Day Three (Part Two) – still with Amanda Todd’s early days online

Perhaps I should find some better titles for my posts. I am feeling really tired today, so bear with me if that’s reflected in this post.

So – back to where I left off – the ‘Amanda Todd MSN Conversation (Must See)’ video.

I’m guessing this was made at any point from 2008 through to September 2009, but the guy says it’s ‘really old’. Well, forget the words used in the messaging. Call me old-fashioned, but I’ve never liked words like ‘fucken’, especially from an 11 or 12 year old. More significant are the following two aspects:

What, in September 2009, prompted someone to publish an old, relatively mundane video under the title ‘Amanda Todd MSN Conversation (Must See)’? Why mention her name? Why is it a ‘must see’? Why had he kept it for so long? Did the title change at any point from its original? Was she infamous already? It’s difficult to find answers.

Why did coot19 leave the comment ‘wait till she’s a little older m8 she can flash her mosquito’s then’ (two years ago)?

I think that the video and its contents are important. This is way, way before any hint of the Capper nonsense, but was she on BlogTV already? She seems to have already established some sort of notoriety – what for? Why the comment that would have been in 2010? And most importantly for me, it highlights the young age of her ‘admirers’. This idea that her supposed stalkers were all old men is just nonsense.

In a normal story, most of this could be dismissed as just juvenile online behaviour – the type of behaviour going on on MSN and other channels day in, day out. It shows a certain amount of precocity, but that’s not rare. But put it into the context of the entire story, and it begins to completely destroy the myth that she tries to perpetuate – the myth that she was some sort of innocent gamine, tricked into flashing by the mythical predator.


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