For teh lulz


It’s appalling that people made Amanda Todd ashamed of going online, getting naked and masturbating for likes. She was just like any other young teen – simply expressing her sexuality in the most innocent of ways.

Just for teh lulz, I thought I would point you in the direction of one of my latest favourite articles:

This article seems to imply that young women should be able to go online and do whatever they want. I’m sure that most young men would be all for that. LOL.

2 thoughts on “For teh lulz

  1. It seems that Roxanne completely missed your sarcasm and took you for a predator, kind of like that Olivia the troll-identifier.

    • It’s always difficult to comment on the articles like Roxanne’s. She has a firmly entrenched view on things, and doesn’t seem to like discussion. But my main problem was to try and get her to see reality and facts, and end up with a more balanced opinion. But everyone wants to see things in black and white – it’s so much easier.

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