Day 18 – a crossroads? A note to readers

Well – I woke up this morning feeling a bit tired with the usual thoughts of whether or not to continue this blog or to abandon it, only to find two encouraging comments. It takes about an hour or so for the morning caffeine to kick in, so I hope my responses were OK. Things weren’t helped when, due to a computer error, I lost an hour’s worth of input.

One important request: apart from the Amanda Todd story (which has not progressed very far in the last few days) people seem to be interested – maybe more so – in the aspects accompanying the story. That is why I put ‘crossroads’ at the top of this post. Do I continue in a straight line with the story, or pursue the background elements, or both? Do I sort of go my own way, or respond to what people want? Which way?

But another thing struck me. Some readers of this blog might want to know more. Some readers might have come here looking for answers to other problems or, having read the blog, be perplexed by certain issues – suicide, mental health, bullying, online webcam activity and so on. I feel I would be failing somewhat if I didn’t do something about that. So what I intend to do is to have a sort of ‘Help’ page in this blog. In it, I will provide links to organisations like the Samaritans or Child-Line and other similar non-UK based groups; I would provide links to articles that may be helpful; and maybe even a list of books for further reading.

But I would need your help. I can’t read EVERY article, I can’t research every book, or every organisation.

I have no real idea who reads my blog – as far as I can see from the stats, it could easily be one person reading an entry 100 times, or 100 people looking at an entry once and thinking it’s rubbish. But I can guess that there are a few regulars. There is a ‘visitors’ count, but that only registers new people on a daily basis. And I’ve been lazy – I’ve made no real effort to publicise it. Maybe I should.

But I need some feedback. Would the ‘Help’ page be beneficial? Should I change the blog to be more for those affected by the story, rather than those who are looking for an accurate account of what happened?

As I say – today is a bit of a crossroads. If I don’t return today, I will be back tomorrow – just not quite sure what I will be saying!

Thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “Day 18 – a crossroads? A note to readers

  1. I’m surprised that you have thoughts of abandoning this blog? Seems a lot of work will have been in vain if it isn’t finished. I, myself, look forward to it.

    It is strange that Amanda seems to mean so much to so many people. I thinks its more what she represents in their own life that guides them. As I’ve said previously I took an interest in her story because of her YouTube video & the subsequent vile horrible comments on her pages. I found both of these hard to ignore. The often quoted “I have no one, I need someone” part of video hit me hard. It screamed neglect, bad parenting, crap friends, no one really cares etc. As far back as then it had become personal for me. I just wasn’t consciously aware of it at time.

    I feel its good to continue both with the story as you have researched it but also to discuss background issues as well. I’m extremely disappointed in the few in numbers who post here, but it wasn’t advertised much. I only caught the link before your page came down. I tried to get others involved but this was viewed suspiciously. It’s irritating. Some points you make are almost identical to what I have read in these places. One article was about the dangers of parents using computers as a sort of nanny for their kids, unaware of the sites they could have access to. It was excellent.

    I’m going to find the next part of your blog difficult. I know a bit of the capper community because it was often discussed on your Facebook pages. I find it extremely distasteful but it has to be dealt with. It should have become the most important lesson from this story. Girls flashing for strangers for fun? Your right, people in my age group have no idea. It’s horrible. I haven’t looked at your link on next post but I assume its probably the same one you provided on your Facebook page? I looked briefly at first page at that time (there were many pages) then hastily left. It felt immoral looking. It’s probably illegal? Anyways the whole sordid business needs to be brought out into open. You are showing a lot of courage in exposing it.

    A help page would be an excellent idea. You may well have young readers who ain’t buying the bullshit that is out there. It really doesn’t help anyone to be fed a pack of lies. The truth is what it is and we all have to deal with it. Turning on people simply because they ask questions, look for answers, isn’t right.

    • This blog drains me, mentally. It’s not good to know about certain things – ignorance really is bliss. And it tends to fill me with negative emotions – anger, frustration, sadness. I would like more comments, but there you go. And I haven’t particularly publicised it yet – maybe I should do. The ‘Help’ page is on the back-burner at the moment.
      We haven’t reached the Capper community yet – did you know it was me who broke that story? Now there’s a revelation.
      ‘A commenter has alerted us to a Daily Capper video that mentions Amanda Todd and her habits’
      That commenter was me. And the naughty man never acknowledged it. Email him and ask. And no, I wasn’t Philip Rose at the time! So there – you learn something new every day!
      Thanks for commenting!

      • Rest assured, your efforts are greatly appreciated. I knew or suspected much of this but never documented much of it because I had no concrete proof. All I had were a few screencaps, chatlogs, messages, and memory. I now see that one particular chatlog I have pretty much destroys her Youtube comment to the DailyCapper, who by the way, is a single person, not a group as you implied much earlier. You may be surprised to know who it is and what he used to be. Then again, maybe not. We really need to talk and exchange info, but I almost have a suspicion I may already know you. Do the initials WKC mean anything to you?

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