Day 26 continued – Patrick McGuire/Kody Maxson

I really want to be quick with all the Patrick McGuire stuff. I’m conscious that I’m not showing detail, but I need to move on.

Another article:

A good attention-grabbing headline.

‘pedophile’ again.

‘overly clever paedophiles against insecure teenagers’ More rubbish.

‘Luckily, the Canadian Mounties have a 20 to 25 man task force working on this, as they told the National Post, so at least they seem to know what’s up.’ Oh yeah? Two years they had to look for someone. So far all they can come up with is: IT ISN’T KODY MAXSON. But we all know that anyway.

But some nice comments though:

‘That is the most flawed article I’ve read all week. Congrats Vice, you are truly a piece of shit.’

Perhaps the worst article:

This is by far the most ludicrous article of them all. It is just so shockingly faked that is almost deserving of a jail sentence, and in the U.K. it would be open to prosecution for libel.

But I feel the need to boast. Your friendly neighbourhood Philip Rose saw through this instantly. How come? The young lady involved had contacted me earlier. She had already published her own little story about Kody. I had the video removed from YouTube.

I will go through the article.

This is just shameless action by McGuire to squeeze the last drops of publicity from this story. He knows it’s over – ‘The media attention surrounding Amanda Todd…has largely died down’. But maybe he was told to produce a quick story about it – the desperation in this article is immense.

‘a few online activists have been tirelessly investigating’ – nonsense. Anonymous have moved on. Everyone’s moved on. It’s no longer news. But there is at least one person left – Enigmahood. I won’t go into all of the cretinism of Enigmahood, you can take a look at his YouTube channel:

And Mr McGuire – the diligent researcher – maybe overlooked this video:

But no – in the vendetta against Kody Maxson, everyone’s an ally!

Outside of McGuire and Enigmahood, there were only a couple of people who knew who the mysterious ‘Gei’ is. Me and a friend who helped out.

Here is an email I sent to Mr McGuire:

Subject: Kody Maxson – your inaccurate reports.

Come on -please report sensibly. You know that Geissell Morall was born on January 18th, 1994, so she wasn’t 14 in 2012. You messed up big time there. You took her age from her YouTube account that says ’15 year old’ but forgot to realise that she was too dim to update her original 2010 entry. You forgot to mention that Kody WAS arrested, on a charge of theft of < 5000, is due in court July and September and NOT for sexual charges. You conveniently forgot to mention that Enigmahood is a nutcase (did you check his video history?) For God’s sake, Ms Morall did another video which she has since deleted about Kody.
Look – a long time ago now – 3 months – you said a commenter gave you details. That was me – fhgfh, hgfghghgf, Philip Rose – any one of those, and you know it.
So stand back while I give you another site to splurge – the site from which all the cam caps originated. It is this one – hunt enough and you might even find Amanda. So enough about online stalking – it’s all BS. I have a TON of info I can give you. Here is the capper website ggcgcvbcvcb
Patrick – I will help you if you help me. I was quick enough to know who Gei was, wasn’t I?
And please – quote your sources at least. I’ve done a lot of work here!!!!

I have edited out details with jhjhfhgfhg.

Note: Once I had outed Geissell Morall, she got in touch. I published her Facebook details (two profiles) to show how old she was. And there were details she had supplied in her YouTube channel in which she gave her age away. Once she knew she had been spotted, her Facebook details and YouTube channel disappeared. I have a feeling she is actually in touch with me now, under another identity, but that’s not important.

There is an interesting pastebin, though (it’s the one used here, except her name is clear).

It IS strange – mentioning a lot of Minecraft stuff, talk of dating (which seems odd if you are miles apart, but maybe Skyping is seen as dating). But remember, easy to fake.

So what’s the game here? Basically, Geissell saw an opportunity to get some attention from the story. Her and Enigmahood put together a piece. She even at one point had a one-off blog entry describing how Kody and her were girlfriend/boyfriend.

Geissell has the usual charming persona:

Anyway – on with the article:

‘so it is impossible to confirm’ ….’That said, I believe them to be one and the same’

As I’ve said, Geissell and MichellWonderTDG have disappeared.

The rest of Enigmahood’s nonsense is purely faking of the worst kind. I’m not wasting too much time going through it.

