Day 19 – Kody Maxson is innocent!

Hello everybody! Thanks for staying with the blog for what seems – to me – to be a very long time. In case people are wondering why I am doing this blog now, rather than a couple of months ago when the story was ‘hot’, it’s because, although much of the story was plainly flawed, it took a long, long time to really be sure about the information. It’s not enough to go by one piece of evidence – I had to seek to verify everything as much as I could. Some things – like the multitude of pictures – became obvious very quickly, others became clearer as time went on and more information was exposed. Some evidence came purely by chance. One of the reasons I held back was because I thought that, surely, the media would get round to proper discussion, but it never came. And I was, and still am, bothered by the possibility of some lazy journalist ripping off all my hard work!

If there are still some doubters out there – and there will be many – I will tell you this: some people have asked how I know so much. Well, hard work and patience goes a long way! Some of the lunatic fringe have accused me of being the stalker – something I find both laughable and quite frightening – and some have said that, as I don’t live in Canada, I can’t possibly know everything. Let me try to explain. Over the course of research, people came to me – people from British Columbia, and, more to the point, from Amanda’s local area. And I watched closely for all comments from people with local knowledge. They provided small, but helpful, insights. But the vast majority of the information is via Google. Using the facility to retrieve information by specific dates, I went back as far as 2006, then moved forward, putting in the same queries. It wasn’t too difficult to find the history. Add to that bits of jiggery-pokery that had some people accusing me of being a hacker, not realising that profiles are, by and large, very open, and you’ll see that all my research was pretty thorough.

Anyway, I feel that I haven’t progressed fast enough with the story. I need to move on. There’s still a way to go. I now have to deal with the tiresome Kody Maxson story – a story so bizarre, and reported so badly, that, yet again, it makes me wonder if the WHOLE Amanda Todd story is true.

And maybe I need to have another quick aside here: when I first encountered this story, I completely believed in it. I won’t go into too much detail, but I was, for want of a better term, a hunter of certain types of people. And I am relatively proud of at least one success. And I can tell you, without shadow of a doubt, that those ‘certain types of people’ do not operate in the Amanda Todd vicinity – they are miles away from it. Some of them operate quite clearly in the open. It is astonishing that people can be so gullible. I could write a whole blog warning people what not to do, but now maybe is not the time. I need to progress the story. Perhaps facetiously,  I could say that the story would be much more credible if the villains involved were priests, teachers or 1970s pop stars (Google ‘Gary Glitter’ or ‘Jimmy Savile’).

So my initial involvement was not to destroy the story. Far from it. I never set out, as some people do, to hysterically attack every media bandwagon. I had no particular axe to grind, no malicious intentions – my only real aim was to get to the truth. It was only over time that I realised just how false it was. I spent so much time shaking my head in disbelief – each time I uncovered another fact or inconsistency, yet another overt lie or contradiction – that, almost reluctantly, it was inevitable that I reached the conclusion that this story is a pack of lies. The whys and wherefores are beyond me, to a certain extent. It is too complex. That is why I’ve set out with this blog. I, personally, hope that I can reach some sort of real understanding of it. And if I can provide any benefit along the way, all well and good.

I can almost hear the doubters saying ‘If you wanted to benefit people, you should let it lie’. That’s fair enough, if the story was beneficial. If it had just been a made-up story of how an innocent child had been bullied to death – a story that occurs almost on a daily basis – I would have walked away. But the Amanda Todd story – true or false – leaves behind a plethora of problems, as I have already mentioned.

Yet again, I’ve been bogged down. I MUST move the story forward. So – Day 19 Part Two should begin. But before I do, I have to explain something – get it out of the way: the misused words ‘pedophile’ or ‘pedophilia’.

Let me say: there are NO pedophiles in this story. That is a complete misconception, but my, it keeps the media and gossip-mongers happy. Forget the word pedophile – chuck it away, with all the fury and anger that accompanies the word. It completely clouds the issue. This is not a story of pedophilia. It’s a story of stupid little kids making their first forays into online sexual activity; of hormone-driven adolescents getting their thrills from whatever they can find on the Internet; of communities like the Daily Capper who exploit all this; and of a few dirty old men in raincoats and 20-year-olds who haven’t progressed beyond the behaviour patterns of a 10-year-old. It is not a bunch of pedophiles. Like I said – they must be laughing at all this distraction while they are off doing whatever it is they do, either in the depths of the lesser known parts of the Internet (where even I don’t want to go) or in broad daylight on the “Toddlers and Tiaras” fan page.

There are two distinct things in the definition of pedophilia.

Firstly, the prime and, sometimes only interest of a pedophile is pre-pubescent children. It is what defines a pedophile – desire for sexual excitement  from PRE-pubescent children. It’s difficult to put ages into this. Medically, there are girls who can hit puberty very early on, and boys tend to be later. Did Amanda qualify as pre-pubescent? No. Very young, yes – but not pre-pubescent. Pedophiles want their victims to be MUCH younger, as we are all surely aware.

