scene but never gets a mention.

Because of this clip, Amanda’s BlogTV shows and so on, it’s tough to match the current narrative of one action followed by years of torment.

Just in case anyone thinks this isn’t Amanda, then OK, you’re entitled to that. Just ask Carol Todd though – she’ll remember that Amanda had a pair of trousers (or ‘pants’ as they are called in the USA) with ‘CHEER’ written on the bottom. And she’ll recognise the soft toy. And Amanda’s old bedrooom.

It looks as if there are a few latecomers to the blog, so rather tediously I have to re-visit old news.

Amanda Todd’s BlogTV chat



Although these have been already published earlier in the blog, the names were redacted for certain reasons, so here are all the names in full. For newcomers who might be blissfully unaware, cutiielover is Amanda Todd.

BlogTV Conversation Log. Server Date: 12/5/2010 8:32:15 PM, Client Date: Sun Dec 5 19:26:25 GMT-0600 2010, Room: cutiielover Live, Checksum: 1314457

Welcome to blogTV’s chat:
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Have fun!
pkyboy1: sexy
cutiielover: im not like that anymore.
boxfrog: sigh
crazeboy123: what were u like
cutiielover: a slut
crazeboy123: oh
kontiky: lol… i kinda like sluts
crazeboy123: wwhat made u change may I ask
kontiky: idk why
You have entered the cutiielover Live
show by cutiielover. cutiielover(14) is from Canada .Dundundunlol: she is a slut she still is 1
cutiielover: all my friends found my pic
Dundundunlol: she bated on cam to ppl
cutiielover: and sent my boobs out to everyone in my city.
Dundundunlol: other nite
kontiky: maybe because im a guy…
Dundundunlol: slut
ZapsThosePests: Hey Cutie, whats up?
crazeboy123: oh daaamn
Dundundunlol: still a slut
jakethai: are they still ur friend
cutiielover: no
jake9898: just because u like sex or mess around doesnt make u a slut… but yea… just gotta be careful who u trust
cutiielover: iim moving out of the counrty now.
jake9898: come to america!!!
kontiky: lol…no
crazeboy123: well you are super hot

BlogTV Conversation Log. Server Date: 12/18/2010 2:50:59 AM, Client Date: Sat Dec 18 01:44:58 GMT-0600 2010, Room: cutiielover Live, Checksum: 2209434

XoXLo0znMyFawknMindXoX: tell
jason1996c: nope
RyanJanns: no u arent flat
MrPickleHead: we have the hottest girls here in canada
youneek: you are smexy, be serious?
abstractingthereal: flat? i don’t think so
steve16ca: TINY SUCKS NOW
milksnake: that looks nice 😉
vspec: can’t tell with shirt on
vyruz: nice boobs
AmuroLite: by the time you hit 300, you’ll have a waiting room. usually being a tease helps though.
xxFxxAxxQxxUxx: so lets see something real sexy<<<<<
jason1996c: what size bra do u wear
SkylerX: with that shirt its hard to tell but i don’t think falt
XoXLo0znMyFawknMindXoX: 32b?
SkylerX: flat*
Carp3tMunch3r: put on something really esxay and tease us please
ZapsThosePests: next to the disk symbol is a another sysmbol you can use to switch rooms
XoXLo0znMyFawknMindXoX: i was close
XoXLo0znMyFawknMindXoX: lol
SkylerX: C is nice
XoXLo0znMyFawknMindXoX: -blames it on the dark shirt
jason1996c: C is perfect
abstractingthereal: 31g
steve16ca: only ops can switch rooms?
leftrightleft: i remember you coming in and just telling people to make you a tiny xD
youneek: 32 C is not small at all
jason1996c: nice
SkylerX: they match your undies
Carp3tMunch3r: lol
abstractingthereal: out of focus
scarlet_soul: can we see spome more of your cut eunderwear?
Carp3tMunch3r: shirt with no bra under?
scarlet_soul: *cute
Carp3tMunch3r: thats wuld be hot too
SkylerX: 11 more for waiting room
ZapsThosePests: 12 more then a waiting rom
cum-again: YA
RyanJanns: yeah
Redirtroad: yea
milksnake: sure
ZapsThosePests: ALWAYS
milksnake: 😀
scarlet_soul: yea
SkylerX: k, give us the link
steve16ca: what will she do???
jason1996c: ok
MrPickleHead: hell yeah
abstractingthereal: haha
youneek: then you wiil get a waiting room for sure
Shocked: yes!
abstractingthereal: www.
ZapsThosePests: but I am already subscribed
XoXLo0znMyFawknMindXoX: ^^ put it in your title

