Day 23 – the Kody Maxson stalker myth

Let’s begin with a quote from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle:

“It is a capital mistake to theorise before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.”

I have already explained that Kody Maxson was thrown to the wolves by Anonymous in an act of revenge. However, those who believe the story will, as usual, need convincing. It’s not enough that the police have said he’s not involved. In most cases, that would be sufficient. But we have to bear in mind that the RCMP do not have a good reputation, and that the ardent believers in the Kody Maxson story all think that the RCMP have said it to protect him. And the ardent believers – some of them anyway – actually believe that I am Kody Maxson, or that I am a relative or friend out to protect him. That’s how ridiculous this story gets. Then those who realise I’m not Kody Maxson pursue the well-balanced argument that I must be some member of an evil group of stalkers/pedophiles/Cappers. Heck, I’ve even been accused of being THE stalker, the ‘murderer’. Because I know too much. For the first time, I resort to…LOL.

The idea that someone might be interested in facts, that someone might be interested in something as close to the truth as possible, that someone might be against violent lynch-mob mentality and espouse rational and civilised behaviour – that’s beyond them. But, thank God, most of us are more reasonable.

I will be looking at three aspects of the Kody Maxson story currently online. Most people will be familiar with them – the hypervocal article, the articles of Patrick McGuire from the ultra-reliable, and the lesser-known but equally foolish burblings of a YouTube guy called ‘Enigmahood’.

I will start with hypervocal. As usual, you may have to bear with me. The sheer stupidity of it all makes me angry, but I will try not to let it show.

A sensationalist headline. I can’t blame the journalist – it’s his job to get read. It’s an unfortunate way of the world that people prefer this type of thing to good reporting. Look at the tags – pedophilia, sex crimes. Guaranteed to get people excited. Look at the ads accompanying the article – Kim Kardashian, Beyonce nip slip. Say no more. The media that criticises prurient behaviour, and also encourages it.

The picture of Kody Maxson. Investigate it. What does it show? Certainly not a 30 or 32 year old man, that’s for sure. Allow ourselves a certain amount of the same sort of tabloid mentality. Pedophile stalkers are old men in raincoats, surely? Or middle-aged vicars. Priests. Headmasters. Dirty old men. Gary Glitter. You know what I mean.

Now look at the picture of Kody Maxson. What does it show? An ordinary 19 year old. He would have been 15-16 at the beginning of this story. By definition, he’s not a pedophile. He’s not the epitome of evil. He’s not on his way to University, he’s not Captain of the Team – he’s just a run of the mill young man. Unfortunately, he’s not a pretty girl. If he was, he would be a blameless saint.

Note the escape clause sub-heading: “a person of no interest”. That’s to avoid libel.

“she gave an anonymous informant the name of an older boy” – well, no, she didn’t. But hey, who cares? Even in the entire article, no name is ever given by Amanda. No information at all. But at least we get closer to the truth – a ‘boy’, not a man.

“His name: Kody Maxson” – well, no. But at least he’s 19 now.

The Daily Capper. I will dedicate a whole post to them soon. The Internet miscreants who have managed to grab some of the moral highground. I shake my head.

Next picture and header: disgusting attention grabbing by the writer. He’s written a few words, so he has to show something a bit shocking. ‘Tits’ – I ask you.

Nice bit of feeble suspense making – ‘a user named cutiielover’. Who can this be?
Important note: This is December 17th 2010. Amanda is at the peak of notoriety. Six days later the police arrive on her doorstep.

But I will hand it to the writer of this piece. At least he acknowledges that Amanda was a regular flasher.

“An unknown capper —” Well, he says it was Kody Maxson. But here the truth is told. Unknown. A good ploy. He can then allege all he wants without getting into the libel problems. ‘one of many lurkers of teen chatrooms who coerce young women into stripping’ – OK, I’ll look at this later. But he doesn’t mention the The Daily Capper encouraged all this, handing out awards for blackmail. And whilst there may be a certain amount of enticement from the ‘lurkers’, coercion isn’t prevalent. In many cases, no-one holds a gun to these girls’ heads, and they, too, compete for awards such as ‘Attention Whore’. Really, these girls are not being coerced.

Maybe I need to explain further here. I was going to leave things and deal with it under a ‘Daily Capper’ heading. However, some readers may be saying ‘Coercion? Of course there’s coercion’ and stomping out of the room in a huff.

