A picture for today


I have a cold today, so here’s a picture.

Meanwhile, there is a discussion going on here:


I’m not sure that I’m getting my points across in a good way – time and space constraints are always frustrating – but maybe people could provide feedback.

Have a good day!

3 thoughts on “A picture for today

    • It’s always a problem. I’m not good at that sort of ‘well it was a great article but….’ routines – I’m much more likely to say ‘that was a pile of poo’. I guess part of it is because I’ve gone to such an effort to provide proper information here that it annoys me when people simply can’t be bothered to check out basic facts. And, of course, the article presses all my anti-bollocks buttons. As I’ve written before, when I came to this story I was ready to join the girl-victim side as a crusader, and it was only later when that changed. I note that they called me slimy and a numbskull. Oh well. I am a bit slimy today, but that’s just the cold. Laters!

  1. What the hell have I let myself get dragged into? I ended up posting comments there also. Now I’m wondering if Olivia will also label me a troll, or better yet, an accomplice of perso, r0ra, Viper, et al.

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