Day 6 – additional information

Amendment: This post was only for people who wanted to research other cases.

I have decided to add three pieces of additional information: the Megan Meier case, the reaction to Marjorie Raymond, and the infamous Jessi Slaughter. In some ways, they are relevant, but they at least add a certain amount of relief from the Amanda Todd story.

Firstly, and perhaps most sadly and bizarrely, Megan Meier. It’s all summed up here, but it goes to show that, as usual, truth is stranger than fiction and things are never what they first appear to be.

Marjorie Raymond:

Jessi Slaughter: (loads of info in this outrageous story)

Note: ‘Jessi was temporarily taken into custody by mental health professionals’ – bear this in mind when I suggest that the conclusion to the Amanda Todd story is that she has been, like Jessi, taken into custody and will be released with a new identity.

Note: see how all stories create a furore? It will never happen again! Bring in a law! Warn your kids about the Internet! Foundations created; movements formed. Result: diddly squat.

One thought on “Day 6 – additional information

  1. Jessie Slaughter was indeed a story of pathos, but I do have to thank her late father for at least one thing. I now own a very apropos shirt describing my online activities thanks to his rant.

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