The coercion ploy is a myth. In the ‘Daily Capper’ page I will go into much more detail of how it was all a GAME. Kids competed to be ‘Cam Whore of the Year’, ‘Hero of the Year’ (part of the game I believe Kody might have been involved in) and ‘Blackmailer of the Year’. It was a GAME. Girls competed for attention. Yes, GIRLS, those innocent creatures like Giovanna Plowman, Alyssa the dog-lover and the rest. What most people call coercion or enticement is the simple equivalent of the common usage: ‘tits or gtfo’. It is the 21st Century online version of ‘Doctors and Nurses’ – just taken further.

Yes – this game can get out of hand. It’s dangerous. Like the boy forced to drink out of the toilet bowl (‘What?’ I hear people say. ‘What’s that all about?’) Well, that story didn’t get much publicity. Victimised males don’t get publicity. It’s not just girls, you know!

But in Amanda’s case, you can forget coercion. Think – she was FORCED off of BlogTV. She was actually IP BANNED. But she simply made another identity. She called herself ‘Announcing Amanda’ – hardly the actions of a scared, shy individual.

But still I ask people to think. Let’s imagine that at some point Amanda WAS coerced into doing something. This all came to a head on December 23rd. Not before. She was happily flashing (the video clearly shows this). No story of coercion came then. The supposed blackmail wasn’t ‘get on to the Internet and flash’. It was ‘you are constantly flashing on the Internet, do some more’. She was already in the danger zone. Then, supposedly, it exploded on December 23rd. Game over. End of story. Coercion done, photos spread, finished. The blackmailer would have no more power. So why was she still there in January, 2011? Nobody could have coerced her – that was finished. Why did she continue on as isabella10055, Mandaa&Shyy and all the rest? No – the idea that she was dragged, kicking and screaming to BlogTV is wrong. She enjoyed it, got out of her depth, and couldn’t handle the consequences of being found out. Or, to put it another way, the responsible adults around her never helped her deal with the consequences.

But onwards.

We see the chat. Any trace of Kody Maxson yet? No. We see a reference to perso365 (19 in 2 days – more evidence that this is youngsters we’re talking about); johnnycage; tommds; no Kody.

‘Over the next few days, cutiielover returned to Blogtv, occasionally stripping.’ Not that one-off flash myth, then. ‘Eventually she was banned:’ Time to take a hint? …’But the damage was already done. Lurkers had recorded every minute, and that week, several videos of her were shared and discussed.’ Hang on, I thought that this was all about a one-off flashing? But I’m intrigued – how does the author know that ‘every’ minute was recorded? ‘several videos’?

The viewers know she was Amanda. There are seemingly no secrets on the Internet, especially when you publicise all your details. She gets banned. But lo and behold, she’s back. And we can see that she is well-known for her isabella100555 channel. She is everywhere!

But this is about Kody. Note a reference to heroes and traitors: ‘who is the hero in blogtv room’ – ‘WE GOT SOME TRAITORS’. Heroes and traitors, I’m guessing, may be White Knights or purely people acting to protect the girls. I speculate, but I have a theory: Kody may have been such a hero/traitor, and his actions earned the revenge of Anonymous and others. That is even if he was within a hundred miles of all this, which I doubt.

‘On December 18, 2010, Amanda Todd, who had just turned 14, started receiving threats from an unnamed capper.’ I’m prepared to half-believe this. What I mean is that I completely doubt it. This part of the story is lifted from Amanda’s video, but I need to at least be prepared to believe it. The placement of an actual date gives it certain credibility, but it worries me that it IS so specific. How does the author know? But look – it’s still an UNNAMED capper. This is odd. If the author knows that there is a person, Amanda knows there is a person, WHY NO NAME? ‘He demanded that she perform private shows for him on webcam, and he promised to send topless images of Todd to her friends and family if she refused.’ I think this is part of the legend. We only have Amanda’s word for that, and we know she lies. But for now, it’s irrelevant. What we do know for certain is that this is NOT a one-off flash story.

‘The harassment tactics were typical of Kody and his group’. Think. This doesn’t link Kody in at all. It doesn’t condemn him. It shows nothing. It simply isn’t possible to say ‘it was typical, therefore it MUST be him’. Why not perso, johnnycage, all the others mentioned? And what about the mysterious ‘group’? Why not them? This is almost like saying ‘his eyes are too close together, therefore he must be guilty of something.’

‘a producer of The Daily Capper told HyperVocal.’ Give me strength! Investing any trust in what the Daily Capper has to say is poor. It’s like asking Rupert Murdoch for an unbiased opinion of Hugh Grant!

