Day Seven – Amanda Todd’s Ustream, and major flaws start to appear.

Amandment: On YouTube, the Mandaa&Shyy video was shown as being four hours before her death. At this point, it was difficult to understand why she was still online, especially after the cops had arrived 3 weeks before. After the documentary ‘The Sextortion of Amanda Todd’ it was clear, as Norm said, that the arrival of the cops was no big deal.

So – we’re slowly but surely getting to the destination – an ultimate denouement of the Amanda Todd story. There’s quite a long way to go, but for the moment we will look at a key element in the exposure of the faking of this story – the Ustream activity. My last post left with this, which bears a repetition:

Joined: November 22, 2010
Last signed in: October 26, 2012

So – she’s signed in 16 days after her death. Can this be true? It is, if you follow my theory that she is still alive and well, spending time under close supervision in one of the Lodges at Riverview Hospital, Coquitlam or Surrey Memorial Hospital. But let’s try to look at it in an unbiased fashion.

None of her other accounts have been accessed. I can only assume that her Facebook account was closed at some point, maybe even recently, being seen as the cause of major problems. I guess that her isabella100555 YouTube channel was also closed for similar reasons, though it lasted well into 2011, if not longer. Those close to her might have taken two courses of action with the Ustream account: to leave her online presence intact as a sort of memorial, or to do their best to wipe out any potential embarrassment by deleting all her history. There is a faint possibility that the police might have wanted all history left alone for a while so that they could investigate all comments and connections.

So who – if they knew her – accessed her account on October 26th? and why? There’s not much in the way of information to be seen – no hidden secrets – so no direct need to access the account. And why wouldn’t the family delete the account if they could access it? As we will soon see, the Mandaa&Shyy video gives away some major pointers to the flaws of the story. Wouldn’t they want it gone?

Was it Shyy? She might have known a password. But again, why? Wouldn’t she have wanted to delete the videos she appears in, knowing that they are evidence of naughty behaviour?

So it possibly leaves a hacker. Was it someone who wanted access to the Mandaa&Shyy video? Why would a hacker bother?

This is a big question. However, it could be completely irrelevant or it could be the biggest clue ever to support my theory. Rest assured, it’s not the only clue.

So we come to the very odd and suspicious Mandaa&Shyy video.

Does this video seem familiar? It is currently featured on YouTube as being rare footage, or as having been filmed 4 hours before she killed herself. Easy enough to find – without a proper soundtrack, and cut short by two or three minutes that is.

So – let’s investigate. What does it show? Innocent kids messing about in their room? Or a hint at something more – like preparation to do a ‘show’?

Let’s look at three things: firstly, what is said at about 9:25 in the video? It sounds like ‘Why is there a moderator in here?’ Next, at 10:39 there’s the remark from ‘Shyy’ – ‘They like to see me’. Who are ‘they’, and what do ‘they’ like to see? And why the fuss about a moderator? Highly suspicious, if you ask me!

But more crucially, look at the date of the video. According to the story, the police virtually beat down the door of Amanda’s house at 4am in the morning on December 23rd, 2010. (The reasons behind this will be explained later.) At this point, things would have exploded. This video simply just does not fit.

Think for a minute. According to the story, in January 2011, when this video was made, Amanda had been stalked for months, and had been blackmailed by the mysterious (and imaginary) online predator. We don’t have dates for the beginning of the stalking, but even if we assume it’s as late on in 2010 as October or November, she’s been stalked for at least 2-3 months. If she knew she had been stalked by someone as yet still unknown, if her parents knew she was still at risk, if anyone knew she was under threat, isn’t it odd that she is quite happily online in January 2011? She certainly shows no signs of duress, no hesitance. And we’re not even sure what they are up to.

But add in the events of December 23rd, 2010. The police have arrived. At the ungodly hour of 4am. Your photo (or is it video?) has been sent to every school friend, to teachers, to family, supposedly by some vile predator. Everyone knows you’ve been on BlogTV. You are a Capper celebrity. You are devastated. Your family is devastated. Your reputation is in tatters. So what would the response be? Well, it’s very likely that you would have already been off Facebook, owing to the threat. Your family would have insisted. But no – from the video, we can see Amanda is on Facebook. Even though she has been stalked, she is still on Facebook. But maybe we’ll allow for that – you’ve still got to remain in touch with friends.

So, knowing what has happened, the very LEAST the parents would have done would be to make sure she’s supervised. There would have been a cloak of protection around her, not just from family but from authorities. That is, if it were all true, of course. But no. Three weeks after possibly the most cataclysmic event in her life, Amanda Todd is quite cheerfully back on the webcam, singing, flirting, getting boys to say she’s ‘hot’, as if nothing happened. No parental supervision, no worried look, no temerity. It simply does not make sense.

