Day 27 – penultimate post?

I have a feeling that this may be the penultimate post on this blog.

To a certain extent, I feel I’ve said what I need to say. I’ve drawn attention to the truth about the Amanda Todd case, and maybe a few people have gained some more insight into the entire story. I could go on and on about the problems involved but I should maybe just listen to my own thoughts – it’s time to draw this to a close.

Tomorrow, I will give a straightforward account of what, after a lot of research and consideration, I believe will be the closest to the truth about the Amanda Todd case.

But I feel that now I’m done with it. People should now realise that, basically, they were conned. The whole story is one of lies from start to finish. Unfortunately those lies – begun by Amanda – have been perpetuated by the media and those close to her since the event to exploit the story on many levels.

I would like to think that something positive came from the whole story, but I’m not sure that anything has. People will say it brought attention to bullying. And so it did for a short while. But that attention was also brought by Marjorie Raymond, and all that soon dissipated. The government initiatives against bullying were already under way, and things like ‘Pink Shirt Day’ are not new.

But the Amanda Todd case will eventually be seen as damaging, and it is relatively easy to see that her name is beginning to be omitted from reports. This is for two reasons – it became all about Amanda, she became too big an icon and overshadowed others cases; and once people began to see the truth of her activities, people now steer clear of a person about whom it is so easy to say that she brought it upon herself.

I give you this example from Amanda’s own local press:

You will see some telling indications that Amanda is now out of the spotlight.

Horton was reluctant to speak about the case of Amanda Todd’…’Not only is the Todd case a “fresh wound,” but Horton said the involvement of an overt online predator makes the case unique.’ And we know that the ‘predator’ may not even exist.

And even more telling, I believe, is this quote:

‘A study from the University of New Hampshire showed that while there are indeed online predators, the number of luring incidents makes the threat “statistically insignificant.” It is often a teen’s own behaviour, and the context created online that will have the greatest effect on them.’

I put that last piece in bold. It’s sort of what I’ve been saying and it underlines what I mean – Amanda’s behaviour was the main cause of her downfall.

So it’s over. This story will drift on, but pointlessly. But maybe something good will come out of it. If it dawns on people that there are young girls stupidly doing things online, and, from that, people realise they need to protect their children more, that would be good. If people learn to see that this is a story of shocking parental negligence, even better.

After tomorrow’s ‘True Story’, I may try to expand my helpline pages. I might even post the odd relevant article. I might revisit old posts and see if they need any clarification. Who knows? I might find more stories of the Internet. But please – if I mention Amanda Todd, Carol Todd, Kody Maxson or anything else to do with this fiasco after tomorrow, you have my permission to punch me in the face!

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