“Kody wasn’t quiet about what he did.” Well, he was quiet enough. Have we seen any direct quote from him? Have we seen any evidence about him? For a person who wasn’t quiet, there’s not a lot to go on.

“He was very open about blackmailing before that so I’m sure he was open about this too.” Umm…was he? If he was so open, why are you finding it so difficult to provide definite links? Why was he never traced two years ago? How come his name is never mentioned in the story

‘And when Maxson tracked down a victim, his messages weren’t requests, but “demands using threats,” our source said. “Some [cappers] will blackmail the same girl for a long period of time until they’ve gotten everything they can.”

Come on, guize. My patience wears thin. ‘tracked down a victim’? Laughable. You don’t need to track down a victim when they appear every night. ‘Announcing Amanda’ isn’t exactly a super-secret pseudonym. And she was completely open about all her details, as we’ve seen. Tracking down Amanda? Oh, you mean going to Facebook.

“demands using threats”. Part of the Capper game. If you don’t flash, we’ll tell your parents. If you don’t play, we’ll stitch you up. Shameful activity. It IS possible for a girl or boy to get caught. It IS dangerous. The victim is caught – can’t just close down, or the stalker will tell everyone. Can’t tell parents, because they will go mad. You’re stuck.

But the Amanda case is much different. She was in this up to her neck. But she played the game. She continued AFTER being banned. She continued AFTER the police arrived. She knew the Capper community. She had multiple channels. She was notorious. You don’t call yourself ‘Announcing Amanda’ if you don’t like the game. And she gave them everything. There was little need to ask for more.

But still no link to Kody Maxson. Moving on.

‘For two years, a stranger stalked her on Facebook, demanding private cam shows and repeatedly sending her nudes to friends and family.’ The author’s getting lazy. Naughty. ‘a stranger’ – we have no idea if that is true or not. It’s only a stranger because there is never a reference to any name in all this. And it could have been someone who knew her. And it might NOT have been the same person. Many questions. But it wasn’t for two years. If it’s true, it was for a couple of weeks in December 2010 and then a year later. It wasn’t sustained over a period of time. There were no repeated demands, no ‘repeatedly sending her nudes’. Utter rubbish.

“Afterward, a classmate wrote on Facebook, “She should try a different bleach. I hope she dies this time and isn’t so stupid.” Really? We’ll assume the author knows exactly what was written. But for some reason, this classmate seems to escape any opprobrium. That’s because we need to blame Kody. But an aside – we see that Amanda really wasn’t liked.

Now we reach true farce levels. kodypwned. This is phenomenal, and shows what is TRULY happening. Let’s look closely:

kodypwned. A made up name, like so many. Why does nobody ever show their true faces here?  This guy is the first person to mention Kody Maxson, and link him to Amanda. And this is the day on which the cops turn up to her house.

I think it’s part of a frame up. But let’s assume it’s true.

While I think about it, I have to introduce another problem here. And it’s difficult to reconcile. If one is to believe this Kody Maxson story, and all the accompanying information about cutiielover, isabella100555 and so on, then one is forced to acknowledge that Amanda was lying in her video about the innocent one-off and using webcams to just meet friends. If one believes Amanda’s video, then one must see the hypervocal article as being a pack of lies. Which do you choose?

So – kodypwned. Ask a few questions. Would a super-intelligent stalker who nobody has yet found call himself by his own name – kody1206? Why are other blackmailers blackmailing him cos they hate him? Why would it be a lulzy arrest? It doesn’t make sense. Other blackmailers would support him, surely?  I think people had it in for Kody. And I think it was because he was not on their side.

‘How did kodypwned get the info? Amanda Todd sent it to him.’ How do we know that?

The screen shot with isabella100555 shows nothing but more oddity. Where the Hell did this screenshot come from? Just whose inbox is this screenshot from? And how did it get published? We are assuming that isabella100555 (Amanda) sent a message to asking him to add her. OK – we must be seeing’s inbox. But how? Why, if it is Kody Maxson, did he let someone display a screenshot? But look. Amanda doesn’t say ‘clear off’ – she says ‘add me’.

And the preceding text: ‘Kody had reached out to Amanda on MSN and sent her his email address. They must have struck up enough of a conversation for her to learn a few personal details, such as his full name (Dakota William Shain Maxson) and where he lived.’ Strange – she never, ever mentions his name in the video. He never features anywhere. She can’t have told the police all this. Yet he’s her Nemesis. Odd.

