Day 21 Part Three – mistakes – but more certainty

Amendment: Amanda was also active on Prezi around the time she put the video on Youtube. I found it odd that she was still present online. Surely, the place that seemed to be at the root of all her problems was not the place to be? I still have doubts that she acted alone. I think this (though I have no proof). She was in therapy. She told all her carers that she was blackmailed and coerced, and they fell for the spiel. At some point, she was encouraged to explain her predicament to everyone to stop all the harassment. Little did they know that people knew her full story. I believe that some of the pressure that caused Amanda to be unbalanced was that she was having to maintain a lie. One of the reasons I assumed it had to be made in hospital was simply that I found it hard to understand why Amanda was left to her own devices online, yet again.

OK – I need to make one last post for today.

I have made a sort of error. Luckily, it doesn’t impact too much on the story – if anything it supports it. But if I want this story to be trusted, it must be as accurate as possible.

My original chronology regarding Amanda’s online YouTube was this:

On as isabella100555 in 2009, possibly continuing through to 2011, with a break and then on to TheSomebodytoknow in September 2012.

I COMPLETELY overlooked the Amanda Todd channel. It completely fell out of the story. So my chronology (revised) is this:

isabella100555 – 2009? through to 2011? – not important to be specific

Amanda Todd – December 2011 onwards

TheSomebodytoknow – September 2012 onwards

Does this change anything? Partly. I had assumed that Amanda RETURNED to YouTube with TheSomebodytoknow. That was wrong. But my thoughts were misled simply because I had it at the back of my mind that nobody in their right mind would leave their daughter on YouTube with all the stalking and bullying malarkey going on. I simply assumed that she would have been lying low. There was, at the time, also a lot of fake Amanda Todds around, but I make no real excuses – it was an oversight.

So does this benefit what I’m trying to say in this story? I think so. The fact that she was on YouTube for so long underpins two things: would she have stayed so much in the open if she was stalked and, if so, should her parents have allowed it? Also, of course, the quad-bike ride shows she was out and about – yet again – having fun with friends when we are led to believe she was at home all summer.

Now – I know this. There are readers of this blog who are reading it, and watching and waiting for me to trip over. They have told me so. I have asked for them to point out any errors, but they refuse. This glaring error has been corrected. As time goes on, I will find and fix any holes.

I know for certain that I have got some of Amanda’s schools and moves out of sync – not far, but probably enough for the doubters to say I’m wrong about everything. The doubters are watching me struggle with that. But piece by piece, I’m putting the puzzle together.

So that brings me round to another thought. I was annoyed with the error of forgetting the Amanda Todd YouTube channel – mainly because it was so obvious. But not all things are bad, because it strengthened another area – that of Amanda creating her video in hospital.

I don’t want to sound too crazy (‘too late’, I hear you cry) but ponder this:

If Amanda already had a YouTube channel, what would make her create another one? The channel was created on September 6th,2012, and her video was created the next day. I have already hinted that she had help, and that maybe it was suggested by a social worker/doctor as a cathartic exercise. We know that she was hospitalised around this time. Put two and two together – the video was made in hospital. Which is what I said all along.

I thank you!

One thought on “Day 21 Part Three – mistakes – but more certainty

  1. Bravo! An attestation to your integrity. If only everyone had the courage you’ve shown here, perhaps Amanda’s legacy would be more positive. You have my highest order of respect.

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