Day 14 – Carol Todd – conclusion of contradictions.

Note: Day 14’s posts might be boring.  I think I might have dwelt too long on Mrs Todd, so you will have to excuse me. You might want to leave it, and skip to Day 15 (tomorrow), when I will probably sum up what I say in today’s posts in one paragraph.

I will try to wrap up my opinion of Mrs Todd as fast as I can.

We are just at the Evander Holyfield event. What can I say? Here is my cynical view of it.

The Amanda Todd Legacy is really at the end of its run. We’ve had the memorial events. Big response. The ‘Snowflake Walk’. Not so big. It’s running out of steam. Evander Holyfield is due to appear in town. He links up to whatever is the flavour of the month in the locality – in this case, our beloved Amanda. It gets good publicity, sells a few more tickets. All profits go to the fund. I’ve seen it a million times before. The show comes to town. They make – shall we say – one million dollars in ticket sales and so on. But wait. The venue gets paid for, the entourage gets paid, Evander takes his expenses, taxes get paid. The fund gets 10 cents. That is the way it is – I would welcome any contrary information.

By the way – one OUTSTANDING thing is all the events since October – where is Norm? But we’ll get to that later.

So we’re in February, 2013. (I really am trying to speed this up!)

Mrs Todd is still preoccupied with going back. For October 31st, she mentions: ‘I just read some articles written by Patrick McGuire about the pedophiles who troll the internet looking for young girls to victimize.’ Why does she never mention the articles in which her daughter’s BlogTV appearances are discussed?

Carol Todd writes: ‘Moms/dads need to stand together.  The kids want the support.  They want to know where to go for help.  They need us even though they will never admit it.  Amanda got it eventually.  She came to me with almost everything.  Just not the problem she had on October 10th. But if she had, we would have worked it out.’

Well – that’s an astonishing piece of news. Kids want support. Wow! Who would have known? So where were you from 2009 onwards, Mrs Todd? Oh – Amanda got it eventually. About three years too late. And all this from a mother who never asked about the content of her daughter’s plaintive September video. Come off it!

A couple more comments from Mrs Todd:

‘Then to have it go into the methods.  No thanks for me.  That is just my own very personal opinion.  I know that some people have that morbid curiosity.  Lord knows that many people via FB (and I don’t know them) have tried to ask me the question.   Now why would I talk about it.  It is not anyone’s real business.  The media has gone ahead and assumed and printed their thoughts.  My words to them would be ‘Can you report what has been verified, not what you think is true …’

Well – if you parade your daughter’s image so widely, Mrs Todd should expect some questions. But I am amused by the last bit: ‘Can you report what has been verified, not what you think is true …’ Well, the nudie pics were verified – no-one’s mentioned them!

‘Sometimes I feel like a ‘rock star mom’’ – precisely. Attention-lover?

‘The same goes for being a parent.  It was never an easy job but I felt about it the same way as I did about my profession.  I loved the challenges and the connection of being close to my kids.’ Except she wasn’t around from 2009-2012, remember.

‘How can I not be proud of my daughter.’ Well, in many ways you should be ashamed – more about yourself than Amanda perhaps. ‘ Although her challenges and experiences were horrific and challenging, she is providing lessons for others.’ Yes – like carry on flashing, commit suicide, get famous. ‘It may not be as vast as we would like it’ – it’s really dead – ‘but whatever and whoevers life she has changed and made better is all that she or I would have wanted.’ Maybe someone has been helped, but see my next comment. ‘As I said way back in October of 2012, ‘if Amanda’s story only saves one child, then that is worthwhile’.  But it has been more than only one kid, it has been way more.’ Unfortunately, Mrs Todd’s hopes are misguided. Recent reports have shown that suicide ideation has gone through the roof because of Amanda. Experts have begun to say that the whole situation has been mishandled. The Amanda Todd copycats have arrived.