BlogTV Conversation Log. Server Date: 12/18/2010 3:06:54 AM, Client Date: Sat Dec 18 02:00:46 GMT-0600 2010, Room: cutiielover Live, Checksum: 2336076

cristian007: mod in the room
cum-again: FLAGGED 4 PILLOW
cum-again: LOL
scarlet_soul: we should check your hot ass :p
leftrightleft: are you going to show again when he/she gets on?
XoXLo0znMyFawknMindXoX: how is 151 chatters possible i thought it was 150 max
jesse95: means mod is in the room
cum-again: MOD
Carp3tMunch3r: u could pull down the front of your PJs as far down as you dare JUST done show any bush
KevinG95: she is shaved
youneek: whenever it’s 149, or 150, a “hidden” mod is in the room
youneek: 151*
Carp3tMunch3r: o my mistake, im used to working with carpet
XoXLo0znMyFawknMindXoX: how bout 151 tho
AmuroLite: prove it!
SkylerX: yeah blogtv mods are nazis
cum-again: IVE SEEN 152
leftrightleft: prove shaved
cristian007: show you shaved
Carp3tMunch3r: how far down can u pull your PJs???
ZapsThosePests: 151 or more confuses me
greentree2: blocked
KevinG95: would you pull down as far as you dare ?
Smiling_Buddha: 151 is possible wen an op or the b-caster goes into waiting room and returns
youneek: yah, 152 is two mods in room
cum-again: DON GET BANNED
youneek: you’re not shaved
leftrightleft: she has a bush
vyruz: show
drake4ever: need to rub and put mic next to hear
krazy_monkey: lower the cam a bit
AmuroLite: prove it, prove it.
scarlet_soul: there’s an ausi girl stripping on another channel lol
Carp3tMunch3r: 153 means all the mods r there cuz its superfriggin HOT
badboy-15: shes just sitting there
scarlet_soul: no mods
realbadboy: lets go to tinychat
drake4ever: no noise means shaved
jesse95: link?
SkylerX: i have a room you can use don’t get banned
scarlet_soul: they got 600 viewers
ZapsThosePests: let the stripper get banned
jesse95: dont you love it when guys say there’s a girl strippin and they dont link the f’n room
XoXLo0znMyFawknMindXoX: he had a boner
jakeskater: who?
XoXLo0znMyFawknMindXoX: lol
cristian007: show your shaved?????
youneek: not linking room is smart
youneek: more viewers = more chance of ban
badboy-15: ur going to make me blush aren’t u
cum-again: WHO GOT 600? LINK
scarlet_soul: that other girl has awesome tits :p
ZapsThosePests: haha, the one you told us about!!!
Carp3tMunch3r: i had a boner earlier
XoXLo0znMyFawknMindXoX: hayy dont be ashamed… it happens
Recognise any of the names? I’m told that cum-again is our old friend r0ra who keeps commenting nonsense on the blog, and ZapsThosePests is featured in the Daily Capper news.
But as if that’s not enough, some other kind person has supplied information regarding Dylan Polo (who is meant to be Aydin Coban and is found on Facebook as Dylan.Polo.98).
*His Name Is Polo, Also Known As Dylan Mess
*Said He Lives In Europe, In The Netherlands
*His Old Skype Was Intothedylan, And Another One Is Dylanmess1
*His Original Site Was, And It Appears That He Reused That Name For One Of The Rooms On His New Site
*His Dad Owns Some Kind Of Hotel Company, So He’s Filthy Rich
*Has Been Said To Use 2 VPNS, And Uses Proxies
*The Site Name Starts With An O, Q, A Or C, Then It’s 4 Letters And Most Likely Ends With Chat
*It’s Europe Based And He Advertises On Some European Social Network Like FB
*He Uses Flashcoms Software For The Chat And Cams
*Has 500-700 People Spread Over Several Rooms At It’s Peak
*Users Can Make Their Own Rooms
*The Site Is Purple Green And White All Over
*There Have Been A Few Threads On 4chan’s /Soc/ And About It With People Trying To Find The Site.
*He Most Likely Made It In November Of 2012
*These Are Screenshots Of The Site

*If You Search “Polo” On That Is Where I Found Most Of The Info.

Amanda Todd – One step closer to the truth.



Most of this blog have been superseded by the new blog

Sorry about the jpg. Just click on it.

