Day Four – Part One – Amanda’s environment

Amendment: This post doesn’t add much to the story. When researching, it was basically obvious that Amanda was in a drinking and weed-smoking environment. Though I was sort of shocked, it simply appeared that this was all taken for granted.

Well – Day Four dawns and again, where do I start? OK – let’s begin by looking at the charming activities of those closest to Amanda Todd, and how it appeared inevitable, given where she lived, that she would fall in with a lot of bad influences.

They say that travel broadens the mind. Well, I’ve never been to British Columbia, and if I did go, it looks like I certainly would learn something – especially if I went anywhere near Port Coquitlam, Surrey or what I think is called East Vancouver.

Are these places competing for the ‘Shithole of the World’ award? If so, they must be well in the lead, and maybe it should be awarded to them in perpetuity. Port Coquitlam seems to be Skank Central. Perhaps it should be advertised as such in the British Columbia tourist information – it might bring in a few extra tourists!

Let me describe the type of people who seem to live in this area. It would appear that it’s the type of place where, if you’re not a grandparent by the time you’re thirty, there’s something wrong with you. Being an entrepreneur in this area means that you are thinking of opening your second crystal meth factory. Agriculture means growing your own cannabis plants. If you haven’t got some sort of addiction by the time you are twelve, your parents will consider themselves to be failures. The guys spend more time in Court than they do at school; the girls’ idea of strenuous exercise consists of doing it up against the wall instead of lying down.

Whereas in civilised countries teen pregnancy is something to be encouraged, in British Columbia it is compulsory. Primary education consists of playing Minecraft; in secondary school, you might be encouraged to move on to playing Halo or even, for the remedials, World of Warcraft. University education is obviously frowned upon. By that time, the girls are too busy selling crack on street corners to support their own habits (the kids have usually been taken into care by now) and the guys are usually in prison, aka ‘British Columbia Youth Program’.

Am I right? I think so. Here’s a link to a Tourist Board website for the East Vancouver region:

Note the lovely Miss Thomas, whose boast is:

‘SHANNON THOMAS June 6, 2012 at 11:06 PM
man what the hell. i have money to buy my own pot, like wtf. i ain’t no sloot.’

What is the relevance of introducing this charmer to the story? Well, rumour has it that she was a good friend of Amanda Todd. At least, that’s what her brother Dylan told me (by the way, that’s a stupendous name if it’s true).

So how many other ‘East Van Sloots’ enter into the story? I have an interesting lead on Miss Shania Staar – marijuana smoking Facebook diva, and one of Amanda’s BFFs. Can anyone supply any more information? It’s tiring to have to do it all myself.

And also I would like to put in an appeal for further information regarding a certain Brandon Reid. Does anyone know who he is? Does he have any significance? (Well, of course he does, but that will come later).

I would, at this point, also like to thank one of my helpers. She knows who she is, and I’m grateful for her help and support.

Thank you for reading this post. As always, all comments and assistance is appreciated.

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