The Amanda Todd Legacy Fund blog – Part 2

Into January on the blog:

January 2nd – Just so we know, she’s in an expensive hotel. But maybe reality is beginning to set in. We have the first mention of trolls and ‘evil thinking people’ which in this case usually means people telling the truth or having a different opinion. And by now, everyone knows just what Amanda got up to. So we can drop the pretence.

‘As much as I miss her so much, there are often times that I think sometimes that God had another purpose for her (and I).’ More delusions. God DID send you and your daughter – as a dire warning against immoral behaviour and self-absorption.

January 5th – mawkish

January 7th – well meaning, but as above

January 8th – a picture with some positive words. Always a bad sign that a blog is getting desperate. If I put one in – shoot me!  ‘The one big fear over the two week Christmas/New Years holiday was that the world might forget about Amanda Todd.’ If only we could! Well, actually, most of us have.

Amanda flippin’ Palmer. ‘Bandwagon Palmer’ we used to call her. Now get this – Amanda Palmer was supposedly terribly upset that people didn’t like her. The story goes that she was Googling ‘I hate Amanda Palmer’ but it auto-filled Todd. Why would you Google ‘I hate Amanda Palmer’ if you were likely to be upset by finding out that people did hate you? More phoney baloney.

January 9th – just as an aside, Mrs Todd now starts to hijack all the good work of others. It’s almost like she is saying that all the anti-bullying stuff – like Pink Shirt Day and other initiatives – are purely down to Amanda. This is quite worrying. But maybe not a bad post.

January 10th – if all else fails, put in a picture of Amanda posing.

January 11th – ‘Amanda has taught not only me but the world about the life’s lessons that need to be learned by all of mankind.’ Yep – get your kit off, start drinking, take drugs, have sex, then kill yourself. Guaranteed superstardom.

January 14th – not a bad post. Talking sense.

January 15th – as above

January 16th – not bad. Like I’ve said before, there are inspirational things that can be seen in the story – the anti-bullying stuff, mainly – but there are too many dangers in the rest of the story to leave it alone.

January 17th – a rather bizarre letter. These letters are rubbish – believe me. They are written after the event, with the express purpose of making the writer (I think this is Shania Staar writing this) and Amanda look good. And usually they are ill-informed and full of holes. For instance:

‘Amanda was just someone you had to like. or you had to hate.’ That’s odd, don’t you think? Why would anyone have to hate her? ‘more people hated her for a mistake she made that many others have made.’ So we see – people DID hate Amanda, as we thought. ‘In fact most girls through out there life time have sent a picture’ Now – if this was a true friend of Amanda, she would have known the truth about all the BlogTV stuff. All she is doing is repeating the myth of the one photo. ‘and EVERYONE in there life has made mistakes and had to deal with consequences’ well, yes, but not necessarily as many mistakes as Amanda made.

And of course, there is the foolishness. Amanda tells us that she was basically friendless and alone, but her friends say they were around for her. ‘this past summer i went to her cabin with her’ Isn’t that the same summer that Amanda hardly left the house?

January 18th – well, I’m surprised. ‘Yesterday, my blog had 604 views.’ Well, not wishing to boast, but my blog – scarcely publicised and not really written for ‘fans’ – got 692 views yesterday. Maybe this Amanda thing isn’t quite as great as Mrs Todd thinks. But the post for this day begins to hint at online stuff. If only Mrs Todd had the guts to tell the FULL story, things might have been so much better.

January 19th – on January 18th, I wrote to the blog, suggesting that it would be wiser to tell the truth about the whole thing. On January 19th – ‘If you are a ‘hater’, don’t bother!!’ The blog now takes an odd turn, going back in time. I think it’s because there’s not a lot left to say. But some of the entries are interesting:

‘Day 0 – Oct 10 – To my Princess Snowflake – May you find angels and snowflakes in your forever place. I love you with all my heart and will always miss and think of you. You will be in the hearts of Christopher and Mom FOREVER!!! May you watch down on us. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH …… xoxox Love Mom’ So – on October 10th, Mrs Todd makes a blog entry. I’m surprised that it would seem to be a priority. But notice one thing – no mention of Mr Todd. Perhaps that was just an oversight.

I’ve whizzed through the rest of January. There’s not too much to see. So were through to February.

February 1st – reference to pedophiles. People already know what I feel about that – in this context, it’s hysterical nonsense. ‘I could but I think that I know where Amanda got her internal drive from … yes her mommy.’ Well, we’re seeing that the old ‘like mother, like daughter’ thing is quite true.

‘Moms/dads need to stand together.  The kids want the support.  They want to know where to go for help.  They need us even though they will never admit it.  Amanda got it eventually.’ Eventually. Coming from a mother who never asked about why her daughter wrote ‘I need someone’ in an obvious cry for help, that’s a good one.

February 3rd – I love this quote: ‘Sometimes I feel like a ‘rock star mom’.  I know that I get recognized sometimes when I am outside the confines of my house.  People look.. People stare.  I say ‘Just come over to say hi!’’ I think this just sums up the entire attitude.

