Day 13 – 4CHAN is dead


Amendment: The influence of 4chan went unmentioned. Later on, I realised that it was the centre for a load of blackmailing, heroing and picture-swapping.

People seem to like pictures. I should have gone to some sort of journalism school. I expect it’s Rule Number One – get some pictures. So here’s one.

What does it mean, and what it it’s significance? I have been really shocked by the level of awareness about the Internet coming from anyone over the age of about twenty. Do I REALLY have to explain 4chan? No – Google it, for goodness sake.

The implication here is that 4chan killed Amanda, and I think this is more truthful than people think. One could say that Amanda sowed the seeds of her own self-destruction – that Amanda Todd killed Amanda Todd. But she only supplied the weapons, so to speak. Really it was the Internet – and 4chan – that helped in her destruction.

By now, readers will know that I find the stalker story hard to believe, and that I totally dismiss this media-driven ‘predator’ story – it really is complete rubbish, as I will explain later on in the blog. But 4chan? It’s the sort of thing they do. Find some kid online who they can take against – like Jessi Slaughter – and go for her. Find some kid who is drawing a lot of attention to herself, but not in a nice way – just like Amanda – and teach them a lesson. That is much closer to the truth than the hysterical stalker nonsense.

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