Day 16 – Part Two: RCMP – useless or is it fake?


Just who is in charge of the RCMP?

So – December 23rd, police arrive (see preceding post).

Twelve days later there is a mysterious message from Amanda as isabella100555. Is it faked? Does it show anything we should take into consideration?

On January 4, Amanda supposedly messaged The Daily Capper. The message said:

‘its amanda here ah i am getting black mailed and the cops are out looking for the guy that posted the video of me flashing to all my family members and friends because i didn’t do stuff with him on cam. put that in ur news people are also getting charged but the site is shut down.’

Important notes: if Amanda was the pure innocent who, as we are led to believe, flashed just the once, how come she first turns to The Daily Capper in her hour of need? This was an entity known only to a certain few at the time – those involved in online shenanigans. Either the message is fake, or it shows that Amanda was fully aware of her celebrity.

Why ‘its amanda here’ – that’s pretty friendly, as if people knew her. ‘i am getting black mailed’ – ‘i am’ not ‘have been’. Odd.

‘the cops are out looking’. Well, just where are they looking? How come they failed so miserably?

Here we go – ‘the video’. The video. What video? There’s no mention of video in the video of 2012. And no mention of it in the general media. Suddenly, photo has become video. The story ALWAYS says it’s a one-off photo. So why ‘video’?

‘didn’t do stuff with him’ – ‘with him’? That’s a whole new kettle of fish! ‘for him’, surely?

‘people are getting charged’ – really? who? ‘but the site is shut down’ – what site?

This message is bizarre. Is it true? Hundreds of people have assumed it is. It opens up a Hell of a lot of trouble if it is true. Is it just another of Amanda’s drama queen actions? Is it yet more proof of faking? Really – I have to ask again – what is going on? Just what is the truth?

One last thing: if this message is truly from Amanda, why did she not say ‘I am being blackmailed by xxxxx’? She would have known who was contacting her, and this would have been the perfect opportunity to reveal who it was to the community of which the mythical stalker was a member.

My verdict: it’s fakery of some sort, most probably from Amanda. She’s been caught out – she’s told the police that she was blackmailed, and has to use this to cover her story. She mistakenly tells the truth (video, not photo) and can’t use a name because there never was one. The cops are used as a threat to any potential future users of her pictures. There’s no record of a site being closed.

But back to the police. If the stalker story is true, they fail massively at this point to find anybody. If it isn’t true, then they also fail to get Amanda on some sort of lockdown – she’s back online three weeks later. Did they just call at 4 a.m., faff about, and go?

In the background, the 2012 video leads us to believe she got into drugs and alcohol. Now, we know that this seems to be compulsory in British Columbia, but joking aside, were the cops not interested in all this? A 14 year old using drugs (most likely marijuana) and alcohol? If not the cops (she is, after all, breaking the Law) then why not some sort of social services? She would have been of some concern to them, given the circumstances. Somebody, somewhere, is missing a trick here.

A year goes by and, according to the story, the SAME individual comes back. The SAME individual, for Pete’s sake! So, I’m guessing he’s using the same online identity as the year before – clearly not a subtle and clever person. And it’s the SAME one. I really do find this difficult to believe. It just doesn’t fit, but I think I’ve covered that before in this blog.

But the police STILL can’t find him. He’s got a Facebook page this time. It’s not like he’s gone off-the-map undercover. He’s not Lord Lucan or flipping Osama bin Laden. And the police STILL don’t have a clue? And we STILL have no name, not even of the Facebook page? And Amanda is still all over the Internet? And STILL nobody seems to respond? This is all too much.

I have to take a deep breath as I continue with this fiasco. We supposedly have some young kid, extremely vulnerable, up to all sorts of mischief, possibly under threat – yet apparently so lacking in supervision or help. Police, parents, teachers, just where were you in all this? And it gets worse.

Next, we have even more ludicrous events – the under-age sex and the fight. Now – let me tell you this. In EVERY civilised country, under-age sex is a felony. It is a serious matter. At certain levels, it is passed over as just one of the things that teens do – if every teen was prosecuted, the courts would be overwhelmed. It mostly remains a secret – only coming to light in teenage pregnancies or if the couple are caught out by parents. It is by no means a rarity. But in this instance – don’t you think there would have been some serious consequences? Vulnerable child, at high risk, with a history – and nobody seems to have really bothered? No serious investigation – child not, perhaps, even taken away from parents and into some sort of care system. I know that care systems are not necessarily the best of institutions, but one would expect to see SOME evidence of a reaction to all this.

But leave the sex bit out. What about the fight? No investigation by the police? This is, after all, assault and harassment. (One has to ask again: what the Hell did the parents think they were doing?). But not the slightest hint of any repercussions; not even a telling off?

And what about all the Facebook ‘I hope she’s dead’ messages? Ignored? The bleach pictures? All allowed free rein? At what point do the police or other authorities step in to say that enough is enough? Get her off Facebook, for God’s sake!

So – we’ve seen the complete ineptitude of the RCMP (and, of course, others). But the response after the event was even more astonishing. After the event, the RCMP announce that they are going to assign dozens of full-time investigators to the case. Why AFTER the event? Where were they before? What can they hope to achieve?

It’s all a pack of lies. But I’m not too sure why, though I can have some guesses.

