Day 25 – a slight wander off course – pedophiles on the Internet

Well – Day 25 begins. It seems like Day 325! But – another day, another douleur, as they say!

I’m still not sure what people want from this blog. Sometimes I wonder what I, myself, really want from it. To inform people? Definitely. To prevent kids from getting into trouble online? Maybe that’s delusional. I’m driven to try and provide facts and to arrive at some version of ‘The Truth’. But that sounds like I’ve got some sort of complex. Are people just interested in the Amanda Todd legend? Or are people more interested in the problems surrounding it? I don’t really know. However, I feel I need to get something clear at this point – to clear up things regarding my view of pedophilia and pedophiles in all this.

I can tell you with as much absolute certainty as I can – pedophiles are nowhere near this case. If people want me to, I can tell you how some of them work and what some of them get up to. But what stops me from going in to too much detail is that it can be quite frightening. It is easy to whip up a storm of hatred and paranoia, but I don’t want to give every parent sleepless nights. I have seen some useful information on a parenting website regarding what not to do online (as always, I didn’t bookmark it. I will have to see if I can find it for you) but I have also found, as usual, horrendous ‘spot the pedophile’ type of information that basically says that any man over the age of thirty who lives on his own is a potential criminal!

I can give you one pointer, though. In many cases, if you think someone’s a pedophile, he’s not.

(An unfortunate aside. As a male, I feel ashamed of my gender. In the vast majority of cases such as pedophilia, it is always men involved. Therefore I always describe stalkers, predators and what have you as males. But maybe I should say that women are sometimes involved – they can be facilitators. But for what I have to say here, it’s easier just to say ‘he’ all the  time.)

So back to where I left off. Pedophiles are not easily identifiable. They are cunning. Many of them act almost in broad daylight, either covering their activities in disguise or relying on the blindness of people close to them. They are manipulative. People in the U.K. are stunned by the Sir Jimmy Savile case and the alleged Sir Cyril Smith activities. Note here: both of them received knighthoods! Now, of course, everyone says it was obvious, but that’s what people always do after they find out. You don’t get knighted for being an obvious pedophile!

I’ve lost my thread a bit. Bear with me.

If the Amanda Todd story is used as an example of pedophile activity, that is wrong, and it will distract attention from the real problems of the story. People will be looking in the wrong direction when it comes to dealing with the solutions.

People have accused me of being a pedophile supporter because I have sought to defend Kody Maxson – the thought process being ‘He’s a pedophile, you’re supporting him, that makes you one.’ Laughable, really.

Another aside. Way back when, when I started all this investigation, I got viciously attacked online. Threats of violence, death threats, reported to the police – you name it, I got it. The fact that some guy in Australia was going to come round to my house 12,000 miles away was a real worry! I was actually accused of  being Kody Maxson, the stalker, and more!

But I made a mistake. After being harassed, I lost my temper and said words to the effect of ‘OK I’m Kody Maxson or whatever, I confess, now go away!’ That made it worse! Seriously, these people thought that they had located the central character of all the story!

Some person came online: ‘We know you are a child abuser because you confessed’. Despite all my efforts to explain, it was to no avail. The more I reasoned with them, the more they replied that I was covering myself. And then I thought ‘If I make my story so utterly ridiculous that no-one in their right mind would believe it, maybe that will work. The conversation went something like this:

Person: We know you are a child abuser. Just how many children have you abused?

My response (tired and bored): 9783

Person: We knew it. And what names did you use to disguise yourself?

Me (OK, at this point I was stupid, but it’s too late now): ‘Father Christmas’, ‘Scout Leader’, ‘The Pope’

OK. Perhaps I AM my own worst enemy.

But yet again, I’ve digressed. Where was I?

OK – I’m not a pedophile supporter. As always, it is easier to get hysterical and vilify people, and, to a certain extent, some of these people deserve it. But we should never lose track of who or what we are in society. Surely, by now, we should abandon the lynch-mob mentality? There are evil people in society, and we should think about how we deal with it. But we should also try to understand. Some of these people are mentally ill. Many are victims of child abuse themselves. It’s complicated – too complicated to go into here.

Blimey – I’ve wittered on a bit today. I hope it’s not been nonsense. But I’ll try to finish.

Basically, put all the thoughts about pedophiles to one side in this story. But don’t ignore the danger – they are out there. It doesn’t mean never allowing your child to go on the Internet, and it doesn’t mean locking up all men who look suspicious.

It’s all about knowledge and understanding. In the same way you warn kids not to accept sweets from strangers, warn them not to accept friend requests from people they don’t know. There’s no need to scare them to death. Although I’ve called Facebook and the Internet a cesspit, there are lots of good things out there – it’s just about learning to steer clear of the dangers. Perhaps I could put it a better way:

The ocean can seem frightening to some, but once you step your toes into it, it can be great. But if you don’t learn to swim, or you get out of your depth, it can kill you.

Did ANY of this post make sense?

2 thoughts on “Day 25 – a slight wander off course – pedophiles on the Internet

  1. Yes your post did make sense and yes you are definately your own worst enemy at times, as I’ve said previously.

    The trouble is your good at the mind games & being a smart ass that folk really don’t know what to think or how to react, so can become very defensive! My take on this would be if you were a pedophile you wouldn’t be drawing attention to yourself, but others might think your double bluffing etc. I believe your blogg has shown a lot to why you are doing this…..its personal to you for various reasons.

    It may sound a bit off, but if the Cappers are kids messing with kids, then it doesn’t seem so horrible (still sordid, sleazy & repulsive) but its not the older perverts I’ve been lead to believe. Amanda played a game that was rewarding & exciting to her but got terribly burned & couldn’t deal with the fallout. The misery of this situation is what she did wasn’t all that bad, she could have gotten passed it all. It would have been real tough but it could have been done. Move school, get offline immediately etc & eventually it would have blown over! Grrrr. So annoying!

    Anyway keep up good work 🙂

    • Hello Colin! This is almost like our own personal conversation!
      Yes – I can be my own worst enemy! People who knew me from Facebook will know that I’ve been naughty sometimes. But that comes from a combination of things – boredom, tiredness, exasperation. Also, at times, if I had given into flippancy I would have ground down my teeth to the roots.
      I’m not really good at mind games. If I tried to play mind games, or play around and make stuff up, people would see through all this quite quickly – rather like the Amanda Todd story! Playing mind games takes far more effort than just trying to recount the story with some research (which is difficult enough as it is!). Being a smart ass? I don’t know. Most of my research seems to come easily – it only takes a few minutes with Google to be able to look like an expert these days! Admittedly, I have gone a bit deeper, but nearly everything in this blog could be found by other people.
      Double bluffs? Triple, quadruple bluffs? No.
      The Cappers ARE mainly kids. And those who aren’t kids are simply maladjusted – the one’s who are still in mom’s basement in their thirties. And they are not ‘evil’ – they are just plain idiots.
      Now, we’re back to Amanda, where it’s easy to be simplistic on both sides. I’ve already shown the incredible stupidity and negligence involved – the many times when it would appear that anyone with common sense would have done something. But I believe that there was something in Amanda’s nature that made things almost inevitable. The workings of a person’s mind can be a mystery. I will try to go into more detail when I eventually get round to the end of this blog – which is coming soon, hopefully.

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