As soon as one thing seems to get resolved, something else crops up that turns a lot of the story upside down again. There is a lot of grief in this – not just for the main participants, but for those other, more innocent victims of the witch hunts, the hatred, the suspicions. And for all those people from all across the world, all those genuine people, all those kids who have cried about this, it’s a terrible shame.

We have – and it saddens me to say this – been severely tricked.  I thought that  I would be jumping for joy as I learned that more and more of what I was saying was coming true, but instead I’m simply becoming more disheartened.

The details I have posted today are true. I will seek to evaluate them as clinically and as precisely as I possibly can. At first, I was just tempted to post the screen cap and leave it up to readers to make up their own minds. But, as usual, I will try to analyse what is behind all of this.

As you will see, the capture is from December 5th, 2010. That’s ten days after ‘cutieelover’ aka Amanda Todd joined BlogTV. What she did, or where she was prior to that, I don’t know at the moment. This is eighteen days before the police arrived on her doorstep on December 23rd.

Note that the BlogTV rules are absolutely clear. I have criticised BlogTV (now YouNow) for allowing things, but to give them credit, they were quite clear about the rules, and very quick to ban people who broke them. There is no real excuse for not knowing that nudity was frowned upon. As we know, cutiielover was banned twelve days later.

Amanda is quite well-known. It is possible that, from the commencement of her membership of BlogTV on November 26th, she could have received quite a following – reputations grow fast online.

Note: this may not be the full online conversation for December 5th. I originally thought that this might be the beginning of it all, but it is possible that there were earlier comments.

The first comment available is a cordial ‘sexy’. The second comment from cutieelover is – well, what? – poignant? Could that be the word? I don’t know. Or it could just be straightforward. Who can tell?

‘im not like that anymore’

What can anyone read into this? It sounds quite forlorn, like she’s realised something, and has decided to stop. On it’s own, it sounds like it’s a finality, but, sadly, we know that just a few days later she was flashing again, and that this behaviour continued on for quite some time. Can we deduce any period of time from this? Like I said – and I hope – her reputation might have simply grown in the previous two weeks, but I retain a slight idea that these are the words of someone who has been quite known for some time. But that is irrelevant, really.

It looks like one of her fans issues a ‘sigh’ of disappointment. Or of shared sadness?

I guess that the next comment is from someone new to the room: ‘what were u like’.  The answer is horrible.

‘a slut’

What in God’s name would make a girl say this? Here are some attempts to explain, but first let me say that it is significant and important. It points strongly towards why so many people used the word ‘slut’ to describe her – it’s the term she has applied to herself. It is actually Amanda herself who first uses the term to describe her own behaviour. People would have read these comments, and no doubt her friends would have heard her say it.

There are two reasons why she should have said this. The first is quite a cold-hearted suggestion; the second is gut-wrenchingly sad. I would prefer to choose the first. It kills me more to choose the second.

The first reason: Amanda is relatively proud of being seen as a slut. It’s a sort of show-off, attention-seeking phrase – ‘Look at me! I’m a slut! I’m not a mundane nobody, I’m someone who boys queue up to see! I’m the centre of attention, and that makes me feel important!’

Look at the news. We live in a society where sluttish behaviour makes you rich and famous. You know the names, I have no need to make a list. Reality TV praises the slut, denigrates the nice people. Look at the magazines aimed at later teens, read by 12-year-olds. In the UK, it’s ‘Nuts’ and ‘Zoo’. And those idiotic cretins who invented ‘slut walks’ – be proud that you look like a slut! Have they ANY idea what they are doing? (OK, reader, I’ll get down off my soap box)

Like so many words these days, slut has lost its meaning. It’s tossed around school playgrounds as easily as the old words like ‘fatty’ and ‘foureyes’. There is a distinct possibility that Amanda uses the term ‘slut’ as a badge of distinction.

The second reason: (this is appallingly sad) Amanda might have had such low self-esteem that she had become used to calling herself a slut. Why she would do this, I don’t know. From family background, I would guess the origin lay elsewhere. There are plenty of vile parents who will destroy their kids’ self-worth, but I don’t see that here. If anything, it might have been the opposite from her parents – they might have built her ego up to massive  proportions.

So why would she tag herself a slut? Did she go online, get naked, expect to get praise but get called a slut? Did she find that the only way to get the BlogTV viewers interested was to behave like a slut? It is extraordinary how dependent kids are on online feedback, and we know that Amanda was addicted to it.

