Day 12 – Another friend – more pics.

Amendment: It wasn’t Shania in the flashing video. I published these photos to show that a lot of what was said about Amanda having social anxiety seemed to be false.

The lonely and isolated Amanda seemingly had many friends. Anyone see a contradiction there? Here’s another of her friends – Shania. I have a sneaking suspicion that Shania was the mysterious second girl in the flashing video. I really need confirmation.

Let’s take a look at Shania’s photos (before anyone asks where I got them, they are freely and publicly available):

The common one that appears everywhere:

shania three

Another picture of the shy and reclusive Amanda:

shania two

And another of the poor, lonely, tortured soul.

shania five

But what about Shania? Let’s take a look:

shania four

And here. a charming portrait of her smoking weed – a picture accompanied by the comment: M.A.R.I.J.U.A.N.A.

shania one

2 thoughts on “Day 12 – Another friend – more pics.

  1. Amanda Todd was not a nice person. We know that now, and it will become even more clear as this blog goes on. While she was alive, she cared for no-one but herself and her cronies. There is a need for this. There is always a need for truth, and I have my reasons – to try and prevent more girls copying Amanda is priority, but there are many more. She wasn’t bullied to death – if anything, the neglect of her parents was the main cause – they allowed her to not just embark on a dangerous path, but they let it continue unchecked. And she’s certainly not a beautiful person – she might be slightly pretty, but her soul was ugly. Can I ask – did you know her personally?

  2. I hope you are addressing this to her parents. Things happened (or didn’t happen, depending on whether you believe it or not) but the people who really could have prevented it were her parents, as I continue to explain in the blog.
    The Amanda Todd story is serious – very serious. Not just for the story itself, but for everything that accompanied it. Every aspect of it deserves close attention – something I find difficult. But you have to ask yourself – just who was to blame?
    The schoolyard bullies? Only part of it. They didn’t just arrive out of the blue – there was the drink, drugs and sex before that. Why has nobody suggested the clinical repercussions of alcohol abuse, or the psychological results of her smoking weed? And we know that she and her friends did that.
    The mythical stalker? We now know that there was the background of her appearances on BlogTV and elsewhere, so the story of the one-off flash is ridiculous. Why has this story not been used to show the perils of Amanda’s actions, and preferred to pretend something else? Even if there was a stalker (a point I will get to later), early action (getting Amanda offline, supervising her Facebook activity, exerting more control over what she did) would have prevented a lot of the problems.
    Now – if Amanda and her parents had told the TRUTH right at the beginning, the problems could have been avoided. Telling the truth and dealing with it would have completely disarmed any future blackmail attempts. It was lying that dragged them deeper and deeper into the mess. And even now, if the TRUTH had been told about this story, it would have avoided all the sordid details appearing in the way they did – will she ever be allowed to simply just rest in peace?
    Anyway – thanks for commenting. All comments are appreciated. I hope you will stick with the blog. At the moment, it may look like just a bit of malice, and that’s OK. But as time goes on, you may see some purpose behind it.

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