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People who read this blog will know that I believe most of it to be faked, to the extent that I think that Amanda Todd may still be receiving therapy in a protective, supervised environment at British Columbia Children’s Hospital.

Why do I increasingly believe that?

During this story, I was surprised by the lack of information about where Amanda was or who she was with at the time of her death. In many other cases, mothers have spoken about how they found their sons or daughters.

I have now received good information that tells me that Amanda was at the British Columbia Children’s Hospital at the time of her death, under the supervision of Dr. Tyler Black.

This would explain a lot. The Children’s Hospital would be extremely reluctant to want this kind of publicity. Assuming that Amanda was in their care at the time, it leaves them wide open to accusations of negligence.

But it also solves a lot of problems regarding her disappearance from society. If she had been found at home, witnesses would have described seeing ambulances/police arriving at the house. And it is likely, given the history of other stories, and Mrs Todd’s interminable desire to talk about her daughter, that we would have heard about all the circumstances.

So – if Amanda HAD died at the Children’s Hospital, there would have been major uproar. Not even the British Columbia press would have let that go without some sort of investigation.

Now – look at how quickly the news got out. There is a tendency to try to suppress suicide stories, or at least delay the announcements until more facts are known. But it was almost as if the whole thing had been orchestrated, from the video onwards. It was very close to the already-organised anti-bullying events. The Snowflake Walk and the memorials seemed to be organised extremely fast. And, if you look at the responses from Mrs Todd, it looked as if she was prepared for it – according to her, one of her first reactions was to write a blog entry, which is bizarre. Here it is:

‘Day 0 – Oct 10 – To my Princess Snowflake – May you find angels and snowflakes in your forever place. I love you with all my heart and will always miss and think of you. You will be in the hearts of Christopher and Mom FOREVER!!! May you watch down on us. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH …… xoxox Love Mom’

I just find it odd that a mother – who surely would be distraught and almost inconsolable – puts her mind to writing a blog right from the start. Having not done anything remotely similar before. But note one more big omission – no mention of father. ‘You will be in the hearts of Christopher and Mom’ – but why not dad? Suspicious?

So no. Earlier in this blog, I steered away from the ‘fake’ story, but I feel I have not been honest with myself. I should have stuck to my guns, rather than change. The presence of Amanda at the hospital, the lack of funeral news, the strange reactions and responses since the event still lead me to believe one thing – Amanda is still alive, and in therapy, waiting to be released with a clean slate whenever possible.

14 thoughts on “Latest news developments

  1. What’s wrong with you do you get your jollys off on doing this it is pink shirt day here in Canada today to fight against bullying and you may not realize it but your bullying a family and bullying a dead girl by saying she’s alive don’t you have a heart is it black I wonder or maybe it is cause your fucking sick but I’m going to point out my own views

    1.Amanda made mistakes but is it right to judge anyone to the point of death after all we all make mistakes I’m Christian and I’ve made mistakes

    2.If Amanda lied which I don’t think she did is it any of our business to know it all no it’s not point is she was being bullied and friends turned on her real friends stay

    3.Drugs,Alcohol,weed well first the drugs she used to attempt to suicide doing drugs is wrong I’m sure she knew that but we don’t know if she stopped it she probably had to take some sort of drugs for her mental health issues the alcohol OK all kids do it and you shouldn’t be judging seeing how in England there’s a bar at every corner and when I was there the drinking age was 16 I can’t say getting drunk is right cause I don’t get drunk but I also casnt judge someone on it and now the weed OK I’m not sure you know this but Canada is known for having some of the best weed in the world especially done west coast weed makes you happy it takes all life’s troubles away it may be wrong in your country but down here its natural