Another, less probable but viable view is this: we know that Amanda possibly suffered from learning difficulties. She may well have had a huge sense that she was, in some way, a disappointment and failure. She had tried desperately to publicise herself online and elsewhere – singing, cheerleading – but it looks like the only thing she, as a person, felt that she truly excelled at, and that got her the attention, was to be a slut.

I must move on. The newbie answers a plaintive and shocked ‘oh’. Someone posts a picture.

‘lol….i kinda like sluts’ – seen as positive feedback?

The newbie asks her what made her change her mind.

‘idk why’ is Kon*** basically answering his own statement two lines above.

Another person enters the room.

Dun*** writes: ‘she is a slut she still is 1’. How is that meant? How is that taken? A joke? An insult? Horrifyingly aggressive male words? Or teen nonsense?

And then we have it:

‘all my friends found my pic’

Not ‘I’ve been stalked’. Not ‘I’ve been blackmailed’. All her friends found her pic. To me, this proves that the blackmail case is now closed. She said this to cover herself. There WAS a lot of stuff going on a la Peyton Ramsey, and it’s all very convoluted. But you can strike ‘blackmail’ and ‘stalker’ from the notebook for now.

I will leave it there for now. Tomorrow, there will be more about what really happened. It might take me time.

So – return to this blog – same Philip time, same Philip channel (that’s old skool Batman, just in case no-one knew).






Amanda’s last appearance as cutiielover

Pic censored.

Most of this blog have been superseded by the new blog


Today’s post is the one which has caused me most problems, and the most consternation. Will it cause major trouble, or will it just become yet another piece of Amanda Todd flotsam, floating on the sea of information surrounding the case? Does anyone really care any more?

I have to stop thinking and just get on with it. I had no idea how to approach this. For me, it is quite a key moment, as this photo initiates, probably, a much deeper investigation. As regular readers know, I have, at times, been lost in the forest – wandering off along cul-de-sacs, getting lost, turning back along paths I’ve already trodden more than once. But occasionally I have come upon glades of clarity – certain information shining light on many of the problems.

An honest and trustworthy source sent me this photo, and I will explain what it shows, just in case anyone wonders.

This is the last appearance of Amanda Todd as cutiielover. At almost exactly the same time as Amanda flashed, she was reported, hence the ‘Inappropriate content’ box in the middle. However, those of you following the story will know that Amanda went to great lengths to return as ‘Announcing Amanda’ very soon afterwards.

Note that she had 191 viewers at the time. This is significant. In Amanda’s video, we are led to believe that the ‘photo’ was perhaps the result of quite an intimate one-to-one webcam chat with a trusted friend. This, of course, shows that to be completely untrue. Amanda was aware that she had 191 viewers – it would have been obvious to her, as she would have seen this exact same screen in front of her. So, to a certain extent, it could have been any one of these 191 viewers who passed her video clip to a porn site. Or it could have been any other person on the planet – this video clip could have been sent around from 191 viewers, through various chatroom sites, to phones and laptops everywhere, before ending up where it did. Remember – Amanda was seen as a celebrity in the Capper world.

However, it is likely that the person who spread the video around was in the room at the time. You will see that names have been covered up. It is highly likely that those names are known. There is even a chance that those names might actually see this and know that they have been found out. The names have been blacked out for the time being, and I am not telling you who they are. However, I think I can safely tell you that Kody Maxson is nowhere near this – if people persist in believing that drivel, then so be it, but it is totally wrong. The story that Kody Maxson coerced/enticed/flattered Amanda into flashing is THE most ridiculous part of this case. It has let a lot of people off the hook. At a later point in the blog, I will investigate this further.

You will also see a few comments – like ‘JUST DO IT’. We can imagine the scene. Amanda has appeared. She is well-known and, as far as we know, relatively new to the BlogTV set up. Already, 191 viewers have crowded into the room. Some of them will be heros, some of them blackmailers, some of them will simply be there for the fun of it. Amanda flirts with her audience. Now, at the moment, I have to state things that are mostly rumour for the time being.

It is rumoured that this Amanda appearance was a two-way thing, in that she played to the audience, and was fully aware of the game she was playing. But, without concrete evidence of that, I will only continue with a kinder version.

So – Amanda is in a room with 191 viewers, most of them being a mixture of stupid kids, rabid Cappers, maybe a few perverts. They egg her on – ‘JUST DO IT’ and so on. And she does it. People have seen the entire scene at cameracaptures. She laughs. It’s just a game.