‘On January 4, Amanda messaged The Daily Capper to confirm that she was being blackmailed and that she’d already reported it to police. “its amanda here,” she wrote. “ah i am getting black mailed and the cops are out looking for the guy that posted the video of me flashing to all my family members and friends because i didn’t do stuff with him on cam. put that in ur news people are also getting charged but the site is shut down.”

I’ve dealt with this before, so I’ll try to be brief: she doesn’t say who she is getting blackmailed by when it is a perfect opportunity (he’s just the ‘guy’); it’s January 4th, nearly two weeks AFTER the police have knocked on the door; if she knew her stalker was Kody, why do the police have to search (he’s well-known to them); and why, in her time of need, does she turn to The Daily Capper, who brought a Hell of a lot of the trouble her way by mentioning her? It’s all too ridiculous. She has made up the stalker story to cover her ass!

But then we get even more nonsense!

‘Following Amanda Todd’s suicide, the hacker group Anonymous released all the known information on Kody Maxson. Some of it, such as his address, was false.’ And age. And job. And telephone number.

‘The connections between him and Amanda are flimsy’ – erm..non-existent, but hey, flimsy is enough..’Maxson was a lurker on Blogtv. He traded “jailbait” pictures of underage girls. He was a creep, sure, but not a creep who conclusively drove a teenage girl to suicide.’ Good Lord!! What a strange admission from this journalist. It’s all a pack of lies, but does it really matter?

‘But even if he never blackmailed Amanda, Anonymous argued, Maxson is still a creep who stalked other teenage girls. True or not, the information deserved to be made public.’ No. The truth should be made public. Not a pack of lies and false allegations. Anonymous, yet again, setting themselves up as guardians of the public morals – judges and executioners! ‘True or not’. So whether it’s true or not, it must be told. I can tell you the truth – Anonymous are morons.

I need to hurry along a bit now. This is just one article, and I have Patrick McGuire to deal with next – twaddle writer of the year.

So – the police announce Kody is innocent. Not enough for the lynch mob. The RCMP are a disgrace, along with the press – they should have done a lot more to stop all this nonsense.

Now we get to the point where Kody does himself no favours. The sexual assault and sexual interference charges. BIG note here for readers from the USA: in the USA sexual assault = rape. In other countries, it can range from a pinch on the buttocks through to major assault. In other countries, rape is called rape. This has led to confusion from USA people, who think he was involved in rape. This is false.

I’m not going in to detail. There are not enough facts. As far as I know, the case has been dropped. The warrant for arrest issued recently was for theft, that’s a fact. Kody has been in court a couple of times since October, 2012. That’s a fact. He’s due back in court in July of this year, but I don’t know the details. But know this – whatever he is up to, it is NOTHING TO DO with Amanda Todd.

Kody says that he and Amanda were friends. We don’t have to believe that. Why take his word for it? But we know he lives in Amanda’s locality. Amanda’s circle of friends was pretty extensive, ranging across Maple Ridge, Surrey, Vancouver and further afield, and he falls into the top end of the age group of her friends. It is highly possible that he knew her personally, or through acquaintances (another reason why he wouldn’t need to be a stalker online). But even if he didn’t know her personally, we know they might well have ‘met’ online. She was in all the places he would have been. Her video was at least on one central site – cameracaptures – and probably more, not just BlogTV. Get this straight – she was hugely and widely known. And she was all over Facebook and YouTube, so the likelihood that he knew her is high.

At this point – Brandon Reid, Amanda’s boyfriend, has an account on BlogTV. It seems to be THE place for friends to meet. I think it is highly likely that’s where he met Amanda. How romantic!

So it is hugely possible that Kody knew Amanda well. And it is just as likely that he might have been playing the White Knight.

Kody points to Viper. You can believe what you will. Pointing at others is always the first resort. But it still doesn’t matter. There is NOTHING to link him to being the stalker, or to be any way involved in the tragic tale of Amanda, as will be more explained in my next post.

Viper? Not relevant to the story. But note how we immediately get TWO Vipers. Ridiculous. Make up your mind, Anonymous. What next? Siamese twins?

Something to think about: there are a bunch of vile kids out there – I’ve dealt with some of them. They have a habit of sending pictures to Anonymous or vigilante anti-bullying or anti-pedophile sites. These pictures are usually of their teachers – even their parents! – and people fall for it every time! Please – just be warned.

