An opinion – why is this Amanda Todd story so fake?

I thought my blog might die a death, but it still gets a few visitors each day.

This whole story still puzzles me. I keep telling myself to move on and just forget it – there are many stories out there far more deserving of attention and definitely far better things to spend my time on. But I’m still perplexed – why does this story seem so peculiar? Why does the whole thing seem so incredible?

It’s easy to dismiss other Internet events – Giovanna Plowman and her ilk are just idiots, and other sad cases, though tragic, can easily be explained once the details are known. But this one? It’s just too odd.

How did a girl who, as we have seen, was pretty wild and uncontrolled, become some sort of icon of teen perfection? How did one kid manage to produce such a plethora of conflicting opinions – from the vigilante pedophile hunters still convinced that some 32 year old guy was involved, the uninformed cretins who still believe that it was all a one-off flashing incident, the bandwagonners who still think that the core story was all about bullying, through to the forum commenters and meme generators who seem to think that she was one of the worst sluts to inhabit the planet, up against those who see her as an angel sent from the Lord.

It’s all just too extreme.

I had varying intentions with this blog, but mostly it was to get at the truth of all this. Perhaps I’m really just doing it for myself – I’m simply so confused by it all that I need to find a real answer. It’s borderline bonkers. Perhaps any sane person would have simply formed an opinion – slut, angel, unimportant non-event – and continued on to other things.

But for me it’s something more than that. The Amanda Todd story encapsulated one of those dire thought processes that we all fall victim to from time to time – the ‘this is what is wrong with the world’ sort of reaction usually reserved for the writers of letters to certain types of right-wing newspapers.

The Amanda Todd story covers so many problems about today’s society in general – if it IS a lie, then it shows how much control the press has over our thoughts and opinions; if it isn’t a lie, then it’s about a lot more than simply bullying.

For older people, I’m reminded slightly of ‘Twin Peaks’ in all the research I’ve done – scratch the surface of certain communities, and there’s a Hell of a lot of hidden problems. And I’ve reached the conclusion that there is a LOT more to this story than meets the eye.

I will continue this blog with a look at Carol Todd’s blog. I think there are many answers to be found there. But be patient.

Thank you for staying with the story.



8 thoughts on “An opinion – why is this Amanda Todd story so fake?

  1. ‘Twin Peaks’ was all about dark secrets hidden beneath the surface of respectability. After all in a town like Twin Peaks no-one is innocent! I recently put this up on my facebook wall…..but you shouldn’t be able to see that!
    So is this a case of life imitating art? It certainly has had an unusual effect on people. I’ve defended Amanda against friends whilst falling out with other group members after being accused of being against her! Strange!
    As a fellow commentator previously said, its not unusual for information to be in short supply after a suicide, but its the conflicting ‘facts’ about this case and the extreme reactions of people that make it different. It is a bit bonkers!!

    • In a way, it was inevitable that Twin Peaks would be mentioned sooner or later – but it is funny that you’ve got it on your wall! Twin Peaks is less than a hundred miles away from Port Coquitlam, and shares a similar history – logging. I will have to post my favourite Twin Peaks clip! Anyway, I’ll be having a look at things over the next few days – little snippets keep cropping up here and there like lost fragments of a mosaic.

  2. Wow Philip you manage to find a alter ego you can’t fool anyone we know Colin is your own self cause you have nobody responding to this up untill I decided to stick up for what’s right but I’m going to leave this short and sweet leave Amanda Todd alone and leave the family alone cause right now your just going around circles making up your own truth but the fact is people like you don’t deserve to know the truth

      • My alter-ego is a forensic genius called Albert Rosenfield and “I choose to live my life in the company of Ghandi & King….my concerns are global!”
        Yup…..definately been snacking on same of the local mushrooms 🙂

  3. I feel compelled to agree with you here. I wasn’t even aware of Amanda Todd until recently, and since I came across that one friend who happened to have liked one of her RIP pages, I’ve been almost obsessively(minor, not really on creepy levels, yet) reading differing opinions of her, until I came across your blog.
    I am not really of great intelligence, I’ve never been on a web cam, I don’t frequent many websites, besides the regular Twitter, Facebook.. etc, the regular pastimes of today. But as soon as I saw the controversy surrounding this case, it intrigued me. And Im glad it did.
    I am a young(ish),(sadly, many girls around me started earlier) single mother of both a girl and boy. I have already begun explaining and talking to my son about bullying- he’s young, but has a speech impediment. Which is what really brought me to Amanda to begin with. I was totally surprised that I had NO idea about this under world, involving children on the internet!! I had just recently set up a computer in my sons room when I came across this blog, and since then, I’ve moved it out of his room and into my living room so I can monitor his activities. I can’t believe that I could possibly be that unaware! I’ve always utilized the internet as a means to educate myself on the things that I am interested in, mostly history, and have always promoted that to my kids.. “Anything you want to know or learn is just a few clicks away..”, not thinking of the fact that the same goes for the “dark side of life”… I, of course, know that there are deep dark areas online that twisted, grimy people, use for evil deeds.(easily put) Im not an idiot. And I truly thought that “parental controls” could keep my son far away from that. I went on his pc yesterday and did a simple Google search of “Amanda Todd Blogtv” and instantly found a link to Blogtv! Seriously, a smack in my head moment for myself.
    My point is, your quest for the truth in this case has not only educated people about Amanda Todds story, but It’s educated at the least one mother on the terrible, horrible, gross side of the internet and how in only a few moments of unattended “fun”, your child can enter a world that they are not prepared for. I’m not sure if you wrote this blog with that intention, but I am grateful that I learned this lesson, for my childrens sake.

    • Blimey as we say in the UK. You have no idea how much this comment means to me. You can find lots of helplines on my blog, telling you how to educate your kids about the Internet. I know it’s difficult, but I wish you all the luck in the world. Take care. Just don’t get too concerned. It’s possible to over-worry, but not to worry at all is worse. Whatever happens, your kids will be fine with a mum who cares about them.

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