The Amanda Todd Legacy Fund blog – Part 1

Can any of the Amanda Todd story be trusted? So far, it looks like a resounding ‘No’ as an answer to that question. But still this paradox goes round and round. We could make an attempt to understand why Amanda’s video was so full of lies. After all, not many people would want to go on and admit all their own shortcomings on YouTube. But why does the aftermath of it all seem to be so mishandled? I could understand a rapid response from the media ending up in a jumble of misinformation, but for none of the mainstream Canadian press to actually have sorted it out by now seems very strange. They could have chosen to ignore it and just let the problems go away, as it will in time, but there are still references, even at this later stage, to 32-year-old predators and what have you. But I can simply guess that no Canadian reporter is going to have the guts to want to try to get to the truth. Amanda Todd is to Canadian youth what Ben Johnson was to Canadian sport – an icon that nobody really wants to criticise.

So we’re left to try and sort things out ourselves. So, let’s have a look at the Amanda Todd Legacy Fund blog – supposedly written by Mrs Todd. Now, in all seriousness, you have to ask yourself several questions about all this.

Just ponder. If you were the mother of a daughter with such a bad reputation, what would you do? According to various reports, Carol Todd knew all about what her daughter was up to. How much of this is true, we don’t know. But if you DID have an inkling of what your daughter did, wouldn’t you want it buried? Wouldn’t you want to protect your daughter from all the Clorox pictures, all the naked pictures that are still online, all the insults that are still being hurled at her? Wouldn’t you want her just to disappear from public gaze and be allowed to rest in peace, mourned by her family and close friends, forgotten by all the gossip-mongers and haters? If the story is true, Amanda committed suicide to put an end to all the hate – Mrs Todd has just let it continue. There is even the possibility that Amanda Todd has suffered more after death than she ever did during her life.

A mother’s primal urge is to protect her kids (or so I thought before all this. I am now having my doubts). Surely, an urge for fame and glory would have been counteracted by the urge to protect Amanda from any further defamation.

But it all went in the opposite direction. This could be put down to a misplaced desire to try to erase all of Amanda’s bad history by making her into a saintly icon. But it never quite worked. Amanda’s family flooded the Internet with intimate picture after intimate picture – most of which did not, in all reality, portray Amanda in a good way. The live broadcast memorial service produced even more publicity. But the more the publicity grew, the more news about all her nude pictures also grew. With the Daily Capper information being released, the publication of her flashing video and other pictures, the good story of the victimised saint was blown apart. Once people took a closer look at the video, and realised the subtext of drinking, drug abuse, and under-age sex, it soon became clear that this was no ordinary story.

But Carol Todd persisted, even then. Instead of just slowly withdrawing from public view, she wanted to raise the stakes even higher – a cookbook, Starbucks cups, Evander Holyfield – all plastered with the Amanda Todd brand. I’m not sure what was going on here. Was Mrs Todd just in incredible denial? Did she think that if she kept on and on pushing her daughter into the spotlight that sooner or later all the bad memories would disappear? Or was it something more selfish – a desire to hog that limelight for as much as possible, making Carol Todd the star of the show?

Carol Todd supporters will see her as some sort of crusading Superwoman, selflessly refusing to grieve whilst spreading the word against bullying. I see it as something different. I see it as strange behaviour from a very confused woman. My analysis of the blog will show the reasons why I am highly suspicious of what is going on.

As usual, I’ve wittered on too much in my preamble. Believe it or not, I do have other things to do – today it is 340 minutes of opera (Parsifal). I do love opera, but that’s another story. Maybe I should write one about Amanda Todd!

So I need to sign off for now. Hopefully, I will have dealt with the Todd blog by Monday. Meanwhile, have a good weekend!

11 thoughts on “The Amanda Todd Legacy Fund blog – Part 1

  1. Seriously what did Carol Todd ever do to you I know how Amanda felt now your stalking her mother just like some guy stalked her daughter. There’s one big difference though Amanda’s mom Carol is loved and respected by many.So whatever your trying to do here its not going to work.Your just a typical troll a coward that hides behind the computer screen.And you don’t have the grapefruits to come out and tell who you really on instead you just shit on a girl that’s already left this world her legacy and her family.You emphasize how bullying is wrong in your blog but you contradict yourself cause you are bullying the Todd family.If anyone here is a hypocrite its you Philip Rose.