Surely, people can see that this is light years away from the story we are meant to believe. The media would have you think that, at minimum, everything was the equivalent of a one-off Snapchat type of sexting photo. It was what Amanda wanted us to believe. The media does allow a certain leeway. Somewhere in the middle ground, the media would like it to be a story of one small video, maybe one or two, that were created by a naive, innocent young girl who was tricked, cajoled, coerced by some Devil figure. And, of course, a few of the online news breakers have actually shown more details about Amanda’s BlogTV escapades and more, but the general public doesn’t really want to think about all that.

But what this shows is that, on December 17th 2010, Amanda was a willing participant in what was, essentially, an online piece of tomfoolery. I won’t go on too much here, but later in the blog I will describe what I believe actually happened around this time in more detail.

Now look at more detail in the photo. Amanda clearly admits to being 14. I have to admit to being wrong in the past. I had assumed that Amanda might have lied about her age, as she did in so many other places, but here it is clear that she didn’t. That, obviously, means that people should have been aware that she was a minor, and morality should have dictated that people responded accordingly. Some people – in fact, a lot of people – did, hence the reporting and the ban from BlogTV. But for the rest, remember that the BlogTV situation is feral. There is no concept of decency for them.

But here we enter into a dichotomy. At one extreme, the authorities and fervent – how shall I put it? – uninformed people have cried ‘child pornography’. Yet within the melee of nonsense surrounding the case, more people have stated that flashing is, really, an innocent pastime undertaken by naive young girls. So what do we believe here?

Here’s how I put it. The vast majority of people think that child pornography is just that – a level of sexual content in pictures involving children that can be seen as disturbing and evil. It conjures up all our worst nightmares. But flashing is seen just as a harmless activity which, in 99% of cases, it is. The thousands of kids swapping flashing pictures don’t see it as child pornography. It’s become almost a part of growing up. Of Amanda’s audience, many would have seen all of this as just a laugh, all part of the game. The fact that Amanda was 14 was irrelevant – some of the spectators would have been in the same age group. Only a few would have seen the dangers for Amanda, and only a few, if any, would fulfill the criteria of being a pedophile, old-man pervert predator. I will go into more detail later in the blog.

The details show that Amanda is from Canada. It wouldn’t have been difficult to trace her. As we know, her online presence was huge. We can also see the dates of Amanda’s entry into the BlogTV world – November 26th, 2010. Now, surely, this completely destroys the myth that Amanda was 12 and in 7th grade. That is simply not true, but has become part of the mythology. I think I can confidently state that she was 14, at the tail end of being 13, when all this began. The December 18th date is false. That is the date in a different time zone. This all happened on December 17th, Canada time. Shockingly close to the police raid of December 23rd.

Now, what is more interesting is that you can see the half-covered stills from two other archived videos of Amanda – entitled ‘ill be’ and ‘bored’. What does this tell us? It tells us that Amanda’s appearances were archived. She would have not known, perhaps, that she was being capped (I find it hard to believe) but she would have been totally aware that her videos were archived. This complicates matters. Any person could have returned to Amanda’s profile at any point and seen the archives. I don’t know what happened after the ban – I asume that her records were erased. But it shows just how public Amanda was.

Now, this photo really puts the cat amongst the pigeons, and I will have to think hard and dig deeper to work out what happened.

Here is an assumption that I need to clarify: I now assume that this appearance was the one that kicked off all the fuss. We have an absolutely certain date – December 17th, 2010. I assume that this appearance was the one that was passed around her school. I have no data concerning the flash episode where she has her friend with her, but I think it’s obvious that it is around he same time.

So where does this put the blackmailing story? According to Amanda, she flashed once, and it was a year later that the stalker turned up. That is now, clearly, utter nonsense. After December 17th 2010, things must have moved rapidly. It doesn’t make sense. Did a ‘blackmailer’ get his act together almost instantaneously? It’s possible. Within seconds of Amanda’s flash, the picture could have been anywhere, and we all know how quickly things spread. But still, according to reports, Amanda also had time to be banned and then re-appear as ‘Announcing Amanda’, so that would have added a day or two to things. And then the cops arrived on December 23rd.

Amanda’s lies cloud the issue. I hate speculation, but I must admit my gut feelings have, in the past, been very close to the reality of the situation. My gut feeling is that Amanda got caught out about her flashing, and simply panicked and said she was blackmailed.

