Maybe I should sit on the naughty step

I have been informed that the first picture DOES appear with the head uncropped. That was a mistake – I copied the picture exactly as it appeared, so I’m not sure what went wrong there.

Basically, it doesn’t really matter. The fact is that these photos are not quite what one would want to see on a memorial page. The first one – head or no head – is mild in comparison to the second one. And honestly, what does it say about Amanda Todd – shy, nervous, poor little kid, or big-headed, show-it-all, finger-flicking brat?

Add in to this the VERY odd responses. Bear in mind that this is a 14-15 year old girl, who is supposedly dead, and yet we have grown men drooling over her pictures.

When are the Amanda Todd supporters going to see that publication of these rather ‘saucy’ photos actually supports my arguments that she wasn’t the precious little angel that some people say she was? And when will they understand that a man who makes a shrine in his house to a 14 year old dead girl and wears a pink shirt every other day is not likely to pass any CRB checks?

So – I apologise for the photo mistake. But thanks for pointing it out.


I’ve let myself down today. I view my commenters as guests, and perhaps I have been a bit rude to them. It does my credibility no good if I let the discussions get too close too bar room banter – but I have to admit to enjoying it.

I kind of gave up this blog about a week ago now, but it’s come back to haunt me. I’ve had a bit of fun – it’s all gone a bit weird – but I WILL return to some sort of normality soon, I promise. If there are people out there who feel I’ve let them down, I apologise for that. But strangely, my stats have gone through the roof.

Meanwhile, I’ll publish a couple of pictures.


This is from Amanda Todds Safe Haven. I just find this so creepy. Just who is looking at these photos? Please God – tell me it’s not just me who finds this all a bit pervy? What has this got to do with anti-bullying, when the only comments seem to come from people who should be (or maybe are) on the Sex Offenders Register? This girl is supposedly dead, for God’s sake. And she’s virtually a child, yet grown men are commenting on how ‘beautiful’ she is. That is just too fucking weird. Is this seriously the way her mother wants her remembered – as wank material for dirty old men? And just for good measure – still on Amanda Todds Safe Haven – why not let us have a bit more titillation? Pass the tissues, nurse.


2 thoughts on “Maybe I should sit on the naughty step

    • The ‘Twin Flame’ lunatic didn’t show up but a couple of others did! Philip has deleted the ‘conversations’ (thanks for that Philip) that took place so Roy you have missed the drama!

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