For those of you who don’t want to go to the website, it is a collection of captured webcam videos – thousands of them. All young girls, and the fact that they might be minors is simply covered by a ‘we think they are over 18’ statement.

Should I include this page? I think it’s important. I thought about it, but it is a key facet of the story, and an example of what we are up against. I came across this document in my research. It was an eye-opener.

Somewhere within the cameracaptures website is, as we are led to believe, the original Amanda Todd video. I have not searched for it. Perhaps it is not necessary to do so.

It is evidence of three things:

Firstly, it shows that webcam flashing is a common thing. There are hundreds of pictures, and it is likely that this is just a small sample. Most of them are young girls. All you people who think it’s only a flash, it’s not too common, these girls only do it for boyfriends, or only lone stalkers have such pictures – think again!

Secondly, this site hints heavily that sites such as Stickam, Omegle and BlogTV are not only sources for nudity, but that these sites themselves might be encouraging it as a source of revenue for these types of collections.

Thirdly, it shows that there is no need to stalk. There is no need to be an online predator. With some of the girls whose pictures appear here, it wouldn’t be too difficult to trace them if you wanted to. If the person who wrote the ‘texte’ could find Amanda here, so could hundreds of others. The person says:

‘Amanda Todd appeared on this website not so long ago, her video was still there, the video where she was either laughing or the one where she showed her tits with a smile’.

I’ve seen the video with her laughing, as have many others. I’m guessing that’s the Yellow Top one. I’m guessing that the other one, which I haven’t seen, might well be the Green Top one.

So all this talk of trickery, of stalking, of being a skilled predator – it’s all nonsense. This completely underpins the fact that Amanda, and all these other girls, do it for fun. Her pictures were widely available to many people – not just on the hard-drive of some single, imaginary predator.

Ask yourself seriously: why would a ‘predator’ need to stalk, when there is so much prey delivered to a computer screen? Why would a predator bother to chase someone for a ‘show’ when so many ‘shows’ are available? Why wait for a year, and then another year, especially as it is rumoured that Amanda was regularly performing anyway? Yet again, it simply doesn’t fit in.

Ask yourself again: why would a predator think it was such a big thing to publish her ‘picture’ if he was already aware that she was so well-known? It’s not the huge blackmail threat people think it is.

Ask yourself again: Amanda, supposedly, never mentioned the predator until AFTER the police arrived to announce that her photo/video had been sent to her friends, but her mother says they had open discussions all the time.

The predator story is all exaggerated. The whole flipping story is exaggerated. I leave you with these questions for today. I will seek to provide answers soon – mainly to describe how her pictures fell into the hands of young mischief-makers and certainly not into the hands of pedophile monsters. Take my word for it – there are no pedophiles, no predators, no stalkers. Just idiots. The whole story is overflowing with idiots.

Here is the link to the link. I will not send you there directly. It is your choice: (link may be dead)

Note: another reason why I included this: how come, after all the horrors of the Amanda Todd story, has there not been a huge backlash against Omegle and all the others? Why were there no parliamentary debates about these types of website? Why weren’t there huge, warning headlines to teens about the perils of all this? Why wasn’t there a call for a Law – parents allowing their kids to flash online get punished? Why did it all become centred on bullying? I’ll offer two reasons:

1. Anyone much over the age of twenty does not have a clue about what goes on online. Most people over 40 think it’s for emails, pictures of cute kittens, YouTube babies biting fingers, and the odd delve into porn. They have no idea about what is going on.

2. Yet more evasion of the truth. Nobody can accept that pretty little middle-class girls are into big-time online nudity, that parents are so useless when it comes to stopping them. Too difficult to handle – so brush it under the carpet.

I’m getting angry. Time to have a break.


3 thoughts on “Day 18 Part 2 – WARNING: FOR ADULTS ONLY

  1. I’m in such a mood, I’ve been driven to comment on my own post!
    We HAVE to give up this archaic, out-moded opinion that all our kids – especially the girls – are sexually naive little innocents, except for a few ‘wayward’ ones. The 21st Century has seen an explosion of the sexualisation of young children. Trying hard not to go all ‘Daily Mail’ on this, it makes me angry. Kids are bombarded by sexual imagery of the worst kind more and more. Magazines on newspaper stands – full of it. Mothers dressing their kids like mini-harlots. Teen magazines that get more like ‘Cosmopolitan’ every day. Yet adults stand around like idiots in denial. All this stuff – Jessi Slaughter, Giovanna Plowman, and yes, even Amanda Todd – all going on right in front of us. And what do we do? Fuck all. OK – I’m severely in need of a cup of tea and a lie-down. Nurse! Pass the tranquillizers!

    • I absolutely understand your frustration. Two years of intervention took a heavy toll on me and I had to retire. Others have to take breaks of months to retain their sanity. Some quit altogether, angry and frustrated that some of the wayward little snits not only ignore their advice but actually kick them from their sessions. A rare few have gone over to the dark side and become the very cappers and blackmailers they used to warn of. This can be a very toxic world, this Internet.

      Since you mentioned it, here’s a little something to put a 🙂 on your face:

      It’s quite safe.

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