    I’m not gong to go on forever I feel its a waste of time for me but I’ll leave you with this thought and see how human you really are if you had a daughter just like Amanda how would you feel if someone done blogs on her like your doing if you have any dignity left you would stop this and move on it’s been almost 5 months its time to let her rest in peace but she can’t with people like you over here there’s lots of things being done in her memory and not only that but for other victims as well before Amanda’s death hardly anything was being done and it will continue nobody really cares in what she did but we do care in what happened to her was it wrong to flash show your body on webcam yes but what about girls who do it on a daily basis on these other sites they don’t get bullied I know this does not make sense cause she was 12 or 13 but from what I understand she thought it was another boy her age blogtv has a 11 to 15 chat she didn’t expect some perve to fake an age to get in a teeny chat anyways I’m done we all love Amanda over here some don’t and that’s OK but there’s more lovers than haters I assure you

    • I’ve re-read this comment. And no, I didn’t write it myself. Is it some sort of joke? Are ALL Canadians weed-smoking cretins? Good grief, something must have gone wrong with their education system. No wonder Amanda Todd is seen as some sort of paragon of Canadian virtue!

      Well, where do I start? Firstly, Amanda’s case is not one of bullying, really. It’s far more complex, and had simply been misused by the anti-bullying campaign – it would have been much better to use it as pro-mental health, anti-drugs, anti-promiscuity, and certainly against appalling behaviour online.

      1. Amanda didn’t make mistakes. Just as recurring theft cannot be seen as a mistake, and repeated lying can hardly be seen as an oversight, Amanda’s behaviour online cannot simply be put down to ‘mistakes’ – it was the action of a girl who enjoyed what she did, and her only mistake was to get caught. As a Christian, there is a lot to be said for forgiveness, but there is also a lot to be said about punishment. She was basically like Jezebel. Sodom and Gomorrah? – Port Coquitlam and Maple Ridge.

      2. Amanda lied. It was second nature.

      3. Where marijuana was concerned, Amanda and her friends smoked like chimneys. And please – not ALL kids do alcohol to the extent she did. Drinking age in the UK is basically 18, with some loopholes for younger people. Well, the rest of your point sort of sums a lot up.

      I have a feeling you may have been smoking weed when you wrote this. In short, your comment has, I think, benefited my case enormously. It would appear that what I say about Amanda Todd supporters (that they are mostly bonkers) is validated by your sweet self. Thank you.

      • You didn’t answer the most important part if your human tell me this if you had a daughter like Amanda would you be happy to see see someone write blogs of her dishonoring her memory even if she did do a lot of wrong let’s put aside everything and put it this way if you had a daughter that told the exact same story as Amanda did and someone came on and wrote blogs saying your daughter lies and say the story was faked and she’s still alive wouldn’t you be upset angry cause that’s what your doing upsetting people clearly I know I’m feeding the troll right now but you did all this you put all your time into this and nobody cares nobody cares about you or what you have to say you don’t have an audience and your not going to get one because you are what everyone is against a bully you can make up all the answers you want but only Amanda knows the truth and if she lied in the video to protect her self to make her self look good it does not excuse the fact that she was bullied and she shouldn’t have paid for her sins the way she did but I believe this is a story of a girl who flashed to a online predator and instead of getting support from her peers she got verbally bullied then she got with a boy who had a girlfriend another mistake yes but nothing to judge her upon seeing how adults make the same mistake if anything the boy is the cheater for inviting her over I know there’s plenty of holes to filled but there’s plenty of stuff today that gets hidden even by our own governments like the tragic shooting in the pure school in December there’s holes in that story and the recent suicide in your home country the 9 year old theres holes in that to like why did they put him a school with 75% of the kids a different race and why did they not pull him out but point is you can’t come on and blog about it just to satisfy your own self think about everyone involved in Amanda’s life her real friends family and teachers they don’t want to see this kind of stuff instead of writing this crap go help out your local community help fight against bullying write blogs on bullying you don’t have to like Amanda or do anything that involves her name you’ve said your peace nobody cares so let Amanda rest with the angels and move on

  2. I apologize for commenting too early. I assumed that you would not be going back to your original hoax hypothesis. I’m grateful, as I continue to read on…. Thank you again.

