Day 24 – Patrick McGuire

You can’t look at the Amanda Todd story without looking into the shameful gutter-press proclamations of Patrick McGuire of Words elude me when I need to describe his type of journalism.

If you are aware that all his articles are pure bullshit, then you need go no further. If you are aware that a ‘stitch up Kody Maxson’ campaign is being waged, then go no further. If you need no more evidence that the whole Amanda Todd story is surrounded by lies and deceit, then ignore today’s post. Patrick McGuire is a supporter of Anonymous – do I need to say more?

In the previous investigation of the hypervocal article, it seemed to go on forever. So I will attempt to be brief here. I will start with this article:

We begin with a sensationalist headline, but that’s to be expected. Then the lies appear – ‘coaxed into flashing’, ‘this man continually blackmailed’, lies we already know exist. Same old stuff. ‘a complicated case of sexual extortion and abusive humiliation perpetrated by a blackmailer’ We know that’s not true.

A bit more sensationalism. Now note how he goes into using inflammatory words – ‘predatory scumbags’, ‘paedophiles’. Guaranteed to get people roused. What he doesn’t say is that the AnonIB is full of male teens – not paedophiles, not even men. A bunch of kids, basically.

I’ve already mentioned it, but I will say it again. The vast majority of cappers are young male kids. They do it for kicks, for fun, and because the Daily Capper encourages it to be like a game. They are not paedophiles – they are too young for a start. Paedophiles are looking at ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ – cappers are kids looking at young girls not far off their own age. The blackmailing is seen simply as part of an online game – it’s not sinister and evil, it’s dumb kids being stupid.

Now – get this straight. Amanda did not kill herself because of the so-called blackmail. It’s simply not true. The blackmail (if it occurred) was in 2010. It was over and done with. She had one more encounter a year later, but that was not blackmail. The much more likely problems came from the fight at the school, the drink and drugs problems, and possibly boyfriend issues. The ‘stalker’ issue is just a small part of the story.

It would be stupid to deny that there are disgusting people on the Internet. It’s a cesspit, for Pete’s sake. But as Mr McGuire sort of says, most of the idiots online will not concern themselves with kids – they want “hot coworkers and guests”.

How can I explain this better? I can try to describe three categories. This is not scientific, but it’s a good estimate:

1. Pedophiles. They are NOT anywhere near this story. They are the worst category of human beings, and they are mentally ill. They operate totally differently. Believe me on this one.

2. Men. That just about covers it. Sex-obsessed, maladjusted, juvenile, prurient – remember that the most Googled phrase is ‘free porn’. And some of these men will do bad things – but mainly concerning women, not kids.

3. Kids. From the age when you want your first glimpse of boobs through to as old as idiotic early 20s. These are some of the main users of the new technology. And for them it is all some sort of game. Amanda Todd was one of them. The vast majority of her BlogTV watchers were kids. The vast majority of people who told her to drink bleach, who posted pictures before and after the event – kids.

To turn this into a pedophile hunt is wrong. There are plenty more scandals for that. This is about idiotic kids gone wild. That is all.

Mr McGuire refers to The Daily Capper show. Ironically, it was me that told him about this. Yes, that’s true. I have already mentioned the Daily Capper, and I may give them a separate post.

‘Given that The Daily Capper appears to be the source of the footage, it stands to reason that at least one of the show’s creators was the capper who recorded the video.’ Well, no, it doesn’t. Only in his head. The Daily Capper might have recorded it. Chances are somebody sent it to them.

‘difficult for anyone outside the capping community to comprehend’ You would have to be Chief Dimwit not to understand what the videos are all about.

‘The producer also said that he is 19 years old’ – see, I told you. Not grown men.

‘a role model for Kody1206.” Since revealed to the world as one Kody Maxson, 19’ . No. That simply isn’t true. There has been no conclusive evidence to show that Kody1206 and Kody Maxson are the same. This is bad reporting.

‘Even more disturbing is the fact that the producer knew Amanda Todd was being blackmailed as early as December 2010 and perhaps even before that. Still, he neglected to do anything about it. When, two weeks before he released the latest Capper video detailing Amanda’s suicide, I asked him why he’d withheld this information for almost two years, he said: “I really do regret not doing it… I was wrong. I didn’t think there was anything I could do at that point. I do agree it was really stupid to just ignore it. I really can’t give a logical reason why.”’

