Day 19 – Part Four – the Anonymous Kody Maxson video

In case anyone hasn’t seen it, here is the Anonymous video used to frame Kody Maxson. Yet more nonsense!


‘Suspected Facebook Employer’. They are barely literate. A Facebook Employer? What’s that? Somebody who hires someone for Facebook? A user of Facebook? I think they mean ‘Employee’.

Location? Erm…I think you will find that a Mr and Mrs Simpson live at the address suggested. So that’s wrong. And the voice says: Sapper s t. Not Sapper Street, as us normal folk might say.

Date of Birth: 07/09/1980. That makes him 32 when this video was made. But – with all the wisdom and cunning that Anonymous have – he’s obviously 30! But wait. The real Kody Maxson was born in 1993. That makes him 19 at the time. So Anonymous must be talking of ANOTHER Kody Maxson. Things really are curious in the world of Anonymous! Just who is THIS Kody Maxson?

Phone number? Ooops. Wrong again!

Email? A very secretive hotmail account. How long did it take Anonymous to think that one up?

It is such a joke! How on earth the media made this part of the truth is beyond me. But, as usual, if I haven’t destroyed the credibility of Anonymous regarding this story already, I will have done so by the end of the weekend.

I am Philip Rose. I am British Legion. I am always right. Expect me!

8 thoughts on “Day 19 – Part Four – the Anonymous Kody Maxson video

  1. One thing I always like to see is constructive and beneficial commenting. Thanks for the huge effort you put into that. I will take on board all the serious points you raised, and try to deal with them later. Thank you.

  2. The media taking Anonymous seriously makes as much sense as the media taking themselves seriously. I guess it sells advertising.
    Your previous presentation of the facts about Kody was plenty enough for me to dismiss any accusations thrown at him by anonymous or the media. It’s a crime that an innocent, YES innocent, kid was brought into this on a whim. Even more of a crime that the error wasn’t as widely publicized as the initial report. It’s probably obvious by now that I have little respect for the media and the authorities. I don’t apologize for this. They rarely give me any reason to feel otherwise.
    You mentioned earlier that you could do with some help locating resources. What specifically are you interested in? I’ve spent some time looking for information pertaining to youth, social networks and mental health.

    • At least you saw the joke. But maybe not all people know about the British Legion! Or realise that it’s a touch of mickey-taking!
      I was going to say more about Anonymous and Kody today, but I’ve been side-tracked.
      You’re right. It’s a disgrace that the police and the media have allowed this story to become so uncontrolled. I have contacted the police, Patrick McGuire and others – no reply.
      Regarding the ‘Help’ page – thanks for the offer. Basically (when I can get round to it) I would like a page with ANY links that could be useful. I might even split it up into suicide help, anti-bullying help. Email if that’s easier.

  3. You are PhilipRose
    You are Legion
    You do not forget
    You do not forgive
    I’ll expect you … for tea & biscuits, say about four-ish?

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