February 11th – ‘There is no doubt in my mind that if so many loving and caring people from around the world would of seen and known about your message prior to the 10th of October, we all would have made every attempt in reaching out to you and do everything possible to intervene and encourage you in keeping strong.’ Ha ha. Remember Mrs Todd’s quote about the ‘I need someone’ plea? ‘I never asked’. That’s how powerful the video was for Mrs Todd. She never even asked.

‘now free from pain that was brought on to you that you should never of had to go through. All of the one’s that were so cruel and mean to you can no longer touch or reach you now.’ Good advert for suicide.

February 12th – more pony about the memorial service ‘The theatre seats 1000 people.  How many people will come?  I have no clue. I also don’t want it to become a media circus….’ That’s a laugh. It could easily have been avoided. ‘So you might ask, then don’t tell the media. Truthfully, it is really kind of hard.’ Why? …’Just that with Amanda putting her story out there in life, she has also put herself out there in death.’ No – she didn’t. Mrs Todd, the media, and the charity did all that. Mrs Todd is STILL dishing out more and more photos, trying more and more desperate publicity stunts. ‘If Amanda only knew the big ‘stir’ she has caused, she would be amazed and stunned.’ No – she wouldn’t. She would want to be left in peace, with whatever shred of dignity is left.

February 18th – marijuana problems ‘So, looking through all the pictures of Amanda and her friends, I was happy to see her in good times, fun times, drunk times and even stoned times. Yes, she told me about the times she ‘blazed’. I commend her for being honest with me. There are still alot of her friends that find it hard to talk to their moms and/or dads. Amanda’s blazing was just a small piece of her life and problems. As we all say ‘We (as parents) pick our battles, and that wasn’t one I was picking.’ She wasn’t operating machinery or driving a car. So it wasn’t such a big one to me. Also, my friends who are parents and are around my age, what exactly did you do when you were in your mid-teens? I know that I wasn’t exactly honest with my parents and I did things that were quite similar to what teens do today. Did you? Now be honest with yourself… LOL!!!’

OK – I’m at a loss here. Amanda is only 14-15. Yet mother talks of her times of getting drunk and getting stoned as almost lovely halcyon days. But heck, that’s just a small piece of her life. And she wasn’t driving a car, so what’s the fuss all about? So – you’ve got a vulnerable daughter who’s smoking weed, drinking, having sex, getting naked online. But what the heck? Didn’t we all do that Be honest! This is truly disgraceful.

OK – I’m going to make one more post. I’m too angry.


2 thoughts on “The Amanda Todd Legacy Fund blog – Part 2

  1. I believe him.
    There’s nothing not to believe, except perhaps that she is still alive.
    However, I still think this is an interesting theory and can’t be discounted.
    What he has proven, without a hint of doubt, is that there are major inconsistencies in the statements made by Mrs. Todd and the press, well they just fucked up completely.
    Anonymous claimed that Amanda didn’t exist.
    He’s provided links to his source material throughout the blog. All of it can be googled anyway.
    I too was angry at Philip’s claims when I first read this blog, but I couldn’t ignore the litany of lies that were exposed by his research. I take pride in maintaining an open mind, unlike yourself.
    No, I’m NOT an alias of Philip, but I guess it will be easier for you to believe that. Ignorance is bliss, ‘they’ say.

  2. “we all would have made every attempt in reaching out to you and do everything possible to intervene” – Guess what, Clueless Mom? Some people DID try to intervene! Some random online people DID try to squelch her activities, DID try to offer her an opportunity to open up, DID try to get her to talk about what was going on with her to try to get her to stop! I guess Amanda never mentioned that to you in your conversations about the dangers online, did she, Clueless Mom.

    I shouldn’t be surprised at Carol’s flippancy on her daughter’s alcohol and drug use. Apparently she did it, too, when she was younger. This says a lot as to why she did NOTHING to stop her kid! This is considered NORMAL behavior there! Back at the end of 2011, back at the end of my active hero’ing, this one girl insisted I add her as a friend on Facebook so she could continue social contact. I obliged. The few conversations we had revealed a lot as to what was considered “normal” where she lived. She was quite Internet savvy and despised the adult perverts who tried to contact her on Youtube to do odd things for them. She knew how to take care of herself online. That wasn’t the problem.

    At 13, having “made out” with 5 different guys was considered “not a lot” – she claimed other friends had been with far more guys. Apparently, promiscuity was accepted behavior there. She eventually confided to me that she had already started drinking the year before and had already started occasional marijuana use. All her mother requested was that she answer honestly if she questioned her about it. She “disapproved”, but that’s it. No “don’t do this or else”. Nope, this was apparently not only normal in the area, but normal in the family as well. She planned on possibly experimenting with Ecstacy … maybe. A friend had already been hospitalized due to the drug.

    I couldn’t bear it anymore. I dropped her and haven’t looked back. And it hurts like hell to see that this kind of activity is simply considered “normal”, no big deal. My entropy theory again.

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