The Amanda Todd Legacy Fund blog – phoney baloney

Well, hello. Good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening! Good grief. It’s been an odd few days. Since I tried to leave the blog, I’ve had a few unexpected visitors and I have been suckered into getting into arguments with them. I would like to believe I’m above that sort of thing but, of course, I’m not.

I need to bring the blog back on course. If I allow it to become simply a big row, serious issues will be overlooked. I would like to expand my helplines at some point, and tidy up previous blog posts in order to concentrate on important things. However, I feel the need to investigate the Amanda Todd Legacy Fund blog. Why? Simply because it glosses over everything as usual; it offers poor advice; and it perpetuates the lies. And, I think, it’s high time that the anti-bullying brigade stand up and preach tolerance and forgiveness of people. In this story, it is obvious that the bullies were young kids, yet the kind of punishments suggested for them are wicked and malevolent. Whatever happened to compassion and understanding? And not once has it been suggested to call off the vigilante activities of the imaginary stalker hunters. No – as usual, nothing is learned.

So let’s take a long look at the ATLF blog. It really is a pile of baloney. I will try to get through it as fast as possible, but isn’t that what I always say before I apologise about a week and 5,000 words later?

It begins on December 12th, 2012. The massive interest in the Amanda Todd story is waning – in actual fact, it lasted about two weeks at it’s highest – so, of course, we have to have this blog to keep the ‘memory’ alive. And to bring money in, but that’s another issue.

In a way, this does make me smile – but, as so often, usually through gritted teeth. It’s just so peculiarly self-centred. Look how there is a mention of Jessica Laney, but how the attention is quickly brought back to the star of the show – Carol Todd.

Then we get: ‘I personally stayed away from the majority of requests because I wanted the privacy.  I only say majority because I did choose one media outlet to converse with and they did a great job reporting and advising me.’ Well, she shunned publicity. Then she didn’t. For someone who wanted privacy, we sure did see a lot of her! (Plus the media pay a lot for ‘exclusives’!).

Oh, and by the way. I’ve got a lovely Christmas tree.

Mommy Snowflake and ‘the big teddy bear’? Pass the sick bucket!

December 13th – blah blah blah – new MacBook – ‘The highlight of the day was finding out that Amanda Todd was the 8th most trended topic on Google.’ Well, it would be, wouldn’t it?

December 14th – blah blah blah – a quick mention of other suicides. I wonder why their moms kept it all much more private.

December 16th – ‘Much of it has been beyond my control.’ Errr…no. You could have just said no.  But credit – it’s not a bad post. If only it stayed that way.

December 17th – again – not a bad post

December 18th – as above

December 19th – I have to admit, these posts aren’t bad. I would love to be able to be more critical but, seriously, they are pretty good for now. BUT I do need to point things out.  ‘Are you going back to work soon?’ I can understand her not going back to work. Will she ever go back to work? Or will she be looking for another career? ‘a ultra-sad child’ mmm…that’s not quite the child we see in all the photos. More crucially – ‘Amanda attempted to self harm herself.  She didn’t succeed’. The story leads us to believe that she DID self-harm. I have found no evidence of this, and this quote kind of supports my argument that the self-harm was an exaggeration. But all in all, a good post.

December 20th – ‘If Amanda has any way to see the impact she was making down here in the world beyond’ Delusional. I’m never quite sure about just how much Carol Todd knows. If Amanda WAS looking down I, personally, think she would be horrified. Not by the anti-bullying stuff, but by the terrible revelations about her. The rest of the post? ‘Ain’t I great’. A bit cruel, maybe, but that’s just my opinion.

December 22nd – nothing

December 23rd – Here we go! The RCMP arrived two years before. The perpetuation of the false story. ‘pictures’ posted? Does she mean multiple copies of just that one, or many pictures of her in different poses? And bear in mind – in this article:

she supposedly says: ‘Amanda’s mother, Carol, told me that she had a very open relationship with her late daughter. Around the time of Amanda’s blackmailing, Carol said that she and her daughter were having regular conversations about the dangers of her online behavior. Carol knew about The Daily Capper and the blackmailing world in which Amanda had unwittingly become a celebrity of sorts. She even provided police with links (provided to her anonymously via Facebook) to the newscasts and posts on pedophile forums that mentioned Amanda.’