Kody and Viper friends? Evidence please. There is no evidence of Viper and Kody trawling rooms. THINK. We have conversations mentioning Amanda. We supposedly have screenshots of personal messages. These people seem to spend their time screen capturing everything. But no Kody conversations? No Kody and Viper evidence. Give me a break! It’s because there isn’t any. It’s false.

‘Kody was directly involved with Amanda in December’ Really, says who? Oh, The Daily Capper – those lovely people.

Come on – I know that I’ve had to make assumptions, but at least I’ve tried to provide as much evidence as I can. And I will endeavour to show more as time goes on. Unlike this guy.

‘If Viper is the culprit, Kody was likely still involved and assisting him.’ Yes. If someone else is the culprit, we still have to go for Kody. That’s the game.

But for effing bloody Hell’s sake (see, I’m getting fed up):

‘But The Daily Capper doesn’t buy Kody’s story. Here’s the second reason it thinks Viper is innocent: Having tracked Viper for years, The Daily Capper knows his actions well enough to conclude that “while Viper may have been a pedophile, a troll, a psycho and many other things, one thing Viper was not was a blackmailer.”’

Please God, tell me what that means. ‘Jeffrey Dahmer might have been a serial killer, a rapist and a cannibal, but at least he wasn’t Kody Maxson’. And you have to keep asking questions. If the Daily Capper knew all of the above, why didn’t they send all the evidence to the police regarding Viper? Why did they just watch – for years?

We get a conversation with Viper. STILL no Kody, though.

Then more laying it on thick. What a load of rubbish. Viper – a minute ago described as ‘a pedophile, a troll, a psycho and many other things’ would never be a stalker. Well, he has his limits I guess. And what was it that Amanda’s stalker did that was worse than all of Viper’s traits? If it’s true – sent her pics to people.

But think for a minute. Just where are all these accusations coming from? The Daily Capper, for Pete’s sake. A group set up to exploit all the kids on webcam and to encourage all this activity. I will deal with them later, but like I’ve said – a community that invite votes for ‘Cam-Whore of the Year Award’ and ‘Blackmailer of the Year’ and more.  A community that shows pictures of young girls, names them, displays them – suddenly they’re getting all righteous?

I need to continue. Have patience. Bear with me. We’re on the final part of the article.

‘And it circles back to Maxson’ – no, it doesn’t actually. ‘The Daily Capper insists the capper community gave him up because they all hated him’ – so, why did they hate him? And if they hated him, isn’t that why this vendetta is being carried out? “Even if you wanted to believe his claims” – well, why not “you can be sure it all happened within his circle … a small group of hackers and blackmailers, most of whom are infamous for using the exact same tactics used against Amanda,” the video states. “There’s no big mystery here. Kody had been ID’d as a blackmailer even before it was a hot topic.”

Even if Kody is what everybody says – still no connection to Amanda.

“If Kody was a hero,” – mmm…nobody has used that word in the press. Nobody, nowhere. This is The Daily Capper giving things away. In Capper terms, a hero is someone who tries to stop what is going on, who reports things, who White Knights. Could it be that Kody WAS a hero?

“why is there so much wrong with the logic of his story?” because it’s all bollocks, that’s why! ”

“Why were so many people able to connect him to Amanda as soon as she was being blackmailed?” – well, that’s odd. Nobody can connect him. That’s the point. Nobody can provide decent evidence. The idiots of Anonymous tried and failed. The Daily Capper tried and failed.

And if you think they Peyton Ramsey story is enough – it isn’t. I will deal with that separately, but for now – even if Kody blackmailed Peyton, if he personally went round her house with a gun, whatever he did or didn’t do, that does not link him to Amanda. There is no link to Amanda.

Like I said – I will have to talk about the Peyton video separately. But look closely. There is still no clear link to Kody. We only have The Daily Capper’s word that iStream_Peyto is Kody

At this point, people will be saying that, of course, Kody would have kept himself secret. But it’s codswallop. Think:

Kody is not the brightest spark. He’s been in Court, it looks like he’s always in trouble. Reading not too much into it – he’s an idiot. The sensible side of me would say that he is a troubled youth who needs guidance. It’s just simpler to say he’s an idiot. If he was clever, he wouldn’t leave his pictures online. He wouldn’t let people possibly trace him. He wouldn’t call himself Kody, he’d call himself some pseudonym like Viper or perso. He wouldn’t be able to avoid the police for over two years – especially as he seems to be on nodding terms with them! He wouldn’t introduce himself to Amanda as the article implies – ‘Hello, my name’s Kody. Can I stalk you?’ He’s stupid enough to allow Peyton to supposedly broadcast his name all over BlogTV, even as far as address details and so on (cut from what is now available). I will track the original – it is out there somewhere. He’s just too plain dumb not to have left a massive trail with his name all over it. Yet this article and others really struggle to put anything together, resorting simply to guilt by association. Kody just isn’t clever enough.

