Day One – my first foray into quest for the truth about Amanda Todd

Well, I’m new to this, so any readers will have to excuse any errors in format or any unnecessary waffling and ranting as I begin my new attempts to unravel what most of my friends will now know as the great mystery of Amanda Todd.

I will begin – please bear with me – with a small, but angry, welcome to those people who are likely to be members of the ‘Amanda Todd Reporting Team’ or ‘Amanda Todd’s Safe Haven’. You have contributed nothing whatsoever to the important points that have arisen from this story. Not only have you denied all aspects of the truth, you have launched slanderous and aggressive attacks against people who have expressed any opinion going against yours. The sanity of your members is questionable – one would have to ask: is it healthy that grown men seem to be fixated on pictures of a young (supposedly) dead girl, and seem to spend most of their waking hours making collages of her in provocative poses? Is it acceptable to wander the pages of Facebook accusing people of being pedophiles just because they happen to be well-informed? Is it sensible to deny all evidence that is put in front of you, preferring simply to believe what amounts to the voices in your head? I will, more than likely, return to this later.

Back to the theme. People who like to comment ‘tl;dr’ on posts should perhaps look away now.

The Amanda Todd story is complicated and complex, and cannot simply be dismissed with a few short remarks. Trying to sort out fact from fiction takes time and effort, and trying to highlight the most important aspects of the story is difficult, simply because so many things need to be looked at. Here are a few of the aspects I will be investigating:

Given that Amanda Todd committed suicide, why was this seen as inspirational and why was it seen as something that a role model should do? This has set a dangerous precedent for young, vulnerable teens.

Given that the sane people amongst us know that she was virtually addicted to exposing herself on BlogTV, Omegle, Stickam and other channels, why was this all glossed over, once more becoming the accepted activity for the inspirational angel, and setting yet another bad example for impressionable teens?

Why did the idiotic fools known collectively as Anonymous originally announce that it was all fake, then choose to use the bandwagon to advertise their own stupidity in the persecution of Kody Maxson?

Why did the mighty Royal Canadian Mounted Police fail – in more than two years, and with many resources – to find any (mythical) stalker?

Why, in all the story, did aspects such as under-age sex, drinking and substance abuse become swept under the carpet, again becoming acceptable behaviour for this role model?

And there are many more things to deal with as the history of this litany of lies unfolds. But I will need some help. To begin with, can anybody out there put a name to the person who appeared alongside Amanda in her notorious flashing video? I have a couple of suggestions, but surely someone will know.

Lastly, I welcome all feedback concerning this blog. Have I missed anything? Are there any questions people would like answered?  Does anyone actually care any more?

My next entry will begin at the beginning: Amanda Todd’s first appearance online as mandy_kinz, and her connections with people at that time. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Amendment: Later in the blog, the girl who appeared gains a name. It was an old friend of hers. The story has had the addition of Aydin Coban. It remains to be seen if he was actually involved. Though I still have to find the truth about the whole story, my view that it had been faked and was some sort of hoax has now passed.


3 thoughts on “Day One – my first foray into quest for the truth about Amanda Todd

  1. Ok ‘philip’, let’s have ur proof. U certainly seem to know an awful lot, research & all, but if its all a hoax, cover up, then let’s see ur proof? U are away from Facebook ‘restrictions’ so let’s see wot u have. I suspect more games (ur good at them that’s for sure) but im willing to give u benefit of doubt. That’s wot u want right?, a chance to change peoples opinions? Well u have my attention…on u go.

    • Colin, thanks for commenting. In my posts, I will try harder to show why I am writing this. Firstly, I hope that it will raise discussion and debate. As I have said, this story is complex but it is important in so many ways – it is important to look at all the problems involved, and to, hopefully, learn from them. There are no games here – it is a very serious issue, and not one to be simply dismissed with bias and prejudice. I will try not to make it ‘my’ version, and I welcome all positive contributions.

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