Day 19 – Part Two – Anonymous and Kody Maxson

Within days of the Amanda Todd story being announced, Anonymous got involved. Simply astonishing. What they eventually said has become part of the folklore of all this – there are still people thinking that it’s all down to a 30-year-old man – and yet it is all untrue.

I can tell you this. Most informed people already know, but it would be more boastful if I said it was a sensational exclusive – members of Anonymous tried to frame Kody as an act of revenge.

You will, perhaps, need to know about  a couple of things – /b/ and 4chan. Here, from the Urban Dictionary are definitions that, I think, sum it up.

/b/ first:

4chan’s “Random” image board. A place where you go to become your inner asshole, or, live out your sickest fantasies.


I went to /b/ today. OH GOD MAKE ME UNSEE IT

/b/ is where the internet goes to die. Its a place where both God and Satan vow to stay away from. /b/ is where every internet meme ever ends up. /b/ is rule 34. /b/ is in my mind forever. You cant undo /b/, but you can undo your search history.

Now 4chan – too much to list, so here’s the link:

Note well: ‘Please note, women are not permitted to enter this site without showing their breasts.’

(Philip Rose: Lecturer on the Perils of the Internet. A career for me?)

I have published this before, but maybe it’s worth another look:


If you want to run to the end of the story: 4chan killed Amanda Todd. End of. There – a spoiler for you. But perhaps it’s not true. Read on!

I was staggered by just how few people had ever heard of 4chan or /b/. For any parents out there – ask your kids if they know of 4chan. If they do, burn their phones, laptops, tablets, whatever, and lock them away for the next ten years! And no, I’m not part of le 9gag army! (Look it up, for Pete’s sake!)

So – the ‘exclusive’ revelation. Note: /b/ = 4chan = Anonymous. 4chan and Anonymous are best buddies. 4chan IS Anonymous. Anonymous IS 4chan.

Kody Maxson – like 99.9% of males aged between 12 and 18 with access to the Internet – knows about 4chan. Briefly – he got into a row with a member of Anonymous who was a /b/ moderator. Nearly all /b/ moderators are members of Anonymous – perhaps ALL /b/ moderators are members of Anonymous. The row escalated.

Biding his time, the Anonymous moderator waited. For revenge. And the time came. The Amanda Todd story. And boy, did they get their revenge. As they do, they released false information. Being the cretins that they are, it wasn’t very good information, but it was enough for all the people so willing to think it was the truth. In normal circumstances, it would have been ignored. But the timing – and the fact the media leapt on it – meant it succeeded. And Kody’s delinquent behaviour gave the public all the proof they needed.

That’s the story. That’s the truth. Anonymous fed Kody to the hungry wolves. These are the facts. You don’t have to believe me now – but I think you will by the time I’ve finished. Kody Maxson is innocent!

Continued in Day 19, Part Three.

2 thoughts on “Day 19 – Part Two – Anonymous and Kody Maxson

  1. OK, I have to step in here. You have vastly oversimplified things. Your equation is not correct. While /b is a part of 4chan, only SOME Anonymi can be associated with it. How? Simple – Anonymous is a huge collective of individuals, and just as individuals in a society have good or bad tendencies, so do Anons. For several years, I thought Anonymous was an evil organization, a group of hackers and pedophiles. Why? Because my very first exposure to what I thought was Anonymous was an organized group of online child pornographers who called themselves Anonymous. They have their own imageboard, where CP is part and parcel of the site. They used to have a sister site featuring almost exclusively underage videos. There’s a new site up now that I think is it’s replacement but I haven’t confirmed that yet.

    Well, it turns out that the Anons I encountered did NOT represent the majority of the collective. I often communicate with an Anon who is one of the “good guys”, a white knight. Believe me, there are both good Anons and bad Anons. You cannot accurately state that they are all the same and that they are all associated with 4chan. In fact, my Anon acquaintance has been mentioned in a negative light in Encyclopaedia Dramatica in entries on other friends of mine who happen to be online “heroes”.

    Hope that clarifies things a little.

    • Roy – I really am grateful for your contributions. This is precisely what I wanted to happen. I had certain theories and points of view, and like all such things, they need to be tested.
      Regarding Anonymous – it’s all become too silly. Unfortunately, anyone can claim to ‘belong’ to Anonymous, so it has become tainted by people who are just to uninformed to be credible. The original video that said it was all just a scam was just foolishness, and I have my doubts about what has been said since.
      When I started this blog, I had no idea how to give it structure. There are so many facets in this story, and each one merits much closer investigation. But lengthy analyses put people off, plus the task of fully explaining everything was too daunting for me. I was also frustrated that the Anonymous Facebook pages banned me from commenting, when they are supposedly supporters of free speech.
      When I looked at the details that so-called Anonymous supplied regarding this story, I was struck by the looseness of it. There were two things that I wanted to fight – a vigilante attitude, and a huge amount of inconsistencies. It was damaging to any sensible investigation.
      I kept an eye out for any information I could find. Eventually, some comments appeared. Trying to sift out hearsay, lies, and misinformation is difficult, but sometimes, by the way arguments and comments are framed, it’s possible to distinguish between nonsense and possible truth. So I have run with the view that the finger-pointing was instigated by a /b/ moderator, out for some sort of revenge.

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