Is the propaganda working?

Well, things change over time, and we have to look once more at the Amanda Todd story to see how it is evolving. And I still have to question whether or not my quest for the truth is a good or bad thing. If the Amanda Todd legend  is achieving more good than bad, I should leave it and move on. But I’m not convinced. Yes, there is a lot of attention drawn to bullying, and now there seems to be more focus on mental health issues, but underneath it all are still problems that appear to remain taboo – like the suicide problems, Amanda’s drinking and drug taking, her naked appearances and possible promiscuity. But are these important?

Simply – yes. And that is why I am reluctant to drop this story. I’ll give you an example.

People may be familiar with Yahoo questions, where you can ask a question and have it answered by the public. One recent question was ‘Is Amanda Todd in Heaven?’

How can you answer that question without it becoming a moral dilemma? Apart from trying to encapsulate hundreds of years of religious thought into a few words, it boils down to yes, no, maybe. But what answer do you give a young person (as I guess the asker was in this case) in order for it to be ‘safe’?

If I had answered ‘Yes’ what might have happened? If the asker was at risk, it could have been the final push to suicide. When the reward is Heaven, as opposed to the vision of Hell that a person may be experiencing, suicide could look very attractive. Do you see how dangerous one question can become?

If I had answered ‘No’, the asker may have become upset. The idea that the saintly Amanda might be in Hell could cause endless problems for the asker – it could actually spark off a depressive episode.

In the end, I opted for a ‘talk it over with your parents’ response. But this question is indicative of the types of problems left behind by Amanda Todd story. The propaganda/publicity machine behind the story is very selective about what it says about itself.

Early on in the story, there were articles about the dangers of showing the videos. Experts put forward their claims calmly, sensibly and succinctly.

But the experts tended to be ignored. Whereas 100% of experts were against showing the video based on years of education and experience, 80% of the parents in British Columbia were all for it, based on years of incompetent child-rearing and uninformed speculation. And they won.

But the ‘Amanda Todd Legacy Fund’ only deals with the positive. They will tell you that audiences were in raptures about Mrs Todd; that the children were all thrilled and inspired; that it’s all wonderful. But they won’t tell you that some of the kids go home and cry at night, confused by all the issues; that some of the kids will consider suicide; that 90% of the kids will have done their research online and for the first time see words like ‘slut’, ‘whore’, ‘flashing’ and ‘pedophile’ and wonder what the Hell it all means; that some kids will see that the punishment for suspected bullies should be death and torture, not compassion and understanding.

But the propaganda seems to be working. But I’m not falling for it. It almost got me. Amanda Todd’s death is being exploited by the Amanda Todd Legacy Fund and the Vancouver Foundation, and not in a good way. Although it’s bringing attention to bullying, it’s leaving behind many more problems. And I suspect that a lot of the funding brought in to the cause will go directly to the Todd family for ‘expenses’ – Mrs Todd shows no signs of having to return to work. So no –  I will stick with my initial aim – to seek the truth, and to give a better understanding of the Amanda Todd story.

So I will go through Carol Todd’s blog and expose what, to me, are the very obvious signs of lies and deceit within it. And, although I have to own up to a certain amount of malice towards her, I can say that I am not doing it just to try to needlessly destroy someone’s reputation – I’m doing it to expose the hypocrisy and stupidity of someone who now seems to lay claim to being a parenting expert.

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