What I find more confusing is why she continued, and things got worse. This post has gone on a bit too long, and I need to think and find out more details.

Thank you to my source for giving me this information. For my two readers, I hope this wasn’t too much of an anti-climax. I will now revisit the Amanda story – it seems like it’s the millionth time I’ve done so. And by the way – you won’t find any of this online, so there’s no point looking.

I look forward to receiving any comments and any more information that anyone out there can provide. This post hasn’t covered many things today. More will be clarified in later posts.

Please go on to this link for the next instalment:






Boredom – Glen Canning

Boredom strikes again.

My old friend Glen Canning.

There’s a new book. – ‘For the Love of Men’ by Liz Plank. Supposedly ‘forensically researched’, she interviewed Glen, who probably did his “I am such a great 21st century Feminist ally’ routine.

For those with short memories:

The comments on the article are hilarious.

‘I do not know if he is actually involved in the BDSM community, but I have heard that is very hard to escape from. Those within it will tell that you are likely to commit acts of violence, suffer horribly or even commit suicide if you have BDSM-related desires and do not fulfil them. It all seems very cult like to me.’

‘Rehtaeh Parson’s certainly spent the last two years of her short life in terrible mental torment, but what about before the rape? What sort of emotional poison is it for a female child whose father obviously sees her (or at least girls exactly like her) as disposable jack-off implements – to the degree that he actually creates more of this hate literature and puts it out into the world?

Did Rehtaeh Parsons ever enjoy a moment of peace and a feeling of safety? It’s quite possible that she did not.’

‘Glen Canning like majority of males believes he is entitled to sexually prey on/sexually exploit women and girls but when other males sexually prey and/or allegedly subject his daughter to male sexual violence then that is a violation of his female property!’

Even more hilariously, these comments appeared on Facebook:

  • Raven Moon Makes me wonder if, the young girl hung herself when she realized her very father was caught up in the rape culture that destroyed her
  • Elizabeth Xochitl I bet she knew already.
You know what? Even if I had wanted to troll the Facebook page, I couldn’t have done as good a job as Raven Moon!
Merciless Merkin Murphy decides to address Gormless Glen directly. She’ll sort out this vile varmint, darn tootin’ (or whatever they say in Canada).
But wait! He doesn’t apologise! Basically, he tells her to get stuffed. Commenters respond:

‘I would call it “soft core” child pornography. Hard core child pornography would be far more “low grade”.The fact that he clearly used under age females is indeed disturbing. The “parents were present” quote, suggests that he only cares about following the law, not about doing the right thing. I can’t stand those kinds of people. They are such sheep.’

And so Glen gets involved using the trump card of…….Philip Rose.

Glen Canning

  1. My response is here:

    I’ve also reached out to three of the models I worked with who remain good friends. I will post their replies once I hear back from them.


    • Are you kidding me Glen?? I “took the bait”?? I have been writing about this for years. I am truly amazed at your unwillingness to be accountable and even try to understand our critique. And to compare me to some obsessive, misogynist troll? All you’ve done here is blame others and make this about yourself and your feelings. This is about a larger critique of the objectification of girls and women and how that translates into violence. Not about you and your feelings. I’m sorry to be harsh but I really, really, really tried my very best to be gentle and compassionate in our communication and this response from you is truly disappointing and shows a complete lack of willingness to learn and to be accountable for ones’ own choices and behaviour. This is not about you being “judged.” You could VERY easily have responded to my emails and then to this post by saying, you know, at the time I didn’t see things that way, but now I do and I understand, hear, and respect your arguments. But you didn’t. You’ve presented me as “a sicko” and a “troll” to your fans so they can further support your defensiveness and self-pity. This is NOT about you being attacked. This is not about evil feminists trying to bring you down. It is about making connections and about treating women and girls as full human beings. I am truly appalled.


      • “And to compare me to some obsessive, misogynist troll?”

        Oh, Meghan, I saw that he did that. Actually, it was worse than that, because he also wrote something along the lines of “at least the MRAs are honest …” Meaning, of course, that anti-pornography, anti-violence feminists are implicitly more evil than the men who hate women so much, they enjoy stalking and harassing the bereaved father of a teen girl.

        I feel just sick about this.

        You have made an excellent, very clear, and entirely justified reply to Glen. I stand by you and Rehtaeh. I stand by all girls and women who have been harmed by boys and men they way she was harmed.

        My mind boggles, still, at how women’s words are not heard, how we are defamed when we speak.


        • Believe me I feel fucking sick too.