Day Two – the early Amanda Todd

So – Day Two didn’t get off to a good start, as I lost my original text due to WordPress glitches and – as I don’t prepare text in advance – everything was lost. However, we learn from our mistakes, so hopefully it won’t happen again.

Now, let’s get something out of the way. People tell me that I am a terrible person for trying to get to the truth about the Amanda Todd story, and that I should leave it alone. Well, that’s not going to happen for a couple of reasons. Had those people close to the story chosen to make it slightly more private, I would back off. Instead, her family and supporters – most noticeably ‘Amanda Todd’s Safe Haven’ – have chosen to display countless photos of her to demand attention. If the photos portrayed any sense of decorum, I might have had some sympathy. But no – endless pictures of a young girl flicking two fingers up, flipping the bird, or striking some sort of pose for the camera are in poor taste. Seriously – is this how the family want her remembered? You have to be joking! Add to that the family’s never-ending efforts to cover up the truth about their daughter – one has to ask just how far will they go in covering up their own woeful inadequacies – and, basically, it makes the story fair game. Message to supporters: if you want her to rest in peace, stop using her for ‘likes’. Simple. So, rant over, let’s start at the beginning of the story.

The earliest appearance (that I can find) of the young Amanda Todd comes from April, 2008, when she would have been 11 years old. She was known then as mandy_kinz11. I assume she was also on MySpace and Facebook at the same time, but this is the earliest substantiated date.

Why is this important? Several reasons.

First thing to note: it clearly states she is in Port Coquitlam in 2008. According to her embellished history, she moved cities time and time again to avoid the mythical stalker (Note: I use words like ‘supposed’ or ‘mythical’ in conjunction with the stalker. It is my firm belief that the stalker – in the way the media has come to describe him – never existed.) So think for a while. In 2008 she was in Port Coquitlam; in 2012 she was in Port Coquitlam; all of her online registrations say she was in Port Coquitlam; her mother says she spent most of her life in Port Coquitlam. Really, it doesn’t look like she moved around much. The only verifiable move in the years from 2008-2012 was from her father’s house in Maple Ridge back to her mother’s house in Port Coquitlam – a massive 15 miles! And I will discuss why she was living with her father, and why she moved, in a later post.

Second thing to note: in her video, Amanda seems surprised that the supposed stalker knows her details. But this comment shows just how freely and unwisely she gave away all her details. We have her email address, her first name, and where she lives – all in one easy place. Even the most stupid of detectives would have found it easier, if they had so wished, to open up communication with her. Once you join this in with MySpace and Facebook, her identity becomes open to all.

Third thing to note: we can begin to see the first hints of risky online behaviour. At this time, Amanda was pretending to be much older online. For various reasons, she was registered on MySpace as being 18, and she also lied about her age in other online registration in order to circumvent rules put in place to protect kids like her. In this thread, we can see that it’s not just some childish desire to join a band – the band is hardly One Direction! No doubt, the band would have laughed at her application, but she is already showing signs of not being able to make correct decisions by involving herself in an age group well beyond her own.

Lastly, we can see the signs of the commencement of the type of attention-seeking that she would take to new levels in the coming years. ‘I love to sing and I have been singing since I was 2 years old. I love concerts and I am not afraid to dance and move around in front of a big crowd.’ Well – I’m not going to say much, except to mention the word ‘narcissism’ – something that will crop up time and time again.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. All comments are welcome.

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Amendment: It is obvious that Amanda was online from very early on. However, there is no evidence that any stalking began then. Later on in the blog, definite dates put Amanda’s trouble as starting in December 2010 just after her 14th birthday.

4 thoughts on “Day Two – the early Amanda Todd

  1. It is Armageddon time. prepare for war. Amanda Todd is my Twin Flame She was here on Earth to learn lessons. All the mistakes she made were forgiven because of her young age and she did repent. I am still living. She has reunited with me since her death. You ignore me any further? Go ahead. I will not rest until you come out of your corner and call my cell 409 365 4504. I will talk respectful but keep ignoring me and we’ll see who else I can bring into this fight. We are many. We are the angelic flames. The end of the age is approaching we are fight a holy war . Armageddon. We are everywhere. We are your neighbors. The policeman, the waitress. Your sons and daughters. We are undercover. Come now Philip reason with me or else.

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