This is tosh. There was no suggestion that the Daily Capper knew about any blackmailing of Amanda prior to 2011. They first had any hint in January, 2011. If they did know of blackmailing, remember that it was all a game to them – a game they encouraged. And they only released ‘evidence’ when they, too, jumped on the bandwagon – false evidence.

I congratulate Mr McGuire’s next paragraph, in which he says ‘get them the help they so desperately need’, but I find it odd that he’s already referred to them as scumbags.

‘Numerous requests to interview Sergeant Peter Thiessen, the media liaison in charge of the Amanda Todd case for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, were ignored.’ Well, I sympathise with McGuire here. The RCMP have been particularly bad when it comes to dealing with this case.

Then we get poor, poor reporting made to look like he’s done his research. He quotes Dr Fred Berlin, but fails to define pedofiles – because, of course, it doesn’t make for sensationalism. He leaves out a key point – when you’re talking of pedophiles and children, the ‘children’ are just that – usually very, very young. For a pedophile, the child has to be PRE-PUBESCENT – please understand that. Pedophilia is something ENTIRELY different, and entirely more dangerous than what we are dealing with here.

Now more rubbish. ‘In Amanda’s YouTube video, she says the man on the other end of her computer called her “perfect” and “beautiful”, which helped persuade her to flash him.’ Well, firstly we know for certain that this scenario never existed. And we can take that as fact. And McGuire knows that. But even if we assume it’s true, isn’t this ‘man’ meant to be Kody Maxson, aged 17 at the time of the so-called blackmail? And if we assume Amanda was as young as 12 at the time of the initial flash, Kody Maxson would have been 15.

(You know, sometimes I feel like a round of applause is due for me!)

And now – give me the strength to address this properly – we see even more nonsense attributed to Carol Todd.

‘Around the time of Amanda’s blackmailing, Carol said that she and her daughter were having regular conversations about the dangers of her online behaviour.’ Oh, really? Are we expected to believe this? Bear in mind they’re not even in the same house together – Mrs Todd lived elsewhere.

‘Carol knew about The Daily Capper and the blackmailing world in which Amanda had unwittingly become a celebrity of sorts.’ What a litany of lies!

OK – here we go again. Mrs Todd said that she was shocked when the police gave her the news on December 23rd. Like it was all new to her. NOW she says she was fully aware before that event. She says she was aware of the Daily Capper, but I can tell you that very few people were aware – their YouTube videos hardly got noticed before all this. It was ME who brought it to McGuire’s attention. But Mrs Todd knew about Amanda’s behaviour? She knew that Amanda was ‘a celebrity of sorts’? Yet all along she kidded us that it was a one-off? Who’s lying or telling the truth here?

‘She even provided police with links (provided to her anonymously via Facebook) to the newscasts and posts on paedophile forums that mentioned Amanda.’ Utter, utter drivel. One minute Mrs Todd is the daughter of a tricked innocent who flashed once; next she’s the mother of an online celebrity who she knows is on newscasts and posts. People are simply not telling the truth.

‘no arrests have been made in connection with Amanda’s extortion.’ Well, Mrs Todd has avoided the wrath of social services, I’ll give her that. The reason why no arrests have been made is because THERE WAS NO CRIME. Amanda expressly wrote that she DID NOT give in to extortion. This means she did all her stuff voluntarily. I repeat – Amanda WAS NOT EXTORTED to flash all over the Internet. She was not coerced or tricked or blackmailed into it.

Answer this. If the blackmailer wanted to blackmail her, then why did he send the photos out, thus losing his only possible bit of power? He would have held on to them. But according to Amanda, she refused to be blackmailed, and the photos were sent out. If she refused to be blackmailed, then what really made her get naked all over the Internet? Because she WANTED to.

And yet more insanity:

‘Carol and I discussed the potential for educating people on the complexities of this tragic and disturbing problem. “I had a daughter,” Carol said, “and I’ve been hearing the stuff people have been saying – that Amanda must have been neglected. I talked to her about what she should and shouldn’t do, and she would just nod her head and say, ‘Yes, Mum. I understand.’ Did it all get into her head? No. At that moment, kids are so impulsive. They don’t want to be lectured.”

