Day Four – Part Two – a bit of a rant – can be ignored

Amendment: This is just a criticism of Anonymous. All the information they supplied was hopelessly wrong, but it was extraordinary how many people believed them.

This is hilarious, and just goes to show how dimwitted Anonymous are. This was the first video released by them in their pathetic attempt to jump on the bandwagon. Notice the appalling jumping to conclusions about the page they mention. It was originally announced as: ‘Amanda Todd Media Scheme’ by various members of Anonymous. The cleverer ones deleted their copies to hide the stupidity of it all, but the original text still exists all over the place, and this is one of the copies they forgot to get rid of. Watch and enjoy witnessing the cretinous creativity of the Anony-nonces – the group who, a week later, became the most trusted source of information about Kody Maxson, the innocent person they are currently persecuting – the 30-32 year old Facebook employer from Sapper Street, Westminster. Ha!

Just in case anyone wants an explanation of why the huge Amanda Todd page started before October 10th, here it is:

Some 12-13 year old semi-literate kid from the United States started a page called something like ‘I like cats’ on August 10th. It was a just a feeble attempt by a young girl to create a page for ‘likes’ and got nowhere, even though there were cute pictures of cats by the dozen. One month later, the same bored kid sees the Amanda Todd story and renames her page ‘R.I.P Amanda Todd’. A week later she’s got hundreds of thousands of likes and, basically, doesn’t know what to do. The mental degenerates who have liked the page believe it is set up by the family – well, of course it would be wouldn’t it? Who else would set up an R.I.P page (along with the other 300 others)? Despite a few clues – like being told by people that it was for done for ‘likes’, like the page admin not responding, like the celebration of Thanksgiving but no mention of Amanda’s birthday, the idiots still thought it was a genuine memorial page. Really – just how stupid can people get?

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