This is where the story begins to really look flawed. I think I’ve written enough for today, and I’m not sure whether the narrative has become jumbled. But again, I would appreciate any comments or assistance.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

5 thoughts on “Day Seven – Amanda Todd’s Ustream, and major flaws start to appear.

  1. Very nice…

    I, too, have found the whole thing STRANGE… to say the least. None of what’s presented as “the truth” adds up! I mean… WHEN do cops arrive at your house at 4 AM just to tell you, “A picture of you flashing has surfaced all over the net”??? lol
    How absurd…

    And yet… most folks ACTUALLY BELIEVED IT! Why would any respectable “police force” waste its time with that? At the VERY LEAST, they would’ve waited until EITHER BEFORE SHE WENT TO SCHOOL BUT WAS UP OR AFTER SHE CAME HOME AND WAS NOT YET IN BED (presumably). The idea that they’re gonna BOTHER A HOUSEHOLD AT 4 AM JUST FOR SOME ‘LEWD’ PIC is nonsensical. “ooh, a tit pic of some underage girl! This is a real difference-maker.”

    It’s so easy to see that Amanda Todd LOVED doing this sh*t on her OWN, but when sh*t hit the fan, she became DESPERATE for attention and made all sorts of lies and excuses. I wouldn’t put it past her if she WERE diagnosed or revealed to have some sort of mental illness. After all, she DID (supposedly) have a learning disorder. No offense to folks with learning disorders, but ya think that MAYBE the chances of OTHER chemical imbalances or “problems” with the brain are MORE LIKELY in persons with ALREADY ‘dysfunctional’ brains than those without? think about it…

    And the whole, “I slept with this guy I really liked, but he already had a gf, and she kicked my ass in front of a crowd of students who videotaped it” crap? What a load of… well, you know. If this video REALLY EXISTED, why did it NEVER SURFACE ONLINE (not even on ONE SITE)?? Even the rumored Rehtaeh Parsons ‘rape’ pic(s) surfaced- supposedly ONLY shared originally via cell phones- … eventually.

    Not only that, but what about HER SCHOOLMATES? Not ONE of them tried to help out?? No ONE could see her depression at all during class? No teachers ‘investigated’ potential bullying, either?? I’m not buying that.

    This is a classic case of, “Screw up horribly and then save face.” She wanted to be remembered “as a saint”, not as, “that ‘whorish’ girl who loved to show off on webcam for loads of horny guys and possibly slept with some girl’s bf like a ‘slut'”, among other things she supposedly did. The whole video and lie about “stalking” is so obviously her version of a “PR stunt”, so to speak. I mean, if she was so GODD*MN DEPRESSED, why would she go through all the trouble of making the cue cards and editing the way she did?

    Wouldn’t she have just MADE A VIDEO QUICKLY TO GET IT OVER WITH, TELLING HER STORY…? I’ve also read at least a few comments on YT- for whatever that’s worth- supposedly from ACTUAL FRIENDS OR PEOPLE WHO KNEW HER saying that, in all honesty, she WAS quite diff. irl than is portrayed. For example, one of the female commenters claimed that her mother or friend’s mother, who counseled Amanda Todd regularly, found out that Todd WAS A B*TCH AND THE TRUE ‘ANTAGONIST’ in the whole, “slept with some girl’s bf” schtick.

    And the bleach thing… come on. I assume she MEANT to kill herself? But, then… why would she HOLD BACK on the amount? Surely even SHE is smart enough to know that LOTS of bleach could easily do the job?? Just enough to make her sick but NOT enough to die? Hm… Seems like that- assuming it happened at all- was nothing more than another fabrication designed to give her “depression” even more credence.

    The FB thing… lol. She claims that this guy, “screencapped a picture of me and sent it to all my friends and family on FB” (or maybe just friends and schoolmates) and that he “knew everything about me.” ook… What ‘evidence’ do we have that ANY of these bigtime cappers are “also professional hackers” (e.g. Kody Maxson and Viper)?? How would they have found this out? So ridiculous… And if ALL of her Facebook friends and schoolmates GOT A RANDOM PIC FROM SOME CREEPY DUDE THEY DIDN’T KNOW SHOWING HER TITS… would they REALLY treat her as badly as she claimed? Or would they REPORT IT, esp. THE GUY WHO DID IT???

    Mind you, BEFORE any of these pics surfaced to the mass public, they’d have had NO REASON to NOT report that sh*t and help Amanda out, assuming the vast majority of her schoolmates were decent folk. And if there WAS a ‘stalker’, why is his Facebook account that HE USED TO DO THE ‘DEED’ never revealed?? Surely the RCMP would’ve FIGURED THIS OUT BY NOW…? Did he REALLY use his REGULAR ACCOUNT to stalk a young girl and risk major jailtime?? He may be a pervert, but I don’t think he’s THAT BIG an idiot!