The police were supposedly meant to be monitoring the RIP pages for clues – clues to what? The stalker was long gone – back in 2011. And they never found him then. There was no recent connection between any stalker and the events that took place. The closest things that would have had an impact on her death were the school fight and the following online comments – all carried out by her peers, kids aged around 14-15, and all perpetrators would have been known. What, exactly, would have merited such a response?

There was never any evidence of the police monitoring the RIP pages. Two things would have happened if they did: they would have rapidly detected the scam pages (most of them still there) and they would have not allowed all the trolling. They supposedly received many reports from the RIP pages, to which they replied with a stock email, but I’m guessing that most of them went in the bin. One kid got arrested in New Zealand, and it was quickly realised that posting the video was dangerous, but pics, censored and uncensored, kept appearing, and still do. I, myself, reported ME to the police – three times via their Facebook page, and I contacted them directly. No response. Not even an acknowledgement.

Just what were they looking for? Someone to come online and say ‘I was the stalker’? Snippets of information – all of which was available online to anyone with the slightest ability to use Google? And why respond so suddenly and dramatically, after years of complacency?

Here are some possible reasons: the event was an opportunity to get some tips regarding pedophile rings. That’s feasible. But all the relevant information regarding BlogTV and all the history was open to everyone – The Daily Capper supplied vast amounts of free info. There was never any suggestion in the Amanda story that everything was done by some sort of clandestine, super-secret society – the imaginary stalker was hardly hidden away.

Another reason: would the RIP pages supply more background to the events? To a certain extent, they did, but not in a good way. If the police didn’t know about her online activity, they certainly do now.

Another reason: all events like these are investigated thoroughly. It was just PR by the police to make it look like they were concerned.

And now – my final and – I admit it – relatively sensationalist claims:

either the police knew it was all faked, and went overboard to give it credibility

or there was something more – much more – behind the story. Remember – most crimes involving children are carried out by those closest to them.

I will leave you to ponder that. And remember – four months on and there’s not been one iota of news from the RCMP.

10 thoughts on “Day 16 – Part Two: RCMP – useless or is it fake?

  1. It really does sound like there’s a lot going on with this story that we’re not being told by those who have a responsibility to do so.The police just don’t appear to be doing their jobs properly. Not really surprising I guess. We hear about that every day in the media.Her father’s silence reeks of a guilty conscience or at least a fear of criticism. Her mother’s willingness to indulge in praise and compliments, whilst refusing to discuss what appears very much to be a failure to provide support and care for her daughter, leaves me wondering whether anything she says can be trusted. I mean, surely any parent would have to admit, or even insist, that they should be held partly responsible if their child committed suicide, particularly after there were so many warning signs in the lead up to the event. Where WERE her parents when she needed them most? Their ‘celebration’ of their child’s suicide under the guise of promoting awareness is hypocritical and abhorrent.
    My concern is that this circus since Amanda’s death is encouraging other kids to threaten to commit suicide or even to do it. It doesn’t take much googling to see the emerging trend of kids threatening to kill themselves to get the attention of their idols or blackmail their loved ones. I can’t help but think that the way Amanda’s case has been handled is contributing to this.
    Although I have to admit I’m sitting on the fence regarding your theories, I absolutely support your discussion. You have supported your arguments with evidence and anyone criticizing you should do the same or jog on.
    I’ll continue to read your posts with an open mind.

    • Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, I forgot to publish Part One yesterday – maybe it’s even more condemning of the police’s role in all this.
      I agree with what you say. From what I can see – via comments as well as just observation – the RCMP don’t have a good reputation. However, it looks as if that’s a common problem. Are the RCMP any worse than any other police force? I don’t know. But one of the many reasons I embarked on this blog is to highlight all the mistakes involved – I think we have been spun a yarn so that all those responsible can avoid any blame.
      Yesterday, I came too close to the dangers of speculation. Most of what I have been saying has been evidence based, and the rest has been, I hope, a kind of educated detective work. But, without a certain amount of openness from those involved, speculation is difficult to avoid.
      Regarding the parents in all this, I am hugely perplexed. It makes me angry, and I keep having to step back to clear my mind. But there are only so many excuses one can make. You make an excellent point in this comment.
      We seem to share the same concerns.
      Thank you for commenting.

    • Thanks for the comment. In a way, I feel lucky that I have time on my hands to express my views. I feel that this story is socially important, and that there are lessons to be learned – more than has been shown in the media. If I didn’t have the time, it is unlikely that I would have known about the story, or I would have simply looked at it, tutted, and moved on. The media relies on people not having the time or inclination to question things – hence the pack of lies surrounding this story, and the history of poor reporting. And, I assume, the least I have done is given you something to do with your time.

    • Thanks for your subjective assessment of the value of this discussion. If there is a single child that can be saved by heightening people’s awareness of the perils of the internet and how we approach protecting our children in this new social environment, then too much time is not enough.

  2. A brief comment on the RCMP. I attempted to send them the evidence I had which showed Amanda self-incriminating herself in her own words, as well as a certain notorious and well-known individual enticing her to expose herself that fateful night in December 2010. I couldn’t send it. The e-mail had numerous attachments but the RCMP’s servers auto-block any e-mails with attachments. A bit over-the-top if you ask me. I had to resort to forwarding it to them via a certain reporter. Whether it reached its destination or not I don’t know. Whether anything was done with it, I don’t know. The “notorious” individual I mentioned was linked to other named victims in other countries. AFAIK, he’s still a free man.

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