Day 21 Part Two – added in just for John Revel

Amandment: At this point, I was still trying to gather information. It was all so confusing to begin with. The trail of Amanda was wide – she truly was known in nearly every school in the neighbourhood. The search showed up a couple of characters in the story who will crop up again. I was trying to ascertain just who the bullies were, but I was looking in the wrong places. As it turned out, the bullies were mainly young girls who Amanda knew – indeed, they were her friends.

I said I should STAHP, but I feel I need to answer John Revel.

Note: the weekends are shit for research. My broadband slows down to nothing for some reason, so it takes even longer to find stuff or retrieve it.

Note: I need to know more about Chemainus Secondary School. If anyone reading this recognises Chemainus Secondary School then, yes, Philip is getting closer to you all the time!

Some time ago, I provided some pictures of Amanda’s friends to provide sorts of background and insights as to just who she was with, and what it was likely she was up to. I am being quite cryptic here, and I have only supplied initials of the boys she knew. There may be people here who can be recognised. Who knows?

BMD – all from his profile

i ❤ WEED & GIRLS 🙂 (Typical of the young British Columbia boy)


I’m not posting a picture of BMD.


Much more coy. Nate, my man. Get in touch!


Also quite coy. Cole, let me know how things are!

Now – on to BR

What can I say? Not much.

However – wait for it. Did you know that our friend BR is on – wait for it……..


Come on, guize. BlogTV? And our man of the moment has an account there? Coincidence? What a romantic place to meet. BlogTV seems to be mentioned a lot in this blog.

‘her boyfriend not sure what happened but didnt he do some shit?’

What happened to his YouTube channel? Why did it get deleted and changed?

i love amanda so muccch<3333333333333333

my girlfriends so delicious <3;)

OK – not much to go on with BR. There is a missing video, though, which is annoying.

There’s a strange message: “dude I’m getting all these friend requests from these emo fucks and messages saying I killed her and they’re telling me to kill myself wow!!!!”  What’s that all about?

Well, John Revel, I’ve supplied what I can for the moment. Nothing here that hasn’t already been found. I’m more intrigued by the other three guys at Chemainus. But that last comment is weird – why would people send ‘messages saying I killed her’ to one of BR’s friends?

Any information would be helpful. I’m not to keen on going down the route of finding all her friends. Things are peculiar – either people are deleting things (most likely) or there really isn’t a big reaction from her friends. But I’m not going to read too much into it. And if I give too much away, all my sources of data will close down.

We know this much. She was out with boys a lot – even when the corresponding story says she barely went out. Most of her friends were into drugs and alcohol at an early age, when the corresponding story implies that she was being protected. She and her friends were on YouTube without a break – she as Isabella100555, Amanda Todd and then TheSomebodytoKnow. Really, this is not the behaviour of someone who has been stalked online and is ‘socially anxious’.

This story is just TOO full of oddities. I’ve said it before, and I’ll no doubt say it 100 times again – there is something distinctly wrong with this story. But anyway – tomorrow (hopefully) I’ll be back on track.

3 thoughts on “Day 21 Part Two – added in just for John Revel

  1. At first, thanks for the comment Philip, really appreciate it.

    But i seriously think that BR is much more relevant and important in the last weeks of this story than you think.

    When you read her Twitter last august account, you can see she was really happy to have her boyfriend BR coming back to her the 17th of august. In the same time, if you look carrefully his Facebook page you can see that on the same day he puts a picture of her and him as a main profile picture….but exactly 3 weeks after, she sent on Youtube her now famous black and white video. Only 3 days after that video, the boy changed his Facebook main page to a new one, like if this love story was over…and exactly a month after, she killed herself.

    Whatever happened before, it seems to me that the obvious last summer break-up played a quite important part in this story. When she wrote “I have nobody, i need someone”, she didn’t mean family or friends…but probably a sincere and strong boyfriend she can rely on.

    I know he didn’t jump on the news and he kept himself quite, probably to avoid any kind of explanations or troubles…and it worked, nobody talked about him (news, tv, family…) but that don’t make him a innocent behaviour kid. In my opinion, he was too stupid to see what’s going on.

    Well Philip, don’t want to bother you more about this BR, just wanted to explain you a bit from where came my last question.

    Carry on your own way then, it’s still quite interesting.

    PS : “Nate” must be Nate King Cole and “Cole” surely Cole Porter…just kidding 🙂

    • I like this theory. Brandon is boyfriend. Maybe on and off. She published video on September 7th, maybe as a plea to him. On September 11th, he kicks her off his profile pic which had been on there from August. October 3rd, she’s referred to as ex-girlfriend. October 10th – ??? friends rally round.

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