    • No worries! It’s a bit of a long haul. I can’t remember half of what I said around this time (it all seems so long ago!). I think I might have repeated myself a bit, but the most recent news is an actual ‘exclusive’ and is very important. Thanks for your time!

  3. If Amanda is alive,I will personally go to British Columbia to show her my respect.This thing might be the biggest media fraud.If she was dead and cremated,the ashes would be buried in a cemetery….So no grave no dead.easy

  4. The remains from cremation would not necessarily be interred at the cemetery since the family may choose to keep them in an urn or possibly “scatter” them in a place of choice. It is a very personal decision made by the family.

    • Yes that’s true. However, given the inordinate amount of publicity we now know about Amanda – from her bra size to what pyjamas she wore, from the layout of her bedroom to her best friends’ intimate details – it is surprising that we have no information whatsoever. One would expect, at minimum, the name of the church/crematorium where the funeral took place – maybe not at the time, but by now. We might also expect to know the name of the local minister/priest/vicar of any church she attended, or who officiated at the ceremony.
      Regarding the whereabouts of the ashes – the never-camera-shy Mrs Todd would have shown us this had they been scattered to the winds. If she wanted to have kept it secret, she could have at least said they were scattered. If they are, as some bizarre rumour would have it, in the garden, that seems a bit odd – amongst the family pets? It would appear odd to put ashes in the garden of a house, not necessarily knowing that one would live there forever, and leaving it to be looked after by future residents. So – if it is in an urn somewhere, then where? No pictures? No snaps of the lovely Mrs Todd with the urn on the mantelpiece? All this adds up to a couple of things – the ceremony was non-Christian, which I have said all along, OR it never took place. Take your pick.

  5. Surely with all the research you’ve done you have to know the name of the crematory services? It’s available for all to see. It’s called My Alternatives Funeral and Cremation Services. Of all the things, I think that would be a more private matter for the family, so speculating that they would share all the very personal details of the cremation to the public is unnecessary since what would that prove? So much was publicized and why would they want to share what was done with her ashes? People do not have to know every detail, do they? Or is it just you?

    • It is indeed interesting that it is an ALTERNATIVE Funeral and Cremation Service. And that 221 people attended. But attended what? and where?
      So where do we start. In all the similar stories, funerals have been shown and publicised. So what was so different about this one? Given the huge amount of tawdry publicity that Mrs Todd supplied, e.g. MANY photos of her daughter looking like a complete skank, it just seems odd that they required so much privacy – considering that the memorial service was on live TV. They supplied every detail about everything else,it just seems very strange that there’s nothing about the funeral.
      Now – ALTERNATIVE funeral. That’s more like it. The blurb for this service says it specialises in non-religious services, and it has often been suggested that Amanda was an atheist from an atheist family. So ‘angel’ Amanda doesn’t quite fit the bill, does it? My suggestion is that the funeral arrangements were kept quiet for that reason – to try to maintain the ‘angel in Heaven’ myth.
      One thing you should note. There were moves to kill the story – from YouTube AND the authorities. It was Carol Todd who insisted on all the publicity. YouTube took down the Amanda Todd video as a mark of respect, she had it put back. Carol Todd was excluded from bully debates – she raised a kerfuffle. She issued picture after picture of Amanda in increasingly sexualised photos as she drip-fed the media interest. After a few weeks in her blog, her main worry, as she stated, was that interest was dying down and that maybe a cookery book could revitalise the brand. Remember – she did refer to herself as a ‘rock star mom’. So just cut the crap about the family wanting privacy. There are many highly suspicious things going on here.

  6. If a urn exist it would be impossible not to see that urn somewhere(a photo something).Ashes in the garden???-no chance.And there are still little chances that Amanda was cremated. -Sorry for my English.

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