‘This is especially made worse when it happens to someone who has already been downtrodden upon and their self esteem is already wobbly. This was my daughter’s story and it makes me so mad to think about how some of her so called ‘peers’ out there demoralized her and made her sadder.’ Codswallop. It was Amanda’s overwhelming self-esteem that caused problems – the constant ‘look at me, I’m great’ exposure really doesn’t point to self-esteem problems. Amanda was a narcissist – even right at the end she had to show herself on YouTube singing. Her esteem was wobbly because her self-image – I am beautiful, I am a great singer, I am loved, I am great – was way out of sync with reality. She was relatively pretty, her singing was dreadful (be honest!), she was hated, and she wasn’t great. That’s where the esteem issues were a problem.

So – I guess I will wrap up the overview of Mrs Todd. There are so many things to think about here. She never mentions anything about Amanda’s BlogTV appearances. To a certain extent, you might not expect her to, but to ignore it so much is not right. She doesn’t say too much about where she was from 2009 onwards, and why 2012 would have been her first Christmas with Amanda in three years. She portrays herself as some sort of Supermum, but never really comes to grips with why or how she managed to overlook so many obvious problems. And we see such little evidence of true grief.

Day 14 has been a bit dull. But we will keep coming back to Carol Todd as we embark upon the development of the story.

Thanks for your patience.

2 thoughts on “Day 14 – Carol Todd – conclusion of contradictions.

  1. There is a newspaper here in UK called ‘the sun’, pretty much tabloid stuff, loves the controversy of scandal etc, if any politician starts claiming ‘extra’ expenses, any celebrity cheats on their partner, any football player thinking of leaving one of the big clubs, then sooner or later (usually sooner) it will appear in this paper.

    This story of Amanda would certainly have been treated differently & the parents would not have escaped thorough examination. Amanda not living with her mum for three years would have been well documented as would have been the split between the parents & possible reasons behind the split. It would have gone on from there & all personal & family issues would be subject to scrutiny by all the readers. Fair or not fair the parents of Amanda would be under the microscope.

    Your research has thrown a very different light on Amanda’s life. I have mentioned this elsewhere in hope that ‘someone in the know’ might want to bring you to task but I was unfortunately accused of ‘advertising’ this blog. (Its was also ‘suggested’ that I’m in ‘cahoots’ with you, then when that didn’t wash, I have been somewhat brainwashed by you! Mmmmm.)

    You previously mentioned your belief that this story & the main people in it would have been treated differently in UK. I’m agreeing it most certainly would have. I will continue to defend Amanda in the way I see fit, I will hit the ‘like’ button when I see articles, posts, or photos I believe are relevant to her story & the lessons that need to be learnt. These do not include words like ‘princess’ ‘angel’ ‘inspiration’. I’ve always been uncomfortable with these terms. My main concern here is the suicide ideation you speak off. I await your report into this with dreaded anticipation.

    I have continued to enjoy this blog. Everyone has a right to their opinion.

    • Thanks for the comment. I am glad you are enjoying it. It has been dealt with differently in the UK. Several papers (Mirror, Mail etc.) did mention it, but it was quickly forgotten. I’m guessing that there might be stricter press guidelines here to avoid in depth reporting of suicide (I’m also from the UK) but it might be a British thing – we don’t mind seeing celebrity rubbish and salacious gossip, but we draw the line at private grief, perhaps.
      But you’re right. If it had been a UK story, it is much more likely that, by now, every detail would have been published. I think that eventually it will turn up in a Sunday supplement.
      The reactions to this blog both amuse and frustrate me. Originally, on Facebook, I tried to get a discussion going, but as soon as I said that some of it might not be true, people went mad. I must admit I did myself no favours – I allowed a combination of temper and boredom to get in the way. The more I showed proof, the more I was harassed – hence the move to this blog. And you are aware of the ‘Nicole Barker’ incident – when I almost instantly showed that it was fakery on a grand scale, I was accused of being evil and heartless.
      I will try not to brainwash you. It is impossible to provide EVERY piece of evidence – this is hardly the Leveson inquiry – and if I tried to offer every possible angle on the story, this would end up like ‘War and Peace’. But today, in my first part, I will show the suicide ideation fears. Just for you!
      Thanks for staying with it!

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