God this seems to go on forever. But I must persist if I am to assist! Or should I just not resist the urge to desist! I’m beginning to go wander off track! Please accept my lack of lucidity.

Let’s look at Peyton’s transcript:

‘A month ago he recorded me for the first time, and then I was stupid enough to keep doing it because he said he’d never do it again, and he was stupid and he didn’t want to ruin our relationship. And he just used me and he stopped calling me, stopped calling me and just wanted me out of his life because I gave him what he wanted.’

OK – the stupidity of young girls online has already been discussed at length. At least she admits it. I love the word ‘relationship’. A lovely relationship. But enough of that. But what is it that arch-villain Kody does when he tires of Peyton? He stops calling her. Call the police immediately! He just wants her out of his life. Oh no! Arrest that man!

But what is missing from this? Come on – it’s not Mastermind. This isn’t a trick question. Blackmail, perhaps? Am I missing something? Does Peyton mention blackmail? Threats? A metaphorical gun at her head? Nope.

It’s childishness. She flashes (we assume). He caps it. He says he’ll never do it again. She keeps doing it. He keeps doing it. Not exactly a shameful history of intrigue and deceit. A tale of two idiots. ‘he just used me’. Christ Almighty! Possibly one of the most repeated dramatic phrases used by womankind since the beginning of history – from 14-year-olds to the ex-Mrs Huhne! Pass me the smelling salts! And that was it. He moves on. He got what he wanted (we don’t really know what that is, but we can guess) and he gets bored and moves on. No blackmail, no coercion, no threats. Juvenile idiocy.

‘I have his address … he lives in Canada, I know his cousins’ names, his family … his full name is Dakota William Shain Maxson … I know his phone number … I was just, like, liking the attention he was giving me.’

So what dreadful revelation is this? Kody has been open with her. He’s not hidden anything. She knows all about his family, all personal details, he’s told her all this. Not exactly predator stalker behaviour. And what was he doing? He was giving her attention. And she liked the attention. When it stopped, she got angry. So she gives away all his details when asked. But just note: no mention of blackmail, threats, coercion. Just in case you forgot. And, of course, no mention of Amanda.

If Peyton is meant to be an example to condemn Kody, it’s failed miserably.

‘Some cappers say she still has a relationship with r0ra, which is why she’s refusing to speak publicly about the community.’ Talk about making things up as you go along. It is far more likely that Peyton wants this buried.

‘Like Kody Maxson, he was a known stalker of Peyton’. Hang on a minute. Ten seconds ago we just saw that Kody didn’t stalk Peyton. They were friends – in a ‘relationship’. He didn’t stalk her. He got to know her, she did whatever she did, he capped it, he moved on. He didn’t track her down like some hunted animal, she was just silly enough to trust him when he said he wasn’t capping her.

‘Stalking is a term commonly used to refer to unwanted or obsessive attention by an individual or group toward another person.’ Peyton got miffed because he WASN’T paying her attention. She got annoyed because he wasn’t obsessive and moved on. She WANTED his attention.

I love the next bit: “Viper has been upset at the way Peyton has been treating him since she found out his real age.” So the lovely Peyton chooses to hang out with weirdos, even when she knows what they are up to. Stone the crows! And I have to put up with useless mothers saying they don’t know what their daughters do online. I tell them, and they hate me.

‘And thanks to Amanda Todd’s story, we now know what cappers are capable of when they get upset.’ What? Just what exactly?

Kody? Gets bored with Peyton. Simply moves on harmlessly.

Viper? A nutter who is ‘in love’ with Peyton and cuts HIMSELF.

Just where is this example of cappers being harmful? Peyton and the others seem to take it all in their stride. However much you might hate the Capper community, however much you might despise the likes of Viper and the rest, there is NO evidence that they have caused any harm outside of that community. There is no evidence in this article. We are simply stuck with this ridiculous Amanda Todd story in which we THINK it’s the Capper community, we THINK it’s Kody Maxson or some monstrous predator.

In nearly all the other ‘spread your picture’ stories – the true ones – it’s been school people, close, known people.  Felicia Garcia – classmates. Hope Witsell, Jesse Logan, Dina van Cleve and many others. All the problems came for those close to the person.