    Lastly… isn’t it a bit strange and suspicious that THE DAILY CAPPER is practically INACTIVE NOW since the whole Amanda Todd situation? Their LAST video was uploaded in Nov. 2012 (about Todd). For some STRANGE reason, they more or less, too, BOUGHT the whole, “She was stalked and blackmailed” story, although at least THEY had a little bit of documentation to ‘back it up’, I guess.

    If there ever WAS a ‘stalker’ or ‘predator’, WHY is there still no CLEAR VERDICT on who “he” was?? IF you even TRY to find it out, all you get are links to news stories and webpages about it FROM ABOUT A YEAR AGO! Some are more recent (e.g. Jan. 2013), but NONE are even close to as recent as, say, 1 or 2 months ago (at least). The RCMP seems to have JUST DUMPED this case under everyone’s noses, assuming that SINCE TIME HAS PASSED, NO ONE CARES ANYMORE, so it’s ok to “not get justice”, assuming the story is remotely what Todd CLAIMED.

    • Most of the answers to this comment have already been provided in the blog.
      Yes – exactly. Police aren’t going to turn up at 4am for a one-off flash event, especially when it happens all the time. They turned up on a mission to find out what was going on.
      mmm…there’s a lot to talk about here. My guess is that the Daily Capper simply folded due to lack of enthusiasm (it was supposedly some young kid who probably found better things to do).
      The ‘blackmail’ stuff is farcical. At a push, I believe that someone may have said to her ‘if you don’t STOP I will tell your parents’ which is far more likely. And as she was getting naked anyway, there would be no need for someone to pressure her into doing it. And let’s face it, with the level of teen activity online, no-one has to track down ONE girl so much – it’s simply too much effort. You might get a one-off ‘go the whole way’ sort of approach, but no-one’s going to spend such an inordinate amount of time bothering any more than that.
      The cops are fucked, basically. The whole story went out of control, and they are expected to come up with an answer. Except if the answer is ‘it’s all a pack of lies’ all the supporters will get angry. So I think they are just hoping it will all blow over.
      I will try to explain the bleach stuff:
      Amanda was one of those ‘look-at-me’ kids. Maybe she was mentally disturbed, maybe not. So here’s the scenario which is a VERY common one):
      If I don’t get my way, I’ll have a tantrum. Tantrums get boring. So – you’ve taken my phone way, I’ll threaten suicide. That doesn’t work. OK – I’ll drink bleach just enough to show I mean business. And so on. Eventually, as the need for drama escalates, it gets worse, and we have Amanda’s demise.
      Amanda DEMANDED attention, like some addiction. But the odd thing was, she just couldn’t hack the consequences. She LOVED the feedback from flashing etc. and I have a feeling she possibly thought of herself as an apprentice Paris Hilton or Kardashian. When it all went tits up, she really couldn’t comprehend it. She used self-harm and suicide threats in the worst possible way – as attention-seeking and also as some sort of resolution to her problems, e.g. if I act the victim, people will forgive me and love me. What she didn’t realise was that this behaviour sucks the energy out of all those around you, like crying wolf. So all the threats and self-harm become tiresome, and in the end no-one pays attention any more. In a situation like that, there’s two ways out. Stop or up the ante. She upped the ante.

  2. And what’s with the “clipping all but the last 3 minutes or so of a video of her and her friend from Ustream from Jan. 2011” but claiming it was, “4 hours before her death”?? HUH? WTF is going on here, really? WHO is the uploader?

    May well be someone who WANTED TO HIDE THE TRUTH… I mean, the ONLY way he/she could’ve gotten that video, it seems, is by DLING IT OFF USTREAM! But could the UPLOADER have REALLY been “so dumb” as to believe that the original vid is, “so soon before her death”?? weird…

    sounds like a bit of a coverup there… I mean, in that video, she seems PRETTY OK for someone “depressed” and “about to kill themselves.”

    • The uploader is simply opportunistic, and did a good job. There is a cover-up, but I will offer one explanation that may or may not be true:
      My guess is that the Todds either knew what had happened, but never knew that all the videos were so easily accessible, or, as I think is more likely, they never knew what Amanda did, and it came as a shock when all the shit hit the fan, and they’ve been trying to cover themselves since then.
      Carol has sort of acknowledged it (in the interview where Amanda is referred to as ‘a celebrity of sorts’) but now she is playing a sort of ‘ignore it’ game, in which nothing is ever mentioned or it’s all balmed on photoshop.

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