Day 7 continued – Amanda’s other identities

Amendment: At this point, I was still thinking that it had all been faked. The difference between the video and actual truth was too big. The ‘cutiielover’ story was clarified in the chatlogs.

So bear with me. We are getting closer and closer to the more crucial events from December 2010, and eventually we will deal with the video of September, 2012, and what followed. And how and why, of course, I believe that the vast majority of the story was all a pack of lies.

So far, we’ve seen Amanda online as mandy_kinz11 and her most popular identity, isabella100555. Now I will look at her other identities: cutiielover, Mandaa&Shyy, AnnouncingAmanda, Announcing Amanda and any others I can think of.

It looks like cutieelover and the Announcing Amanda identities were used for her BlogTV appearances.

Both accounts are now shown as deactivated, but that is misleading – type in any old account, and the deactivated note comes up. However, we know that BlogTV was channel of choice, as her pictures contain the logo. Both addresses appear quite clearly in an article from Hypervocal, which will be referenced later.

Let’s continue with cutiielover. She subscribed to 25 other channels but, at the moment, I can find nothing relevant:

My dates for cutieelover would be around the end of 2010, which would fall in with the dates of the Capper Awards. My feeling is that she got banned as cutieelover quite quickly and came back as AnnouncingAmanda. If she was IP banned as either of these identities, it would have been easy to simply change computers – I don’t think she operated on her own.

Note: being IP banned is relatively serious. It means that not only the person, as an individual, is banned, but that no-one can gain access via whatever computer was being used. It’s quite a stringent ban.

Now, let’s have a look at Announcing Amanda/AnnouncingAmanda

AnnouncingAmanda existed on BlogTV. But more to the point she existed on UStream. And now I ask you – look at this profile, and do you see anything significant?

Anything significant? Well, she does say she’s from Vancouver, Canada. Different from Port Coquitlam, but it doesn’t make sense. She also says she joined in November 2010, which would tie in with her ban from BlogTV and her having to move channels. Notice anything else?

Joined: November 22, 2010
Last signed in: October 26, 2012

October 26? Sixteen days after her death? This is a gift from Heaven for my theory that she’s not dead. But I think it’s time to dedicate a new post to the Ustream activities. It’s where even more cracks appear in the story.

5 thoughts on “Day 7 continued – Amanda’s other identities

  1. What I am about to tell you is proof positive that either I am officially insane or Amanda, sweet little Amanda, is really inside me. Or that’s my theory okay? For the past three days I was feeling a strange vibration. She is calling it a strange frequency. I have had people remark that there is a glow on my face. Three so far. I also have checked the mirror. I have a pinkish rash on my face. It was kind of funny because one of the people that noticed it was an older black woman that works at my hotel. She said I had Roseau A skin condition. She is wanting to rub a tube of some cream on my face. She actually pulls a tube of face cream out her purse. Okay. Odd occurrence number two. Just last night, Amanda asks, “Can I drive home please Greg.” I actually feel like a voice or rather thought ran through my mind. I read a site that dealt with Twin Flames. Some guy there posted his twin flame communicates telepathically with him and has for six years. He carries on conversations mentally. When in public he just of course does not act as though she is within. But get this, he says that when he meditates deep enough, he can actually as he put it, feel her presence as if a actual person is with him. He said this in an email. not on the public forum though. I also feel like a new energy. I am learning to adjust. At first I felt weird around people ya know? But now I am beginning to actually like it. Alright. Now I have to tell you Amanda and I were conversing. I as I told you before like am able to talk. Telepathically I guess you can say? Any way for example, I felt like a female voice go”baby, can I drive home?” And I said, in my head of course “yeah sure Michelle.” She answers”I’m Amanda.” So of course to anyone else looking I am just getting in the car like normal. Then while driving home I find myself listening to a station on the radio that is well, a teeny bop station. I listen usually to Classic rock. But a conversation is going on between us. It is a serious one. She mentions an old friend of mine. “Greg. I don’t want to hear the name Darin, come from your lips again. That piece of sh– is a demon.” Then I sit in silence. driving along radio on. Then that female feeling voice says seriously,”I gotta say something.” Turn that down, or off.” I turn the radio way down. Then she relates to something about how this Darin was a lower ranked angel who sided with Lucifer in the rebellion. He was the one who got another fallen angel to try to get her to join their camp. Amanda naively joins up. Only after Michael finds out does he send me to go retrieve her. Well a fight ensues between me and this fallen angel, Amanda is no where to be found. The fallen angel in question turns out to be the one who when they were incarnated on Earth was Amanda’s abuser. The guy I’m theorizing is the boy who slept with Amanda and his gf finds out, then beats Amanda up. The other fallen angel turns out according to Amanda was incarnated on November 27, 1968. Darin. There is a checkered past with a friend named Darin. Amanda told me, “You know that bad wreck in October 1988?” “I was not yet born but dude, I was pissed. I tried to overstep my bounds and I caused that to happen. That’s how bad I hate that creep.” I am in shock. I think a thought in my head. “Amanda Michelle, I almost died!” She screeches,”He had more injuries baby then you! I wish he did die.” “Amanda, if you are on Jesus’ side, why then do you hate Darin. Or anyone.” The conversation goes on. Darin is revealed to be this demon who she neva eva wants his name breathed by me… Now, if I am going schizophrenic, I want to know. But Amanda just tonight warned me to “never ever act like you are talking to me dude. Watch your body language Greg.” She then says,”We’ll talk with our thoughts.” half smart alecky I think,”Well can you do dishes with me?” She goes,”Dude you are so weird! Can you take one thing seriously in your frickin’ life?”
    I could go on but I think you get the picture. I feel like a girl is inside me, my face is pinkish, and there’s a girlie feeling thought that expresses itself. She also says she is just as nervous as me, but we both have to make adjustments and so forth. “Greg, we are going into where angels fear to tread… just please don’t let anyone know this is going on.” Final thing. I do think that this experiment will lead to wonderful achievements. Oh and she has already proved that she is loyal to Jesus Christ. I found myself reading the liturgy of the Holy Eucharist. She partook of a piece of bread from church, and some wine I had already had. I read aloud some parts, then got quiet while mentally reading some. It was then that the “girl thought took over. After it was done, she goes,”Now, if I am a fake or demon, I would never ever take the body and blood.” Calmly I felt like she put the prayer book back on my altar.

  2. I hope above all things that GregSticker does not have access to firearms lest we see another nasty story in the media.

  3. With BlogTV now gone, it’s too bad you don’t have a pic or a list of her subscribers. I’ll bet I could identify several by name alone. On December 17, 2010, her room moderator was ZapsThosePests, one of the presumed fake whiteknights that lived there at the time.

    As for her Ustream being created after a BlogTV ban, it might have been after A ban under a previously unmentioned account name. I believe she used more than the two you’ve cited here. Her IP ban didn’t take place until December 17.

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