Day 7 continued – isabella100555 and other identities

Amendment: Early on, the blog was pretty muddled. What I was trying to establish here was that Amanda was all over the Internet. The news at the time implied that a stalker must have worked hard to get details, but Amanda simply gave all her information away online.

There is quite a background to all my research – a background of death threats, police reports, and general nonsense. I have been accused of many things, but mainly of the crime of ‘knowing too much’. When I first put forward my theories about how untrue the story is (culminating, as you will see, in my final theory that she is still alive) people repeatedly asked for evidence. When I supplied it, I was aggressively attacked on Facebook via messages and comments. The thought processes? Because I knew a lot, I must be the stalker. No, I’m not kidding. Even now, a commenter on the blog has asked for evidence, even though he has been shown it time and time again. So here comes some more.

Amanda Todd had multiple identities online. How many? Maybe we will never know. I’m not sure that I have tracked them all, or how many of them have disappeared, and it’s frustrating that I cannot find any Facebook details. Any information would be great. However, let’s start with isabella100555. (Surely I don’t have to explain how everyone knows that isabella100555 is Amanda Todd? If I do, please leave a comment).

Next, we have the evidence that Amanda was on Stickam.

Disastrously, all you can now see is an announcement. But there wasn’t much to see anyway. It did prove that she lied about her age (she said she was over 30), and it proves she had a presence on Stickam.

We can see evidence of Amanda’s YouTube presence –

Annoyingly, this doesn’t exist any more. I would love to have seen what was on it. I can only guess that it was her singing, and probably Justin Bieber or Twilight videos. Again, any more information would be appreciated.

This is odd. Membership of SingSnap:

Well – we have confirmation of Amanda Todd and isabella100555 being one and the same person. Age: 116. Basically, she’s added a century but it’s irrelevant. It shows she’s had online presence since the age of 11.

What happened here? On Google, but ‘Page Not Found’

Nov 10, 2010 – is amanda new youtube video dedicated to you ? ;D thers like 3 ;/ loool probs not

Same problems here:

Amanda’s Bio. Canada, BC. LMFAO!!! Upload your photo. Maximum size of 1MB. JPG, GIF or PNG. Take a profile photo

Next, we have isabella100555 looking for acting auditions. Three things to note: She lives in Port Coquitlam here, just as she states for the next 3-4 years. She has ALWAYS been in Port Coquitlam, with a brief move to Maple Ridge. Next, it shows that she was, to a certain extent, free with her online location info. Lastly – is the ‘Citizenship: United States’ odd?

Now, something I find extraordinary, and it makes me ask one question: why, when Amanda was 12 or 13, was she so hated? It’s remarkable. Remember – in future, rumours have it that she was beaten up, people wanted her to die, and there was even a rumour that there was a ‘Glad she’s dead’ party. What was going on? When isabella100555 deleted her YouTube account, much of her commenting disappeared, but there are still traces. I am astonished by this from 3 years ago:

What was it about Amanda that prompted this comment?

reanimationb0mb2 3 years ago

isabella is amanda todd she’s a real bitch

Anyway, another clue as to what might have been on the YouTube Channel: Amanda Todd 9 years old. 3:27. isabella100555.

Of course, the most famous quote from isabella100555 is this (date? around January 2011, I think):

‘its amanda here, ah i am getting black mailed and the cops are out looking for the guy that posted the video of me flashing to all my family members and friends because i didnt do stuff with him on cam. put that in ur news πŸ˜‰ poeople are also getting charged but the site is shut down.’

This comment will be discussed later, but I will briefly say here: is it fake? I’m almost 100% certain that it is. And perhaps, it’s even faked by her for various reasons.

Let’s look. ‘i am getting black mailed’. Why ‘i AM getting black mailed’? The alleged blackmailing was before, so she would have said ‘I have been blackmailed’ – she is not STILL being blackmailed, because the deed has been done – it’s over.

Why are the police out looking for the guy? Why doesn’t she mention a name? She could have got it sorted there and then by saying ‘xxxx did it’. Why has ‘photo’ become ‘video’? In her famous video, she clearly writes ‘my photo’, yet here it’s video. Who got charged? No-one. What site is shut down? None. I think this is the first evidence of faking in the story.

So that’s kind of it for isabella100555. It looks as if this identity was the longest in existence – from 2007 right through to at least 2011. My next entry for Day 7 will examine other identities.

I am aware some of this might be disjointed. I might return to clarify things later. Again, thanks for reading. Please leave any comments, but, more importantly, please help add to the information.

3 thoughts on “Day 7 continued – isabella100555 and other identities

  1. That “coot19” character is intriguing. “Coot” of course is a colloquialism for “old man”. There are 1000’s of entries on a search for the term “coot19”. Stickam has ceased operations and no longer exists. Her Isabella channel featured mostly videos of her singing and playing the guitar to the best of my recollection. The channel closed in 2011. I remember her receiving comments in the channel at some point in 2011 by somebody chastising her for continuing to disrobe for adults in and warning her that he might have to call the police again, or words to that effect. Stupidly, I didn’t screenshot any of it. Her channel closed shortly thereafter.

    Did you notice the oddity in the starsearchcastng link? She stated she was from Port C but said she had a US citizenship. Is anything this kid said true?

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