Look at the hate poured upon Amanda Todd. It wasn’t from the Capper community. It was from her classmates, people who knew her. It wasn’t the Capper community that told her to drink bleach. In all the other cases, the photos come from classmates.

People know what I think by now. We know that Amanda was notorious. Someone close to her found out. Amanda had lots of enemies. Her photo got sent out not by some predator, but by some mischief maker. She made up the stalker story to cover herself. THINK! The story of the stalker was AFTER the police arrived. She sends a note to the Cappers two weeks AFTER the police arrive.

I need to finish this article.

The recap. One of the worst pieces of journalistic conclusions I have seen.

“Here’s what we know” well, we know nothing. “— or at least have enough evidence to conclude is true:” No. There is nothing we can conclude is true.

“Kody Maxson blackmailed Amanda Todd in 2010”. Laughable. Except it’s not. It’s shameful.

“The whole capper community knew it and reached out to The Daily Capper to try to expose him.” No. Somebody call kodypwned said something. This is not the whole Capper community. But wait – wasn’t it the Daily Capper that first broadcast Amanda’s identity all over the place?

‘Amanda even helped Maxson’s fellow cappers “dox” him.’ No, she didn’t.

‘Two weeks later, she told The Daily Capper she was being blackmailed, but didn’t say by whom.’ Isn’t that suspicious in some way?

‘Blackmail was Maxson’s specialty.’ No, it wasn’t. Have we any evidence of this? Certainly not from Peyton. No evidence whatsoever.

‘He was infamous for harassment so heinous that even Viper and other peers rejected him.’ No, he wasn’t. You made that up. Again, Peyton seems to have quite liked him. No heinous harassment to be seen.

‘He spoke publicly about blackmailing Peyton using the same formula of Facebook stalking and personal threats that Amanda faced’ No, he didn’t. You’ve made that up, too. Does Peyton mention any blackmail?

The Daily Capper notes sarcastically, “It could just be a coincidence that [Maxson] openly blackmailed every other girl before and after Amanda.” Who is ‘every other girl’? We’ve seen no evidence of this. It’s all just baloney. If ‘every other girl’ is Peyton, we’ve already seen that there was no blackmail.

Then it gets even more ridiculous. Having just written: “Kody Maxson blackmailed Amanda Todd in 2010” we then see ‘If Maxson wasn’t involved, his friends were’.

Blimey, I’m getting tired.

‘Todd was one of hundreds, maybe thousands, of young girls who became subject to the whims of a network of pedophiles who specialize in the sexual exploitation of minors.’ No – she wasn’t. That is utter, utter nonsense. I’ve already mentioned all of this in the blog, but for anyone who is just reading today’s post, I’ll be brief:

Yes, there are hundreds of girls going online. But they are not ‘subjects to the whims’ – they are doing it voluntarily, for fun, for attention. There is not a ‘network of pedophiles’ out there – it’s a mishmash of dirty old men, hormone driven adolescents, curious kids and maladjusted others. These people don’t ‘specialize in the sexual exploitation of minors.’ They are idiotic voyeurs on the Internet. The pedophiles are watching ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ and Honey Boo Boo. Not watching stupid 14-year-olds. I have mentioned this ALL before.

‘The men who secretly recorded and shared pictures of Amanda Todd — and other young girls — are complicit in her suicide.’ That’s a big, big statement. And it’s not fully true. If you want to make a Court case out of Amanda’s suicide, you would have to include the girl who hit her, the people who watched her getting hit, the teachers, the police, the parents, the people who supplied her drink and drugs, the boy she had sex with, the kids who said ‘Drink bleach’, even her doctors. The Capper community and all it entails was only a fraction of the story. And of course, you must think in all this – just how much did Amanda willingly walk into the lion’s den? Or was it inevitable that her mental illness and self-destructive tendencies would catch up with her in the end? Nothing is straightforward.

‘What does The Daily Capper want? Justice’ Ha ha. If there was any justice, the Daily Capper would be sued for what they did. It’s a joke.

That’s about it. There’s a final paragraph of sanctimonious twaddle. The article is finished. And so am I – just about!

I will return to look at the Patrick McGuire articles.

Thanks for reading this. It’s a bit longer than usual, but I hope it’s worth it.

8 thoughts on “Day 23 – the Kody Maxson stalker myth

  1. Lordy, the stuff I could send you about Peyton, r0ra, etc … I’ve done more research on her than Amanda and … I’ll tell you the rest in e-mail or something … if you’re interested. The cops in her city sure as hell didn’t do much.

