Day 11

Amendment: I would now say it’s 1000/1 against it being a hoax, but it’s worth a mention.

Thanks for staying with me so far. Under this post, I would just like to list some things that point towards the Amanda Todd story being a hoax or some sort of cover-up. Following posts will go into more detail.

1. The video is quite professional. The product of someone with learning difficulties? Not likely.

2. The video copies many predecessors. Signs of a planned, directed video?

3. Coincided with Canadian anti-bullying moves. Planned?

4. Bleach drinking. But with no signs of dramatic after-effects.

5. Mother’s reaction. Too difficult to find real signs of grief, even now. First reaction – to get uppity about not being invited to Government conference. On TV and in the press a LOT. Not worrying about going back to work.

6. Mother is involved with youth programs. Could have planned it all. Bit odd that she never seemed to notice what was right in front of her.

7. Circumstances of death slow in coming out (though not unusual for suicide)

8. Memorial service, but no trace of actual funeral, and no inquest results to be found. Strange given that we have seen virtually every other detail of her existence, even at the most intimate level.

9. Heavy, and rapid,  Government bandwagon reaction.

10. Idiotic Anonymous interference.

11. Kony 2012 all over again?

12. Efforts by experts to prevent spread of story are stomped on.

13. Police arrive at 4am – to announce that a tit-pic went viral?

14. No stalker found first time round; second time round; even now.

15. No mention in the video of BlogTV.

16. Simply – too many contradictions.

All the above points will be expanded.

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