Day 21 Part One – maybe just a rant


Yet again, an apology for not posting any relevant information today.

I’m tending to get too emotionally involved, which is always a problem.  The ongoing stupidity of it all – not just the media, but the kids, the parents, the responsible adults – is, sometimes, almost too much to comprehend. The complete ignorance of some people is to be expected, but when it comes to people who should know better, I’m flabbergasted.

I need to take a step back. I was going to continue with the Kody Maxson story, but I need to be clear-headed to do it justice.

Things have been going on in the background. Maybe one thing I should learn is to stay focused. The online problems are huge. Yesterday, I concerned myself with another problem. Within a short time (I say that, but it ends up running into hours) I contacted school counsellors, school principals, and even parents, concerning the online behaviour of a group of kids. But it could easily be never-ending. It’s like the Hydra – deal with one problem kid, and there are two to take their place. And, whilst there are admirable organisations out there doing good jobs, the plethora of Facebook heroes – unprofessional, unguided, misinformed and, for the most part, hysterical – actually make the job more difficult. They don’t bother to do the research, spending hours and days on fakes like Nicole Barker, Giovanna Plowman, all the self-publicists, and ignoring the real cases.

For Pete’s sake, learn something as simple as this – if a girl goes online with her suicide story, it’s usually fake. If a girl, or boy, for that matter, says on YouTube that she is going to kill herself tomorrow, and is commenting on Twitter six months later – SHE AIN’T DEAD! Giovanna Plowman has her own R.I.P. pages – and tweets daily!

News for you. The VAST majority of suicides do it privately. The VAST amount of sufferers do it silently. That is the real problem. In 99.9% of the cases, if someone bothers to create a YouTube account to announce their suicide – it’s fake. And, while I’m on the subject, males are up to 10 times more likely to commit suicide. On average, four or five times as many males die from suicide, and of those, a large proportion are young. But, yet again, the media only highlights pretty white girls. Yet more disgrace.

So, I’m ranting today.

I question myself. Is there any point in all this? I was hoping, by the time this blog finishes (will it ever finish?) to have shown many things and at least try to shine light on all the problems but I wonder – why bother? The vast majority of people don’t care about the likes of Kody Maxson, about media lies, parental responsibility. If they do, then the biggest effort they make is to ‘like’ a page. There ARE some people out there, and they are good people – the people who really deserve Knighthoods, who really deserve medals, and who should be getting million-dollar bonuses – but they are, for the most part, volunteers who expect nothing in return. They are saints. And our governments are more likely to spend money on guns than they are on mental welfare.

Stop. Enough! Philip – this is not the place for your anger!

So today, I ask you to take a look at this blog. I have commented. You can make up your own minds – I make it clear how I feel. If only I could get more comments about how YOU feel.

Hopefully, I will be back tomorrow in a better mood.

Meanwhile, I will leave you with another video. It’s nothing. It simply reflects what I thought about the people who sent me death threats. Dedicated to them, with love.

5 thoughts on “Day 21 Part One – maybe just a rant

  1. I read those two blog entries you posted. I was appalled. With some parents feeling that way, that their kids can do whatever they want, I think a prediction I made to some (more than once) will actually come true. As it stands, sexting is slowly being decriminalized in some areas, re-classified from a CP sex offense to a disorderly conduct misdemeanor. I predicted that by the end of this century, if humanity hasn’t exterminated itself, CP involving teens (13 and over) will be legalized.

    Is that a shocking thing to say? On the face of it, yes. But when you think of it, law enforcement has been gradually losing the wars against various things for years and society seems to be giving up. There is growing sentiment for legalizing marijuana in the US, and it’s now legal in two states despite being a federal violation. Society is tending towards a sort of entropy, becoming more and more disorganized, IMO. Part of that is the gradual easing or breakdown of laws we’ve held so firmly to for years. As CP becomes more and more common, as adult-teen relationships become more and more common (it seems every week now a female teacher is getting arrested for an affair with one or more students), I see eventual legalization simply because the laws against those offenses will be unenforceable and meaningless.

    Your thoughts?

    • Difficult. It’s easy to get hysterical. I tend towards a zero tolerance policy, but it’s never easy. The police are feeble. It’s weird that smoking tobacco and drinking have stringent laws, but then smoking weed seems to be OK. It needs society to change. Again – a massive problem that needs more discussion.

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