The Cuba bit is brilliant though.

‘After missing a couple of court dates in B.C., it has been reported that there’s a warrant out for his arrest.’ That’s not true. Kody turned up to Court twice. Standard procedure was to issue a warrant for something else – alleged theft. Young Mr Maxson really doesn’t do himself any favours.

‘Unfortunately, that rant makes it pretty difficult to take the rest of the video seriously.’ But hey, Mr McGuire has given it plenty of time!

‘How is it that Kody is up on sexual assault charges in connection to a minor, and yet the RCMP quickly decided he wasn’t a person of interest in the Amanda Todd case?’ Erm….that’s because there is no connection between the two because it is a stitch-up operation.

Ignore the pastebin conversation. It’s set up nonsense.

Note there is another pastebin entry. This time Kody becomes k0dy L33t:

Then we have the BIG slip up: ‘Gei, a week after giving Kody her email password, that she is 14 years old (as of July 30th, 2012)’

OK – she’s deleted all her Facebook/YouTube records, but it’s Philip who never forgets, not the Internet! On YouTube, her initial registration had her down as 15 – she said (in 2010) something like ‘I’m a 15-year-old’. But hey, let’s cast that to one side. On her Facebook records, she was just about to go into a new Senior High School. That places her at a minimum 17-18. On MeetMe she’s 24, but that’s wrong. But in one of her now-deleted videos, she described 11 and 12 year old girls as 5-6 years younger than her. And maybe listen to her on Spreaker –

So she’s certainly not 14 years old at the time of the above conversation. But again, it makes for a good story from our master researcher Patrick McGuire.

‘Just so we’re all on the same page: Gei is (at the time) a 14-year-old girl’ – no, she’s not. Just so we really ARE on the same page, she’s 18-19.

‘had taken screen shots of her and used the images against her to get what he wants’ – er no. There is no mention of screen shots of her. It’s to do with Minecraft and conversations they are having.

Now we’re back to the Peyton stuff. Note – BEFORE all this, Peyton showed that she quite liked Kody, and they were friends. AFTER the event, a few clips are concocted differently. I will deal with this in more detail later.

But what kind of things does the heinously evil Kody do with Peyton?

“He sweet talks me. He gave me songs to listen to that were sweet, he made a website for me that said ‘I love Peyton’ and at the end it said ‘just the way you are’ and then he linked to the Bruno Mars song. Then he would call me beautiful and talk to me on the phone every night. He pretended to love me and I was living a fairy tale. I was in love with the fact… I never had a guy treat me like that before.”

And just in case we forget. Chronologically, Peyton came well before the Amanda Todd events, meaning that Kody was 16-17 at the time.

‘Chat room reactions to Peyton’s confession.’
It’s good of McGuire to put dates on all this. The reactions are AFTER people have heard about Kody.

And now we have a clincher. We know that Amanda was never coaxed and enticed. We know what she was like. But we have that old phrase wheeled out again:

‘Those tactics are disturbingly reminiscent of Amanda Todd’s blackmailer, who used similar words of adoration in convincing Amanda to flash him.’

Then we have the most ridiculous penultimate statement:

‘While it’s impossible to definitively state that Kody was Amanda’s blackmailer’ well that’s true, but you’ve been trying to say otherwise ‘it is clear that he had two well-documented and sexually extortive online relationships with teenage girls (Peyton and Gei)’ – no, it isn’t. He was quite nice to Peyton, and he never met Gei. ‘he was “friends with” Amanda Todd’ possibly, we don’t know for sure ‘lived in B.C. at the same time as Amanda’ as did 3,999,999 other people ‘and is up on sexual assault charges against a minor’ which of course makes him guilty of everything – but wait for it ‘which he appears to be avoiding in Cuba.’ In Cuba.

Surely, no-one can possibly believe Patrick McGuire? But, unfortunately, a lot of people do.

Has today been a bit boring? I think we can at least take Patrick McGuire and his articles out of the equation. I realise that I have skipped over a lot of the Daily Capper and Peyton stuff, but I will return to that later. Meanwhile, I will post another diversionary video. I may return over the weekend. If not – have a good one!

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  1. LOL – I think I know who AppleButterYourMum was in the screenshot of the BlogTV chat. Dealt with her several times.

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