Day 13 – unlucky for some – where are we in the story?

Amendment: In writing a blog, it soon becomes clear that people latch on to regular updates, so at times I felt obliged to post like this. Also, it was swirling in my head a lot, and writing blog posts was a relief.

Morning all! I’m waiting for the caffeine to kick in, so I’ll just bring us up to date – yet again. This is done more for me – it takes me ages to work out where I am in the morning. I don’t go back over the posts I write, unless it’s absolutely necessary. If I did, I would end up in a cycle of revision and addition, and get annoyed by my inability to either, in some cases, put things succinctly and clearly or, at other times, my lack of in-depth knowledge.

So – I have no idea how much I might repeat myself. But here’s where we are in the story – the days after October 10th, 2012. We have established – really, beyond all doubt – several things. Amanda was a wild child – to put it mildly. No-one can now doubt that she was naked online a lot. Seriously – if, at this point, you still be believe that she was a one-off flash innocent, then you need to get some therapy. We also know that she was into drink and drugs. To what extent, we’re not sure, but going by the behaviour of her peer group and anecdotal evidence, we’re not talking Pimms parties and the odd toke. We also know she wasn’t virginal. Again, we don’t know the extent of her sexual activity, but we can guess. In this day and age, it’s no big shock – it makes me sigh for lost innocence and all that sentimental stuff, but loads of under-age kids are at it like knives on a daily basis. But surely – not every kid wants to parade on webcam? Or do they? Sometimes, I feel I am just on another planet!

So we know that Amanda was no saint. Because we know she lied, it’s not easy to trust the rest of the information in the video. But even if we do trust some of the video, it is again evident that Amanda was criminally neglected. I resort to a misuse of an Oscar Wilde quote:

‘To let your daughter appear on BlogTV once, Mr Todd, may be regarded as a misfortune. For her to get banned looks like carelessness’


‘To let your daughter attempt suicide once, Mrs Todd, may be regarded as carelessness. For her to get into the trouble she did looks like criminal neglect’.

So let’s continue with the lies, mystery and deceit that followed the event of October 10th.

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