Day 7 – becoming 13? The beginning of the end?

Amendment: At the beginning, people assumed Amanda was almost a shy recluse. Therefore, I mentioned the photos on Myspace. This is an unimportant post.

Day 7. With any luck, I’ll be able to move the story along today. There’s a fair bit to cover before we hit the September/October 2012 events. To me, certain things are obvious – mainly, that she was a kid who was putting herself in a lot of potential trouble online, and that the background story of her being a misled, innocent little angel is way off the mark.

But it would seem that her supporters need a certain amount of persuading. Responses from her fans vary – there are those who refuse to believe anything that might besmirch her reputation, preferring to think that every photo is a fake, that every criticism is a lie; then, there are those who think that she was forced to do everything she did, that all her exhibitionism online was done, metaphorically speaking, with a gun at her head; and then there are the more reasonable people, who believe that everything she did is true, but that it was all the product of a troubled child who was, possibly, mentally ill. Personally, I think the the whole thing, on a psychological and social level, is far more complex, but that will come later.

So – in the ongoing attempt to provide as much evidence as possible, the story continues. Yesterday, there was an overview of her MySpace account. This now continues with a look at her photos.

Let’s start with the album called ‘Amanda’ . Really, guys, do I need to say more? Of course, I do. The three photos that appear to be the same have a certain look about them – even if you didn’t know the full story, it is possible to attribute qualities to the person in them. The pose is not straightforward. It’s not a cute picture of a 12 year old per se. The pose looks too practiced – the way the arm is held, the sideways look to the camera, and so on. It could be argued that this is simply a young girl copying what she has seen in teen magazines, and simply doing what a lot of kids do in front of a camera. But, when you put it into context, it more than hints at the narcissistic nature of the poser, and would fit in with her serial online exhibitionism.

Now let’s move on to the other two photos. The ordinary one has that look about it. I believe the phrase ‘duckfaced swaggotry.’ could be used here (tell me if I’m wrong). For me, I see a hint of arrogance, but I will leave it up to you. The manipulated photo, which I guess comes from her 13th birthday party, shows the classic pose – the two finger salute to camera. Charming innocence? Or what?

Next we’ll look at the ‘My photos’ album, begun on 23rd January 2009. Is there anything significant here? The classic two finger poses; the duckface. Echoed by millions of 12 year olds online. Nothing really out of the ordinary, except I would note the huge amount of such photos of her that seem to exist.

To a certain extent, each photo could be analysed, but I draw your attention to just a few:

Number Three: what was all that about?

Number Eight: oddly intimate?

Number Eighteen: ‘I’m not a nut okay!’ Does this have any meaning? Was she, at this point, being called a nut? Is this the first hint at psychological problems? Or just nothing? I’m intrigued.

Number 31: Is that Chelsea Devon Harris? If so, that’s an extreme coincidence. If not, then it’s unimportant.

Number 51: OK – so let’s put the cat amongst the pigeons here. This is a shot in the dark, a guess, a piece of sensationalism – but were there signs of early confused sexuality? I might return to this later. Meanwhile, think about it.

Number 67: Good grief – back to that posing again!

These photos seem to span January 2009 through to Summer 2010. It’s hard to be specific.

Next, we have the three photos in the ’13’ album. The usual poses. Nothing remarkable. No pictures of Norm, though. Where was he?

As usual, maybe you can draw your own conclusions about these photos. My own conclusions are not good. I think they show the camera-hungry attitude that was her undoing, and my next entry for Day 7 will show more of Amanda Todd’s online development over a period that appears to cover 2009-2010.

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