    • Erica – thank you for your contribution. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, in today’s world, people who are in the spotlight can easily be criticised. And I think that, within reason, that’s a good thing. Carol Todd and others have had ample opportunity to join in this debate. I have commented on blogs, and communicated via email with various people. With no response.
      Regarding your comment about being loved and respected by so many – so was Jimmy Savile! But joking aside – the Amanda Todd story, I think, requires scrutiny, and it really does not appear to be coming from anywhere but here.
      I would feel a lot more sympathy for Mrs Todd if she or her supporters were ever to stand up and say ‘Stop bullying Kody Maxson’ or if she were to say that everyone, even bullies, are deserving of compassion and understanding. I would have a lot more sympathy if she stood up and admitted her mistakes, but she doesn’t.
      It’s not important who I ‘really’ am. But let’s put it this way – with all the psychopathic supporters of Amanda’s legacy (which seems to entail persecution of all suspected bullies aged 13-15, vigilante activity towards possible ‘stalkers’, and getting naked on BlogTV because ‘isn’t that what everyone does’) it might be wiser to not give away all my details.
      Oh – you just mentioned the Amanda Todd legacy. Isn’t that the one that dictates hatred of anyone with a different opinion? LOL
      Actually, I’m not sure if I have ever said bullying is wrong. I don’t think I’ve emphasised it at all. I’m not saying that bullying IS right, but I must say the temptation to punch people in the face is, at times, too much too overcome. And I suspect that’s what I might do if I ever met Mrs Todd. Or you, for that matter. But then – none of us is perfect!

  2. Hello Philip, hope you enjoyed your opera evening (love this kind of music too), just beware of people like Klingsor or Erica…only Kundry can really be saved…Good Friday Easter is not so far after all 😉

    • It was a good evening – just a bit Wagnerian, if you know what I mean. When I was younger, I fancied myself as a bit of a Wotan or Siegfried, but now maybe I’m more like Loge. By the way – my email that didn’t arrive was actually a follow-up to your boyfriend theory, which I sort of wanted to pursue off-blog.
      So – we have opera, in which the heroine always dies, Twin Peaks and the The Killing in which the heroine is already dead, and now the Amanda Todd story, in which the heroine is…..well, who knows?

      • A bit too much Wagnerian ? Not the first one to say that, maybe you should follow Nietzsche advice then… Bizet against Wagner. Anyway, Loge is definitly a good choice…better than Alberich or Mime for sure 🙂

        You seems to have a little “pitbull” fan club over here, freedom of speach don’t seems to exist anymore these days. I myself don’t always agree with you but always keep that quote in mind… “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”. I bet Erica and DJ never heard about Voltaire 😦

        PS : by the way, my email addess seems to be fixed…

  3. Your just pulling all these names out your ass now. You got John Revel why don’t you just give it up Philip. You don’t have a fan base and nobody in there right mind would agree with the crap your spewing.

    • OK – this is just for you:
      ‘You’re’ and ‘their’. I like the suggestion that I don’t have a fan base, but with the state of your spelling you might mean flan base. I actually have two of those.

  4. Hello Philip,I couldn’t help but notice you like opera,Where did you attend this? As I’m planning a trip to U.K,I’ll be spending a lot of my time touring and need something at night time to relax and enjoy.
    As far as all your other stuff on here I came to this page in curious,and you have found a lot of cover up’s conspiracies and lies.
    I am sure if this was put into a fictional book it look good but this is real people you are down sizing here.
    Any ways I’ve not come here to banter at you I’m sure you have your reasons but be careful this may come crashing down on you,but I would love to know more about your opera night how it differs from New York city operas and where you attended so I can check it out on my travels.

    • Ah well – I could have attended it anywhere.
      I really am a fan of the Met Opera H presentations.
      As far as something at night to enjoy in the UK – well, that’s most likely Corrie! It’s just a different kind of opera.
      I don’t like the word conspiracy. It sounds too much like there is some wicked duplicity involved. I prefer to say that there were just a lot of stupidities and lies. And the real people involved? – stupidity at that level is unforgivable, and to build them all up to be something they are not is dangerous. It is likely that, in my country, people would have demanded and got some sort of inquiry – about the failure of the police, the oversights of teachers, the inefficiency of social services, the easy access to alcohol and drugs, and all the other major problems surrounding this case.
      Thanks for commenting. If I was to put it in a fictional book, people would think it was all too far-fetched.

      • Many years ago I recorded the full 18 hour performance of Der Ring des Nibelungen with the intent to watch it sometime later when I had time. Despite my love of Wagner, I just never could muster up the desire to sit down and begin to watch it. Now, it resides on a series of video tapes and there are precious few VCR machines to be found anymore.

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