Day 26 – the Kody Maxson vendetta and Patrick McGuire

Well, after a bit of a wander off track, we’re back to the Kody Maxson and Patrick McGuire nonsense. I will try to be as brief as possible, but by now regular readers will know that usually means I will waffle on for hours!

I will try not to be too brief though. So I apologise in advance if it seems to look too much like jotted notes. If only we could just take if for granted that everyone sees through his appalling journalism!

In no particular order:

Picture of the Daily Capper. I’ll deal with the whole Daily Capper later.

‘Kody Maxson. At this point no one can definitively link him to Amanda’s suicide;’ Regardless, we will still keep trying!

‘it has become very apparent that Kody’s internet habits and moral character are unilaterally disgusting’ – no, it hasn’t!

Next paragraph is a joke:

The ‘IT security expert’ has to set up the himself, and of course it rapidly fills with up with hate mail. The strange thing is that any well-informed person knows that the stitch-up email address is actually supposed to be – the great detective McGuire obviously doesn’t know this.

‘He also posited that perhaps the address had never existed in the first place; however we both agreed that it was entirely possible that Kody Maxson could have disabled it shortly before the Anonymous leak to avoid attention.’ Erm..
Einstein said something about keep it simple, as did Sherlock Holmes. We won’t go for the simple ‘never existed’, we’ll go for the ‘disabled it’ line. Because it fits the story.

We get to see the mention of Anonymous New Jersey. I’m currently banned from their Facebook page, by the way. They are just a bunch of fools.

‘This branch of Anonymous cropped up out of thin air when the Amanda Todd story broke.’ Like so much of this story. “I’m pretty certain that Kody was involved with Amanda’s death.” Pretty certain, eh? Well, that’s good. “He’s a known paedophile with charges against him.” We’ve been here before. Kody is aged 15-19 through this story – and cannot possibly be a ‘known pedophile’. “He has blackmailed other girls over webcam in the same manner” Er…no, he hasn’t. “and he has admitted to being friends with her online.” So, if he’s admitted to being a friend, he MUST be guilty. It’s what friends do. “I know it’s not hard evidence, but he looks guilty to me.” LOOKS guilty. That must make him guilty. “This is all conjecture, of course” – you don’t say?

“Taking this research into my own hands” That deserves a LOL.

(If he was a decent researcher, we would know Kody had friends (Alicia Jensen and company) and he would know all the family names and whereabouts. Like a good researcher not a million miles away from where I’m sitting).

I love the way he writes ‘Anyone with a rudimentary understanding’. Another LOL. Nearly all kids fake up their profiles, and most have two – one for mom and dad to see, one for their personal use. And think about it – would a super-secret stalker use a picture of him and his mates as a profile pic?

Hogwarts? I find that strangely cute. Soda or pop? Eminem? Normal kid stuff. As for his schools – strangely enough, there is an overlap with the Amanda Todd network – Chemainus, Gleneagle, CABE, New Westminster, Port Moody, virtually every school in the area overlaps. At one point, I guess that Kody may have even bumped into Amanda – or at least one of her friends.

More rubbish. Mr McGuire has NO CLUE about how the Internet works. There are dodgy websites out there, all clamouring for attention for various reasons. When searching, some of the cleverer sites can instantly gather information from your searches and what have you and create a ready-made site for you to click on. But I won’t bother with too much detail. It’s slightly irrelevant.

The Daily Capper gets mentioned again. I will go into the Peyton/Kody1206 story in much further detail later. Suffice to say that there is no proven link to any of the Amanda Todd story in all this.

‘But while the nod to Kody in the video raises serious questions about his moral fibre, there is no mention of Amanda Todd.’

‘mostly young girls, who have been tormented and manipulated sexually via the internet’ Though accentuating the ‘blackmailer’ part of the story, McGuire has conveniently left out the fact that girls also competed for titles such as ‘Cam-Whore of the Year’. But that, again, doesn’t suit the story. The idea that girls might NOT be being enticed is not want we want to hear.

‘The Daily Capper posted a video that has now since been removed’. Too much LOL. If McGuire did his research, all the Daily Capper videos are available – you just need to know where to find them!

Like I said, we’ll get to a full Peyton/Capper thing later.

OK – we’ll skip most of the next bit. Who Kody is, and what he has been up to, has already been discussed.

But we come to the first bit of MY story. ‘However, after this story was originally published yesterday, a commenter alerted us’ – that was ME folks! Yes, it was. An extract from an email I sent Mr McGuire:

‘Look – a long time ago now – 3 months – you said a commenter gave you details. That was me – xxxxx, yyyyyyy, Philip Rose – any one of those, and you know it.’

I have covered my other identities as xxxxx and yyyyyyy. My email was asking Mr McGuire to tell the truth. So far, he’s not replied. And he hasn’t told the truth. The email will feature later.

‘It’s very important to note that not all of Anonymous’s information about Kody Maxson was correct.’ Well, not any of it really.

‘It is also unclear as to whether Kody Maxson is a 32-year-old’ ha ha ha ha. Unclear? When a look at Kody’s pictures show he’s not 32; when all his accompanying behaviour shows he’s not 32; and when his court records show him to be 19. But hey, it’s still unclear!

‘clearly a highly evolved, sinister and organised form of sexual exploitation and blackmail.’ Codswallop. Sinister and organised, but advertises itself all over YouTube through the Daily Capper?

The wise words from Mobina Jaffer: “Of course the predator is a very big issue,” she said to me on the radio show, “but where we have been focusing is the issue of friends, cyber-bullying continuing from the school ground to the Facebook, to the Twitter, to the internet.” A sensible person!

I have to move on. There are more McGuire articles. Looking back on this post, it’s not gone into the detail I would like. I will go into the Daily Capper/Peyton issues later. If there are any questions people want clarified, let me know, but I have a feeling I’ve covered a lot of it already.

Thanks for your patience.

One thought on “Day 26 – the Kody Maxson vendetta and Patrick McGuire

  1. “The Daily Capper posted a video that has now since been removed.”

    LOL – I told him where to find the removed videos after I read the pieces. Actually, I filled in a LOT of blanks for him.

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