    • I’m not sure what the cops can do. I guess that they can’t lock these kids away for their own safety. Even after the December 2010 hoohah, Amanda STILL went online as if nothing had altered.
      The cops and adults are completely useless when it comes to technology. This online stuff is a new ballgame for them and to be honest, I’m not sure that they care. Unless something actually happens in the real world, there’s not a lot they can do. And I still think that there are so many kids involved, that they don’t want to end up with tons of kids with criminal records at the age of 15-16. And there’s a problem. Would you prosecute Amanda for broadcasting stuff? Perhaps they should make it illegal for kids to show their bits on the Internet. As usual, more discussion needed.

  2. The DC video sure is bizarre, now that I REALLY think about it a second or third time since first seeing it! For starters, why is the “dox” of Kody THE SAME as what Anonymous in 2012 “discovered”?? Just WHO is “kodypwned”? Amanda? A member of Anonymous (or future Anon. member)? Someone in the DC THEMSELVES who created a false ‘trail’ because they just REALLY hated Kody?

    I wonder if the DC video ITSELF wasn’t just some big FRAME JOB concocted by the disgruntled former capper in charge of DC to “make Kody look real bad”…? Furthermore, doesn’t it seem at least a little strange that the guy running DC DID NOT approve the comment on the original video? Or at least, that’s what it seems… Was he really just “waiting for a disaster like this to happen”, kept all the ‘evidence’ and then PUT IT OUT THERE AT THE LAST MINUTE to put heat on Kody?? Why was the screencap shown in the latest vid OF THE EMAIL with a copy of the comment INSTEAD OF THE ACTUAL COMMENT IN THE COMMENT SECTION when the video was still up??

    Hm… The fact that he KEPT all those emails and private messages (from the looks of it) for years on end is a bit weird, to say the least. Or maybe he was just lazy in deleting some…

    And the screencap of her telling Kody she “added you”…? Why…? Who could’ve obtained that from her or Kody?? Assuming Kody was the ONLY one she sent the message to.. for email contacts, YT, what?.

    The rabbit hole just gets ever deeper…

    • This is a great mystery, but, as with so many big mysteries, I always think the answer is relatively simple. The guy who did Daily Capper simply got bored with it, gave it up, then didn’t realise that Amanda’s story would revitalise it all. Most of this Daily Capper stuff was, in essence, simply a game played amongst a few participants – the ‘heroes’, the ‘villains’, and the girls. It was never really as sinister as people make out – sure there were perves and pedos, but there were also a lot of people who I will concisely call ‘hormone-driven idiots’ – and these were on BOTH sides. Most of the girls were simply too stupid to think that their exploits wouldn’t be found out, or actually enjoyed the thrill of it all.
      I think Kody was there somewhere, but in what role I don’t really know. Again – the simple answer. He got involved with Peyton, tried it on too much, then moved on. If you see her video, that’s all that happened. The difficult phrase here is ‘blackmail’ which, as is the case in most of this story, has been blown out of all proportion. The games that these kids were up to were, for the most part, just that. Some girl would flash, some guy would say ‘show me more’ or else I will do something. You have to see that for most of the participants it was just a game (that’s not to say that there aren’t despicable perverts about).
      What surprises me is the lack of data. Amanda would – if things were as bad as she said – have written ‘soandso is blackmailing me’ and she could have done this on many occasions. And, as I have said a million times, if it was as bad, she would NOT have made son many attempts to return to BlogTV and she wouldn’t have stayed online as Mandaa&Shyy and so on.
      And you would be surprised by what people keep on their computers – more through laziness than anything else.
      The mysterious return of the Daily Capper was, I believe, just more bandwagon stuff – a sort of last gasp. Remember, at the time the Capper stuff took place, it was really all a game. If the Capper had reported everything going on to the police, he would have been REALLY busy, plus, in all honest truth, the cops don’t give a fuck about what stupid kids do online. It was only the Amanda story that made anyone pay attention. The police remark? Just see which way they have steered the story – not one of online flashing/blackmailing/perverts, but one of bullying. Why? Because dealing with the likes of BlogTV is too much of a pain in the ass.

    • Damn, I’d completely forgotten about that one lone DC video from the end of 2012. Trying to sort through all that info is like an outsider trying to figure out who’s who in the world of international diplomacy and espionage. So much misdirection. I recognize so many of those names from back then and AFAIK all of them are still free men.

      John, what comment are you referring to when you say “DC DID NOT approve the comment on the original video”?

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