There is only one thing worse than ignorance – deliberate ignorance


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‘I just want people to be aware that an ounce of prevention in these cases really does go a long way.’

I had to think long and hard about today’s post. Why? Because it’s not very nice. But if I am to keep to my aim of providing information, then I have to tackle it.

Unfortunately, there are people in society who are, shall we say, not good people. I won’t go down the path of trying to understand things. In many cases, people can be victims of mental health issues, complex neurological wirings in the brain, or of something dreadful happening during their development into adults. And I’m quite prepared to acknowledge that, in some cases where things seem to be inexplicable, there could be something we could term evil. And so we need to look at the problems of child abuse and pedophilia – things that are, sadly, exacerbated in the new Internet world in which we live.

This post may be depressing, but it shouldn’t be. There is not evil lurking round every corner. In fact, the world is, believe it or not, probably at its best right now. Thinking that things like this are new is erroneous. It’s just that they seem to be more publicised. Thank goodness.

I have been accused of being too long-winded in my posts, so I will endeavour to be brief.

The sort of people parents should be worried about seem to operate in plain sight, but people are simply unaware or refuse to see it. The recent cases of Jimmy Savile, Cyril Smith, or several Catholic priests are cases in point: many people were suspicious, but either chose to ignore it or brush it to one side. The perpetrators were clever, masking their behaviour in a cloak of decency. Who would dare point a finger at a well-loved charity worker? or a respected politician? or someone representing God?

The point I am trying to make here is that the vigilante types almost always get it wrong. They look for the stereotypes – single males, males who don’t conform to certain standards, loners. And they are usually looking in the wrong places. How many times, when bad people are caught, do we hear that old refrain ‘Well, I never would have expected it?’ It was only AFTER revelations about Jimmy Savile that everyone seemed to imply that it was obvious.

And it is important to note something else. It is surprising how many women are facilitators. A recent case in the UK showed how a woman was supplying pictures, and many wives or partners have turned a blind eye to abuse going on in the family. Which leads me to another point.

The vast majority of child abuse takes place within the family and close friends of the family. The majority of perpetrators are known to the family. It is said that Sigmund Freud, at the time when he was discovering all the problems that existed amongst his patients, was actually too afraid to openly talk about what he found out because his contemporary society would have been too shocked.

However, as usual I’m waffling. This blog tends to concentrate on online problems, so I will try to raise points around that.

I am baffled as to why people look for perpetrators in the dark bowels of the Internet, where, as usual, the worst kinds lurk, but fail to see the overt face of child sexualisation – the ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ type of sites.

I can tell you this. Many, many of the online tracks lead to sites like the above. Sometimes, it has actually gone through my mind that these sites are actually set up by the police for entrapment purposes. If only.

Around these sites there is an industry. There are sites that ask you to send in your pictures of your children so they can be judged as to whether they are fit for the pageants, or perhaps they could be models. It’s frightening. But  I leave you to come to your own conclusions. I just know what mine are.

Now – another online problem. It is astonishing just how naive people can be. But it’s not a stupid type of naivety, it’s simply that people are unaware.

On YouTube, and to a lesser extent on Facebook, parents publish photos of their children so that their relatives can see them. The problem? So can everyone else. I have dealt with the type of person who looks at these photos. They scour Youtube for innocent videos – ‘Suzie in the gym’, ‘Sally at dance class’. Anything that is in the slightest bit revealing – kids in leotards or swimsuits. It really is sickening.

I think I will stop there. This is mainly just meant to be a warning to parents – be vigilant, and think about what you are doing. Do not let your kids freely roam the Internet and provide pictures of themselves, and do not feed the beast. Things are different. And we need to be educated. There is no excuse for ignorance.

Here are some articles to support what I say. Just don’t lose sleep. As usual, there is a ton of information out there. Stay safe. But one thing I MUST add before I go. I have omitted one site’s anti-pedophile message because it was too over-the-top. Not ALL strange men are threats. I, like so many other men these days, am petrified about even looking at a child, or asking a child if he/she is lost. On a rainy day, I can’t go and see a ‘U’ certificate movie on my own because of the fear that I will be seen as a pervert. It’s a shame that it’s gone that way, but maybe it’s just the way society works. So please – whilst exercising caution, please add in a bit of common sense.

‘I just want people to be aware that an ounce of prevention in these cases really does go a long way.’

6 thoughts on “There is only one thing worse than ignorance – deliberate ignorance

  1. I haven’t watched all your Links. I will later. Thanks for supplying them. It is very depressing but also extremely informative. No wonder people just don’t want to see. Denial = Happiness 🙂

  2. Thank you for the share of my article! And thank you for your concern over this issue. I agree with your final sentiment that not all men are bad. We should never teach our children such a thing because that would lead to fear of emergency personel and others who could help them in times of real danger. Teaching our kids about dangers and signs to look for and to listen to their feelings when they think something just isn’t right will go a very long way. As you said, men are not the only perpetrators. I’ve known of women who sold their children for sex to buy cigarettes or for gambling and drug addictions. I’ve known of female pedophiles and have personally seen such women in public restrooms watching moms change their babies at diaper changing stations. Kids shouldn’t fear adults. They should understand what is right and wrong and know how to avoid dangerous situations and tell someone they trust when someone upsets them.

    Anyway, thanks again and great article!

  3. You mentioned Toddlers in Tiaras. Google the terms “pre-teen model” if you dare. The sites are technically legal, but just barely. I cannot comprehend what kind of parents send their girls to these “modeling studios” (mostly Russian).

    As for Youtube, this is another venue I became involved in before I “retired”. There are users there who openly add dozens of videos of children. Some are collections of tiny children, mostly girls, some are collections of teen girls, others are collections of teen girls doing various activities such as gymnastics, and others feature minors connected to a fetish of some sort. The operators of these channels are NOT other kids. You can read this in their comments. Oh, but don’t you dare try to call them out after they make obscene comments in some kids video! They will complain to Youtube about being bullied and you’ll find your channel flagged or gone in very short order. Youtube actively protects pedophiles, ephebophiles, fetishists, etc and the new channel setup they adopted more than a year ago now makes it impossible to see who or what has gotten themselves added to some kid’s account as in the past. Everything is hidden now – pervert playground.

    • In a way, it’s not the evil that shocks me, but the stupidity of people. Toddlers in Tiaras and other shows like it are just off-the-scale weird. Yet all the pedophile hunters look in the opposite direction! And I think that parents have no idea that their innocent pictures of the kids doing whatever they do are used by the perverts.
      However, I have found with YouTube that if you put forward a sensible case, they will quite rapidly take stuff down, whereas Facebook seems to positively revel in allowing ‘free speech’ filth.

  4. It will never cease to amaze me how people can put the most mundane and ridiculous things above the issue of child abuse. No one but the estate of Christopher Marlow owns the copyright to his words. That “graphic” does not possess a copyrighted color or font. But way to go, lush quotes, on taking a serious post about child abuse and turning it into a chance to troll for your site, which is nothing more than applying someone else’s words to colored backgrounds.

    I would really like to see Philip Rose remove the image so he can remove the covert spam. I will create ANY graphic he wishes to take its place, FREE OF CHARGE AND CREDIT! I am a graphic artist and photographer. Anything you need, just ask!

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