Nothing to say today – so a couple of simple questions

amanda + friend

The Amanda Todd story is grinding slowly but surely to a halt. There are still a few late-comers to the story, and inevitably they make the same mistakes – acknowledging her exhibitionism while still going on about a 32-year-old stalker, or more often than not putting it down to just one photo, when we know by now that it was many online appearances.

If they just took a look at just one of the videos – a still photo is featured here – people would realise that the story of coercion or seduction to go online is laughable. About 3 seconds after this still, Amanda Todd flashes not just once, but twice, her and her friend just laughing and smiling.

And of course, it’s not just the one video appearance. You will see that this video is from BlogTV, and I’m guessing that it is quite early in the history. Amanda started getting banned from BlogTV in December 2010 for her many nude appearances and, of course, she didn’t stop at just baring the chest. The pictures show more, and it has been alleged that she indulged in masturbation online. All of this was, of course, known about and discussed by her mother, Carol Todd. Who let it all happen. Good old Carol – never one to be too strict.

I strongly suspect that the stalker story was hastily concocted between mother/daughter when the police arrived, in a desperate attempt to put the blame on someone else and avoid all claims of child negligence and delinquency. The photos went locally viral simply because there were so many of them – not because of some stalker. Amanda just used her knowledge of the Daily Capper world to escape any disapproval – she knew there were blackmailers mentioned, and it was highly convenient. And it became a story that became more and more difficult to maintain – probably contributing to her mental anguish. If she and her parents had just faced the truth in the first place and dealt with it, none of this would have happened. Just note: her getting beaten up and the consequential hatred had nothing to do with the photos. They had been forgotten. She simply was not liked.

So one question: did the police simply go and ask her friend about whether Amanda was tricked into flashing? And did her friend answer ‘No way’?

It now looks like the other girl in the picture has been identified as Bianca Maria Nitoi:

3 thoughts on “Nothing to say today – so a couple of simple questions

  1. This girl obviously had mental issues. Not condoning bullying but not seeing what the big deal is. “she detailed the story of a man she said threatened to send photos of her breasts to friends and relatives” – Wow… Who cares? “Then nobody liked me,” she said. Live with it. Or die, like she did. Someone who kills herself over that doesn’t show much mental strength or stability. And only the type of people described on this article would get into these kinda problem to start with.

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