An extra: Amanda Todd on

This presentation was done by Amanda on the same day she published her video.

Why have I put this? Because I think that this, and the video, were part of a therapy that she was doing while supervised in hospital.

I believe that part of her therapy was to try and come to terms with what had happened. This presentation was simply to understand about cyberbullying.

I believe that she was encouraged to do the video as part of therapy. Unfortunately, I think that she had not told the whole truth to her helpers, and they didn’t realise that she had been doing what she did online. Thus, her helpers unwittingly exposed her to even more harassment, thinking that this would solve the problem of the stalker and everything else, while in fact the opposite was true.

Amanda was a child with learning difficulties. I find it difficult to believe that she would have been intelligent enough to do the presentation and video unaided.

I am currently trying to find out more information about the BC Children’s Hospital, where Amanda was at the time.

Close followers of the story would have seen my omission of this presentation as proof that I hadn’t covered the story in full. But I have a feeling that my knowledge of Mary Hill Elementary and the BC Children’s Hospital may show that I leave no stone unturned!

(and I promised myself that I would stop!)



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