Day 16 Part One – why is this all so fake? The role of the RCMP

OK – I  dun goofed. Day 16 Part One was not published yesterday. Sorry.

Hello all! A few posts ago, after a bit of background information, I sort of promised to pick up the story from after October 10th, and to go through the story in chronological order. But putting things in order and cross-checking references is more strenuous than free-flow questioning, and, as I’m quite tired today, I’ll take that option.

If, by now, you don’t think that the story is in many ways faked, that’s OK. But surely by now, any readers who have stayed with me will be having huge doubts about the veracity of the story. And if you still believe it was one photo and a stalker, then I think it’s more to do with your understanding of it, rather than my explanations.

However, let’s try putting one more nail in the coffin of this story – the role of the police in all this.

We know for certain that Amanda was well-known online. We are not sure of the level of her exposure, but we know, from her mention on the Daily Capper news and from pictures, that she was quite a celebrity.

There is a very odd article. I won’t provide links yet, as it doesn’t yet fully fit the story, but a quote from it implies (bizarrely) that Carol Todd KNEW her daughter was such a celebrity:

‘Amanda’s mother, Carol, told me that she had a very open relationship with her late daughter. Around the time of Amanda’s blackmailing, Carol said that she and her daughter were having regular conversations about the dangers of her online behavior. Carol knew about The Daily Capper and the blackmailing world in which Amanda had unwittingly become a celebrity of sorts. She even provided police with links (provided to her anonymously via Facebook) to the newscasts and posts on pedophile forums that mentioned Amanda. But even with all of this evidence, at the time of this writing no arrests have been made in connection with Amanda’s extortion. ‘

Personally, I think this is bollocks. But we will return to it later – it’s the police I want to deal with now.

So – we have a notorious girl. On December 19th, 2010, she is on the Daily Capper news. Four days later – December 23rd, 2010 – the police turn up at 4 o’clock in the morning.

Let’s assume this is true. Just why would the cops turn up four days after her appearance on an infamous Daily Capper news item, and at 4 a.m.?

I will chuck some possibilities into this:

Low possibility, but entirely feasible: police see Amanda on the Daily Capper, realise that this is not good, do some research, act quickly to stop it with a dawn raid – possibly to avoid ‘evidence’ being destroyed by child exploiters. The stuff of tabloids? Maybe.

Not at all possibility: out of the blue, police turn up at dawn over one photo

Possibility: police never turned up at all.

More likely scenario: reacting to complaints, Daily Capper info, their own research and semi-viral photos being sent round, police turn up to investigate. I would run with that one, given what we know now.

So what happens on December 23rd, 2010? Police turn up and tell both sets of parents what is going on (remember: Amanda is with dad, mom lives separately). But who knows what at this stage? Would ma and pa know about the stalker at this point? The story is too full of contradictions at this point. So we can only reach some sort of educated guess.

Police turn up. What is said or done? (Note: I have a feeling that this post will be long and winding, simply because we have no accurate information to go by).

Let’s assume two options: on that day, the police knew a lot, or they knew little. If they knew a lot, that is probably why they turned up at 4 a.m.

So what happened? If it was all a surprise concerning one viral photo, one would assume that mother and father and child would be questioned. There would have to be explanations concerning the origin of the photo, and why it went to all her friends and family. At this point, the stalker story would have been exposed. It would have been a major event. But it never hit the news then.

So – it’s a big deal. Photos. Stalker. Extreme danger signals. (We will deal with parental reactions later). What would be the first response?

Firstly – get the kid protected. Get her off Facebook. Get her under supervision. But we know that none of this happened – she was still online three weeks later.

Next – investigate. Find out what’s going on. The stalker would have left a huge trail. They would have asked Amanda for all the messages and contacts she had. Even if she had deleted stuff, in this day and age there are ways and means of recovering deleted information – searching through her PC or laptop, getting records from the mobile phone companies. They would have had at least something to go on – even if it was a false name, they would, with Amanda’s help as well, be able to say something like ‘A person calling himself xxxxx was in contact with Amanda’. They would have gone through her list of Facebook friends, everything. But no – there is no trace of this.

But even if we assume that ALL records of the stalker’s contact with Amanda were irretrievable, what about all the messages sent to her friends and family? That’s a large amount of information. All of this would be trackable. There would be an ip address;  there would be trackable Facebook connections; loads of data available. Again, we would at least have a name to use. This is the police, not some amateur online detective work.

If they can find no information, we can now assume more things: the police are absolutely hopelessly not up to the task; the stalker is incredibly clever; or the whole story is baloney.

Can we assume that the police are chronically inefficient? Again, their uselessness is too incredible. Can we assume that the stalker is incredibly clever? I doubt it – if you’re that clever, you’re not going to waste your time stalking some kid when the online supply of victims is so huge. Is the story baloney? We’ve already seen the amount of lies involved in this story, the amount of times we’ve had a sharp intake of breath at the sheer number of incredible oddities. So what, really, is going on?

This will be continued in Day 16 – Part Two

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