Day 12 – a digression. Amanda’s friends.

Amendment: Carol Todd published a ton of Amanda pictures after her death.

The photos of Amanda just keep on coming. You know – the ones that show just how socially anxious and reclusive she was. And it is so surprising – so many friends who knew her, yet she was so lonely and isolated. It is really hard to believe that her story was so sad, with her sitting all alone and getting bullied – maybe we should just suspend our disbelief. Here’s the first photo for all her fans.


So sad and lonely and friendless.

There was text accompanying this:

I’ve been writing this for 2 days now. thinking of the perfect thing to say. when we met 4 years ago, I didn’t think we would become such good friends. I saw you one day walking home and offered you a ride, who knew that one gesture would be the start of a beautiful friendship? I remember the next few months we hung out all the time, laughed and just enjoyed life. one day you shared your story with me, I was shocked to see how strong you were and how good you were at keeping a smile on your face. I learnt how to be strong and brave from you. as the years passed we became better friends. sleepover, making cupcakes, sneaking out, and you even forced me to watch scary movies with you even though I didn’t want to. I look back now and see all those memories. and I will cherish them forever. you became the one person that i could go to with anything, i could totally trust you. and you were always there for me as i was always there for you. one day at like 8 am on a Sunday I get a call from you saying you wanted to see me, you had just come out of the hospital. I felt special, I was the first person you wanted to see! that was the best day that we have ever had. we spent the whole day together and I will never forget how much we laughed. I was with you when you went on a big bus without having an anxiety attack. just looking at the smile on your face I knew you were so happy & you were getting better. we promised to be twins for Halloween & we even bought matching sweaters. though I don’t have that many pictures with you, I will always have our memories in my mind. I want to thank you for everything you have taught me and for making me a better person today. not just me, but the world a better place. because of you, people are realizing, and listening to your message. you’re now at peace up there, it’s the least you deserve. I promise to celebrate your life, and continue to share your message. I know you’re watching over us everyday. Happy birthday my beautiful angel. 16 and shining ♥ love you with all my heart. xoxo RIP Amanda ♥

Make of it what you will. But a comment from Sophie, the other girl in the picture: ‘you know you had fun last night when you cant tell your parents what you did :)’ – does this kind of hint at the activities of her friends?

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