Amanda Todd – the hatred continues

I have said in this blog that Amanda Todd was hated, and that perhaps it would be wiser to truly let her rest in peace. Whatever the truth about her, if her mother had an ounce of sense she would pull her out of the spotlight now, and let her memory fade. The truth about Amanda is now known.

In life, Amanda attracted all the wrong sort of attention for all the wrong reasons. And, strangely, her mother has perpetuated this. There has been no apparent acceptance of the real story, making me think that either people are strongly in denial or just plain stupid. And, of course, there is mother’s desire not to be seen as being the person who raised such a delinquent child.

I have watched the reactions to Amanda closely. Now, every fan video will get comments describing Amanda in a bad way. Every question about Amanda gets a bad response. Very often in cases like these, once the initial waves of support die down and people begin to grasp the truth, there is almost a backlash. It won’t be long before a newspaper decides to cover the story properly.

Here is a definition of ‘Amanda Todd’ from the ‘Encyclopedia Dramatica’. It is truly sad that this happens – nobody deserves such hatred. But one of the main causes of it was the media and Amanda’s parents need to glorify Amanda, not knowing the full story. The more you raise the profile of someone with so many faults, the more you will encourage people to point these faults out. It really is time to let her rest.

5 thoughts on “Amanda Todd – the hatred continues

  1. Your fucking sick I hope your happy with what you have done here the world is corrupt not cause of how one little girl acted but because they let sick bastards like you run free and do whatever they want you have no right getting involved in this story and spewing your hot garbage the only reason why you committed thus much time to do all this is because your a low life who has nothing else better to do but shit on the family and friends of this girl and what you’ve done emotionally to the mother sickens me

    Erica white rock b.c

    • I should say thank you for joining in the debate. I’m not quite sure what you are trying to get at, but your opinion is as valid as everybody else’s. Perhaps, if you bother to read all of this blog, you will see that I have hardly written garbage – it’s as close to the whole truth as you will ever get. I wish you peace and goodwill.

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