Day 13 continued – the strange rise of Carol Todd

Amendment: the rocketing fame of Carol Todd was quite a shock. I got the schools a bit mixed up – Riverside, Kwayquitlum and Pitt Rivers should be in there somewhere.

The appraisal of Mrs Todd began several posts ago.

Just who is she? How did she go from hopeless mother to world bullying expert almost overnight? She had a daughter who was out of control, unprotected, drinking, taking drugs, having sex and attempting suicide. Just how did she manage to escape any criticism?

Let’s look at some background. In the media, she talks as if she was always there for her daughter. But that’s simply not true. At a crucial point in the story – 2009, when all the troubles began – she’s gone. And she’s not back with Amanda until March 2012.

Just what happened? In child custody cases, it is rare to see the child go to father, especially in the case of daughters. A quick glimpse at statistics show this – a figure as high as 95% shows only mother having custody of children, and at it’s lowest estimate it is around 80% in what can be considered ‘normal’ circumstances, i.e. where both parents are actually bothered by who gets custody.

I would love to throw some guesses out here. It’s tempting. But, for the time being, I have no evidence for why Amanda went to live with her father. Only note – I find it highly suspicious.

So – apart from being suspiciously absent throughout all of this, what more do we know about Carol Todd?

We know she was involved in the local schools in the Coquitlam School District, but I’m not sure of her role. This is another thing I find odd – so closely involved with schools, and supposedly computer savvy, she showed no signs of picking up on her daughter’s problems.

Separate and private feedback to me suggests that at this time, Amanda’s schooling was a problem. As usual, instead of seeing Amanda as being problematical (always causing trouble wherever she went), it looks as if Mrs Todd blamed either the school authorities or the school children. We know that Amanda had learning difficulties – but to what extent? Was Mrs Todd trying to do the best for her child at this point, or making things worse? – by trying to move her from school to school, with marriage difficulties as well, Amanda would be lacking the stability so necessary at this age. All I know is that, early on, both Mrs Todd and Amanda were beginning to be seen as aggravating.

In 5th Grade, Amanda was at Kilmer Elementary School. Carol Todd was a special-needs teacher there. (Note: this places Amanda in Coquitlam in 2007. CABE – the school where Amanda ends up, is not far away. Maple Ridge School is slightly further way. All the mentioned school moves would have been down to normal school moves – from Elementary through to Secondary. The idea that the moves were made for any other reason (especially to avoid a stalker) has not much validity, which is also the case for moving city. Amanda did not move far out of home territory. Hardly at all, in fact.)

Given Mrs Todd’s knowledge of special needs, she must have been aware of her daughter’s problems. But did this become self-defeating – did it become an obsessive desire to make sure her daughter was in the best place for education, and thus lead to her daughter’s insecurities, being pushed from pillar to post? Did Mrs Todd mistake her daughter’s cries for help and errant behaviour as ‘special needs’ arising from educational problems, instead of emotional needs arising from a neglected child? Did Mrs Todd go down the road, as so often is the case, of ‘it can’t be my fault, it must be someone else’s (even Amanda’s)’? This would seem to be the case, even now.

In one rumour concerning the faking of all this story, it has been said that, with all of Carol Todd’s connections with education authorities, it might well have been easy for her to become involved in some sort of pretence. Although it sounds too ridiculous for words, I am prepared to give it some serious thought.

If we assume that Mrs Todd was clever, the faking of a story would be an option. She would know all the right people. It would really be a brilliant solution. Daughter would be safely looked after in an institution for a while – until she could get stronger and cope, or until she could find a new identity. She just never anticipated the global response. I will explain this later.

But we have a problem. If Mrs Todd was clever – clever enough to be a special needs teacher and computer savvy – and the story is true, how on earth did she miss what was going on in her daughter’s life? Do you see why I get confused?

Could it be that Mrs Todd IS clever, and WAS aware of what her daughter did, and came up with this incredible solution? We’ll see.

Note: can anyone provide me with more information regarding Amanda’s school moves? I’ve got: Kilmer to Maple Ridge, Maple Ridge to CABE. Am I missing one?

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