So the events of December 23rd 2010 weren’t so much of a shock, surely? But we get the ‘online predator’ routine. Not ‘my daughter was a celebrity of sorts’.

And then, for God’s sake, we get: ‘I was so surprised to read that Amanda made it as the 2nd Top Newsmakers of 2012.  I think it was in Canada by just reading the content.  She beat out the NHL hockey strike as a news item and that was going on way before 10/10/12.  That’s my Princess Snowflake!!’

Does Mrs Todd have any idea WHY her daughter was quite so talked about? This is an odd revelation, and tells us so much about things. What is REALLY important? To be a big news item.

And, of course, the publicity-shy Mrs Todd is now on French TV

December 25th – ? ‘Her mom Carol Todd! The most sweetest adult on the earth and the most strongest. She is so sweet and amazing whoever knows Carol they will know what I’m talking about and Deffintley can agree with me.’ Lovely.

But we’re getting more of the legend.  ‘Amanda was a beautiful child who wanted no harm to come to anything.  She protected flowers, bugs, and animals.  She kept rocks, shells and anything she could find that held a memory.  Sure she had her moments when she couldn’t keep her own thoughts in her head.’ Well, I wouldn’t expect a mother to say anything different.

‘One of the final visits to the psychologists told me she was suffering from PTSD.  Well you certainly don’t get that on your own without catalysts.’ Unfortunately, the catalyst was the dreadful exposure online. Or the under-age sex. Or the access to drink and drugs. Or the broken marriage. Or the parental stupidity.  ‘So to the catalysts out there, think about who you are.’ Indeed, Mrs Todd, indeed.

December 26th – ‘Bandwagon Bell’ we used to call him.

December 27th – A crucial quote. We begin to see some truth. Oops!

‘As a parent, I am usually on call to my kids 24/7.  It’s that same story whereby if …. your kid goes out and drinks and gets absolutely drunk. What do we say to them  … ‘If you ever have a problem. call and we will pick you up no matter what time’.  I can honestly say that Amanda did call in her tickets.  And when I groaned in my sleep, I always heard ‘But mom, you said that we could always call no matter what’.  Well, I guess those were the magic words that make you crawl out of bed in your pj’s, grab a coat and get into your car to wherever you should end up.  Yes, one night I ended up in the catacombs on Surrey to pick up Amanda and a friend.  The story that night was ‘We met some boys at the mall and then ended up in Surrey and now there are no buses’.  Never mind that 152nd and 78th is a long way from Port Coquitlam or Maple Ridge.  That was definitely an OMG and a 4 letter night.  Hmmm…’

So – we can guess that Mrs Todd’s kids go out and get absolutely drunk. But hey, what do we say to them? ‘Don’t do it again, you’re only 15, you’re grounded’? No. ‘Are you aware of the perils of drinking’? No. Hey, we just pick them up out of whatever gutter they happen to be in. Wise words.

But let’s re-write the next bit of the quote: ‘I can honestly say that my sweet, shy, innocent daughter who was so nervous and anxious she could barely exist was, in fact, quite dreadful. Giving her all the care and attention and protection that a vulnerable child needs, I used to go to sleep not having a clue where she was (aged 14-15) and once she called me to pick her up – yet again – from some Godforsaken place where she had been with some boys – God knows who they were. That surely was a ‘fuck me’ night, in more ways than one’.

OK – I need to ask. Your 14-15 year old daughter is out somewhere (forget the fact she is meant to be weak and vulnerable). You don’t know where, but you’ve gone to bed and are asleep. Is that a good parenting thing? And what, might I ask, would have happened if Amanda hadn’t phoned? Who cares? You, Mrs Todd, were cosily in the Land of Nod. NOW can anyone see why I just don’t think this story is quite right?

‘If others can take and use the words that I say and write so randomly and use them well, then I have done a great job in putting forward the messages that Amanda and I want to share.’ Really, just what are these messages?

December 28th – ‘Estrada Bandwagon’ we used to call her. Nice image, Elise!

elise estrada

Is she a ‘Snowflake Elf’?

December 29th – ‘Let’s work together to get rid of these people who are attention seekers.’ I couldn’t agree more!

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