Neglected? You bet. Alcohol, marijuana, sex, Internet flashing. All indicative of a truly observant and careful parent! ‘Kids are so impulsive’ – to flash over a period of time, to manufacture many identities, to actually get banned from BlogTV is not ‘impulsive’ – it’s a well-worn habit. ‘They don’t want to be lectured’ – please, read my post about pathetic parenting.

And then we get the last piece of appalling reporting:

‘Many kids who get involved sexually with adults’ – this is just not the case here. Amanda was not involved sexually with adults – she was flashing, for the most part, to teens. These are TEENS we are talking about. Once we get this story straight, and the full truth is told, we will only then learn what the teens are getting up to.

I will examine Patrick McGuire’s other farcical claims in my next post.

5 thoughts on “Day 24 – Patrick McGuire

  1. You wrote “a role model for Kody1206.” Since revealed to the world as one Kody Maxson, 19′ . No. That simply isn’t true. There has been no conclusive evidence to show that Kody1206 and Kody Maxson are the same.”

    Actually, yes, they were one and the same. Peyton is the one who ID’ed him in a video segment you mentioned before from The Daily Capper. I was in several of her broadcasts where he was discussed. He also sometimes used a couple of other aliases when she kicked his Kody1206 account from her show. I have none of that recorded, I’m afraid, but this all took place around August or September of 2010, about the same time as the insanity of CarmenCurbstomp aka CarmenSunkist was coming to a head.

    I communicated a couple of times with McGuire after I found the stories linked out of Encyclopaedia Dramatica. I’ll have to go back and find what exactly I told him and what his replies were.

    • Interesting. The Peyton/Kody role in all this is intriguing. If you listen to what she says, it’s not condemning – she is actually quite fond of him. It looks as if he didn’t persist, and that is one of the reasons I didn’t pursue it. Some of her remarks came after the event, and I think she might have been influenced by other people. I will investigate. If Peyton had reported that Kody had sent photos of her around, then it would have been hot news.
      There is still no direct evidence to tie in Kody with Amanda. To a certain extent, whatever he did, there is still no direct link to what happened. That is why I get frustrated – the blackmail trail should have been massive if Kody managed to contact all of her friends and family, and especially if he returned. And why didn’t Amanda name him in the email? I think he might have been around at the time, but then again so were many more suspects. I’m also assuming that he is too dimwitted to not leave a trace behind. Another reason why I left him out is because he would have been 15-16 at the time. It would have helped if Anonymous had been more precise – to announce that he was 30-32 and so on was foolish, when it was relatively easy to check that he was 19.
      I am also at another loss. Amanda was not alone in the videos – surely a quick questioning of her partners would help. And, of course, there is other stuff. If the blackmail threats had been so shocking, how come Amanda never stopped. Do you see now why I get so confused?
      It’s weird. Peyton looks about 12-14. Her mom is in the room, and seems to be aware of Kody. But Peyton doesn’t seem to be discouraged by all of the stuff (like so many of the others). Which has led me to believe that some of this stuff is a ridiculous two-way thing – the camwhores quite like the games played out. Looking back to December 2010, it really looks as if Amanda wasn’t all that fussed. She continued online, and by the time of her death it’s pretty obvious that all the capping stuff was in the past. The main problems came from the physical bullying and the Clorox posts. Like all of this, it needs more discussion and facts.

      • Peyton WAS fond of Kody – it was an on-again, off-again situation even after he attempted to blackmail her with what was supposedly a very poorly done video of her bating for him whilst clothed (barely) in some one-on-one Tinychat session. She’d kick him from her shows and swear never to be used again, only to take him back a couple of days later. Her viewers were exasperated.

        She claimed that Kody had been contacted by the police after he broadcast her video somewhere (BlogTV?) and that he allegedly had only the one video. She also made other claims that I wrote off as fanciful. I’d have to go back over the chatlogs during where this was discussed and where, coincidentally enough, she began expressing attraction to r0ra, even knowing full well he and Viper were adults. This was before her full-blown porn vids and the notification of her police department. Even after the police visit, Peyton stated that her mother would inquire how r0ra was doing, apparently quite accepting that her 15yo daughter was involved in an online relationship with a Dutch child pornographer of almost 30.

        THIS is why Peyton is now hated so much – she’s 200% r0ra’s plaything now and cannot or will not accept the truth about him. Why the police did not involve Child Protective Services, I don’t know. Her family has refused to talk to the media after Amanda’s death.

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