Day 6 – What happened in 2009?

Amendment: At this point I was still poking around in the dark. Dating all of Amanda’s activities was difficult. Even now, it’s difficult to know when it started and finished, but basically it looks as if it all kicked off in late 2010 and went on to at least November 2011. The chatlogs put precise dates on it.

OK. So Day 5 came, I was ill, there was no post. Apologies to anyone who was disappointed. Day 5 has now become a brief overview of the Amanda Todd video and its impact for anyone new to the history. I have also updated the ‘About’.

Day 6 will focus on Amanda’s activities in 2009. As usual, it is difficult to definitely find the right chronology, so some of this will have to be guesswork.

I am putting the flashing video (where she wears a yellow top) as being dated some time in 2009, when she was 12. I am placing the ‘green top’ pictures as later on – possibly the end of 2009, early 2010 – and the ‘black top’ pictures as 2010, when she was featured in the Capper Awards. However, I can’t be sure.

CORRECTIONS: I am now placing the ‘yellow top’ flashing at late 2010; the ‘green top’ has now been placed at December 17th 2010; the ‘black top’ at any point in 2011.

There are two reasons I’m confused about the dating. Firstly, most webcam channels have lower age-limits – 13 – and Facebook and MySpace follow the same policy. But I have assumed (with valid evidence about to be shown) that Amanda lied about her age from the start on every channel registration.

Secondly, in her video, Amanda states that her alleged stalker waited a whole year before contacting her with a picture, placing the occurrence in 2009. But this in itself is odd. Why would a stalker wait for a year? If it was him (Note: I will, for ease, assume that the stalker is male, which is rather sexist of me, and perhaps wrong. The ‘Megan Meier’ case (easily Googled and on Wikipedia) shows that females can be just as bad) then, having conned her into flashing, why wait? I think this is nonsense. My view is that Amanda published many photos/videos of herself in 2009/2010, and it was only when she achieved a certain level of notoriety in 2010 that she was really noticed. At this point – if the story is true – a potential stalker only had to search online for an available photo – one that just by chance happened to be from a year earlier.

Also note at this point – to be expanded later – that my view is: when Amanda got caught out after a couple of years of online flashing, she panicked. If she had admitted it, people would have been angry, and she might have been punished. So she invented a story, in which she became an innocent naive victim. Those surrounding her had no idea that so many other photos existed, and she got away with it. And she persisted with the story in her video, unaware that anyone with a hint of Google knowledge would uncover her history. The explosion of her picture at school and amongst her family wasn’t the product of a stalker – it was just her attention-seeking backfiring, and her photo simply went minorly viral. More later.

So – on with 2009. This centres on her MySpace entry:

First thing to see: by hovering over her profile picture, it clearly states ‘Female Age: 24’. She has added 8 years to her age. This would have made her appear to be 20/21 when she was online. Why would she lie? A child-like entry done for unimportant fun? Or a cunning entry by a very computer-literate kid to hide her genuine age? Her supporters will obviously make nothing of it, putting it down to innocent, girly fun. I, however, think it is more relevant. It highlights her dangerous precocity, her need to appear older, and the ease with which she lies. Really – not the actions of the innocent angel who was too young to know what she was doing.

More importantly regarding her age, it would give her access to off-limits channels such as BlogTV and Stickam, and entry to Facebook. Depending on what she also did with it, it could also show that she could have access to other things that only 18-21 year olds could acquire. It also means that when she did appear on BlogTV or anywhere else, her viewers and cappers would be quite within their rights to assume (rather blindly, of course) that she was not a minor – fair game for any shenanigans. So she put herself in danger, yet again.

or Formspring:

OK – you can kind of see where I’m going with this. Darian Finley – are you out there?

So – odd friends on MySpace. Friends with Darian on BlogTV; who is called ‘neednakedpics’, ‘iwannafucku’, ‘Skannkkbitchhfuckkkerrrrrrrrr’ and other charming names. One is known by the friends one keeps, surely?

Somewhere on her MySpace comments, Amanda also mentions that she is ‘more familiar with Facebook’. I will try to find that. However, try as a I might, I can’t find any Facebook records. Any help?

I’m signing off for a while. I might be back with Day 6, Part Two – if not, then Day 7 it is. I will continue with an analysis of Amanda’s pictures on MySpace, and hopefully get to move on to her many other identities on other channels. Any information on cutiielover, AnnouncingAmanda, Announcing Amanda, isabella10005 or any variations, and Mandaa&Shyy would be appreciated.

Thanks for your patience. With any luck, I’ll soon reach the events of 2012. Ta ta for now!

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