Day Four – Part Three – Amanda Todd pictures

Amendment: At this stage, people were still saying that Amanda only ever produced one picture. People were in major denial that she had ever been on BlogTV. We now know who the other girl is. Also, a lot of information was still missing. It was only later in the blog – when the chatlogs are published and much later after the ‘Sextortion of Amanda Todd’ documentary – when things become clearer.

As an added bonus, there are three posts today. I’m guessing this will be the most controversial so far – but just how controversial can it be when I only get about two views per day?

I am interested in information about the pictures on this website (ones that I guess everyone has seen by now):

I’m assuming that the top picture is the first real evidence of Amanda Todd flashing. I would place this around 2009, but it’s confusing that it’s obviously from BlogTV, which doesn’t get mentioned until 2010. It’s also confusing that even BlogTV had age limits – minimum 13 – but, of course, we know she lied about her age a lot. It’s taken from the first video she placed online, and it’s a still taken about 2 seconds before any naughty activity.

This picture is important for many reasons. The video – for the three people on the planet who haven’t seen it – clearly shows that it’s done for fun. There is no creepy predator involved – it’s a pleasurable act done by two kids for attention. For a laugh. It’s done like a performance to camera – a rehearsal for the shows that were to come. Rumour has it that the video still exists and is on show on at least one website (to be named later), but even I couldn’t look through the listed 7,000 videos to find it.

So, people – just grow up. This idea that some pervy predator stalked her online and got her to flash is complete bollocks – she was an entertainer, for God’s sake. Think for a minute. If all this nonsense came from one sneaky little photo, where on earth did all the rest of the photos come from? If it is so easy to find photos and videos of her online, wouldn’t it also be easy for all her school chums to find out? A blackmailer wouldn’t have much of a threat – why would he put one photo of her around, when there are already millions of them available and widely known about, and she was virtually prime-time viewing?

However, I’m jumping the gun a bit here. What I would like to know is: who is the OTHER girl in the frame? I have a sneaking suspicion it’s one of three choices, but I would like to go on more than just a guess. Why didn’t the police just simply go to her and say ‘Were you coerced into prancing around your bedroom for a few minutes before coquettishly exposing yourself?’

Anyway – enough for now. Tomorrow I will try to get back to the proper chronology – what exactly was she doing in 2009?


3 thoughts on “Day Four – Part Three – Amanda Todd pictures

  1. Regarding your request for information on the pics – in the “yellow top” pic, Amanda’s friend instantly looked like a younger Sophie to me. This would be in keeping with the eulogy you re-posted later on.

    The “green top” screenshot is from her notorious December 17, 2010 BlogTV broadcast where she admitted her pics had already been distributed, she knew she could be IP banned if she showed again, describes herself as a “slut”, and then goes on ahead and exposes herself anyway. She was IP banned immediately afterwards. All the evidence is still available.

  2. You’ve brought up a valid point here, it seems like It’s common practice for girls Amandas age, in Amandas town, to show their “goodies” on these horribly inappropriate sites… So, Why was only Amanda crucified for her “innocent fun”?? It makes me think that she did quite more than only one “innocent” flash..

    • Hello! There is an online phrase ‘you’re new here, aren’t you’ LOL. We are gradually getting to the truth. Amanda did a LOT more. There is evidence of some things, but most remains just hearsay – masturbation and so on. As you go through the blog, you may find out more. However, there is also evidence to say that she wasn’t a very nice person, and that part of the backlash is down to how people felt about her.
      Thanks for your attention!

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