Yet again, I can imagine the doubters saying that 12 would qualify. It doesn’t in this case, but there is one more thing to consider. In order for someone to be considered a pedophile, there is one more condition: there has to be a six year age gap. I can see why. Young kids will always explore their sexuality, even quite innocently. Surely I don’t have to explain. The school playground is NOT full of pedophiles running around playing ‘Doctors and Nurses’!

So – in this story, bear in mind: the central person who has been featured was, at most, 15 years old at the beginning of it all. Virtually a child. Hardly a man. Even if it is in any way true – and by the time I’ve finished, you will have your doubts – he certainly cannot be termed a pedophile. He would have to be 22 now – not 19 or 20. And, as you will see, most of the kids involved in this story are much younger.

And – bear with me. The term ‘innocent’. People have argued with me that, even if it ISN’T Kody Maxson, that he is in no way innocent. Come on, give me a break!

According to some religions, none of us are innocent. So – none of us are innocent. Forget it.

In most legal terms, we are innocent until proven guilty. Therefore Kody Maxson is innocent.

You can’t say someone is guilty because they fit the bill. What are we – witch hunters? Next, you will be tying him up and chucking him into a lake to see if he drowns!

You can’t say something close to ‘He must be guilty because he went to such-and-such a website’. That’s like saying ‘Some priests are child-abusers. That man’s a priest. Therefore he is a child-abuser’. Please – be civilised!

I will go into this in much more detail next. However, I leave you with this – yet another – example of the hypocrisy of all this.

The Amanda Todd supporters, particularly when they begin to realise that she wasn’t quite the little angel they had thought, claim that, by being young and naive, she is ‘innocent’ – no matter what she did. She was too young to realise the consequences of her activities; she didn’t know what she was doing; the under-age sex was all a trick; she was just a child.

But when it comes to Kody Maxson and the bullies – Kody being not much more than a child, and the bullies being the same age as Amanda – they are evil, they should be locked up, they should be punished for eternity. Not a view that these kids could be just as damaged as Amanda, just as troubled, maybe from dysfunctional families and what have you – no. No compassion there. It’s disgusting. I have watched the comments. I have seen the reactions. Show compassion for Amanda – hatred of everyone else. ‘Burn in Hell!’ ‘Karma will get you.’ and I’ve even seen phrases like this ‘I hope your children suffer like Amanda, so you can experience what it’s like’.

What is wrong with people? I truly despair. Amanda’s story was meant to show the evils of malice, yet many of her supporters are amongst the most malicious people on the planet. (Thanks for all the death threats, by the way!)


3 thoughts on “Day 19 – Kody Maxson is innocent!

  1. A note on “pedophiles” – the definition you give is the clinical definition, whereas the generally accepted online and legal definition is one who derives sexual gratification from minors under 18, regardless of pubescence. If you’ve visited the boards where the predators, blackmailers, and other assorted creeps socialize, you’ll find two things.

    Contrary to what you’ve stated, yes, there really are semi-organized networks of adults who prey on minors, gathering in specific locations to plan their evening’s exploits and inform each other of “targets” to go after at other sites, trying to get their “targets” to re-locate to sites or rooms created and/or run by THEM, for the sole purpose of cajoling the minors out of their clothes and into sexual performances which are, of course, capped. Believe me, I’ve witnessed it, and in the past was able to lurk in their rooms and warn their potential “targets” of what was being planned against them.

    Secondly, these men (yes, men, not many boys) justify their actions by claiming that their victims perform voluntarily and that they focus on post-pubescent victims, thus freeing themselves from the stigma of the word “pedophile” and openly describing themselves as “ephebophiles”. It doesn’t matter – the law doesn’t discriminate such niceties. They may also try to cite “age of consent” laws, as if trying to convince themselves that what they’re doing is perfectly legal when in fact, age of consent laws don’t apply to child pornography.

    Remind me at some point to quote how one blackmailer justified the vile and sadistic tactics he used on his victims. His words are quite horrific.

    • Again, this is difficult. I know all the stories of pedophiles, and I am aware of what kind of people they are, and some of what they get up to. What I was trying to do in this case, though, was to try to get away from the view that all the people involved in capping are dirty old men aged 40+. Here’s the reason: when I originally looked at this story, I assumed that it was most likely to be old perves. But when I looked more closely, there appeared to be a lot of involvement from younger people – much closer to a 13-19 year old age bracket. One of the things that worries me is that if young girls are encouraged to believe that the dangers come predominately from old men, they won’t view 16-17 year olds as being dangerous. When you look at a lot of the sexting problems, and the Garcia and Parsons case, the perpetrators aren’t old guys – they are people in the same age group. And the Megan Meier case is even more bizarre. I was trying to avoid singling out one set of people – the dangers are EVERYWHERE. My belief is that older people are too scared to think about what the kids are getting up to. It’s much easier for parents to lay the blame entirely on perverts and pedophiles than it is to believe that their own sons/daughters are involved.
      Like all these things, this point needs a LOT more discussion. I hope you can appreciate that providing a balanced view is difficult. All these problems are HUGE – beyond most people’s comprehension. But I’m glad you are joining in. Can I just ask – would you like to contribute a post to this blog?

      • Not at this time. I’m still not finished reading this one! LOL I’ll let you know. You may be surprised where my material has been used before.

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